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Found 5 results

  1. Merry Xmas friends Sitting in a garage in Thailand and trying to get a Proboost turbo kit working on a Inazuma 1200 (same set up as blandit 12). Looking for information on how much fuel pressure should be coming thru the malpassi regulater. Currently 0.2 bars fuel pressure at idle. Bike kills pistons between 6000 and 7000 rpm (see pics). Boost gauge indicates between minus 0.5 bar at idle and 0 bar boost at pistons killing rpm. Scratching heads. Any info and ideas appreciated. Cheers and sawasdee krup.
  2. Been chasing a problem for awhile with my 97 Bandit 1200. I bought it used with only 12000 kms on it -- less than 9000 miles. It was a salvage bike with minimal cosmetic damage. I since rebuilt it to look like an Endurance Racer from the 70s. I had it running briefly before the rebuild started, but shut it down as the float bowls were leaking and the petcock was not working properly. Since the winter, I've added a Holeshot Stage 2 and Pods. I had to remove the stock airbox due to the frame mods. The bike has the following mods: Blackwidow header, GPR exhaust, engine otherwise stock
  3. Hi. The bike is 2006 Bandit 1200 (SK6). The piston seal on the clutch reserve cylinder keeps blow. I changed the clutch. Started it up, heard a clunk from the left hand side, and then saw brake fluid leaking I rebuilt the cylinder and put in braided clutch hose. Go to bleed the clutch, just as the lever gets hard and I can start with the bleed, bang the seal goes again. Anybody have a clue what's going on? I am a bit stumped. Two main candidates: either the slave unit itself is at fault and needs to be replaced or there is something wrong with the right side pushrod (the left looks
  4. Hey guys, first time poster! I just dropped in a 2002 Bandit 1200 motor into my 90 750 frame. Where does the Orange and black wire from the alternator plug go to on my 90 750 wire harness? I have 2 wires coming off of the GSXR wire harness, one red and one orange! Not sure which one to splice into! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question , bought a bandit 1200 mk1 engine to replace the tired 1127 engine I have in my slabby, took the cam cover off and immediately noticed that the bandit engine does not have a cam chain idler wheel as my 1127 GSXR engine does. My question is , I have some 1052 GSXR cams to drop in (changing the sprockets), I was assuming that these would bolt straight in, but the timing for these etc in the manuals I have for GSXR engines are with the idler wheel, do I need to fit one when bolting in to a bandit engine? if I do I assume there would be a specific model to u
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