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  1. Have gone 5 mm for front and back plates with 3mm sandwich
  2. What do people think of the T25 T28 Turbos for power 1216 Busa pistons etc
  3. I have been asking the same questions, what turbo to use. I have seen a few garretts thats are carbon sealed already. There is a company in the states that sells turbos with both barbon and standard seals just waiting to hear back from them..
  4. Gone all blow through now, just manifold to finish.
  5. What is the general consensus on injector size , 1216 , 600 thb's looking 230 bhp ish. Difference in size per project is varied.
  6. I just need to know the CR off them I suppose. Then I'll stick them up for sale anyone recognise the code ?
  7. No I pre bought Busa pistons before the strip down as I thought it was a standard 1127, so once these are identified I'll stick them up for sale.
  8. Took the head of my engine today to find it had been rebored to 1216 . I was told it was a standard 1127. Dont worry about the blackness on the pistons, carbs needed a good set up ,clean and jetting properly. They cleaned up rather good with a wipe of petrol. My Question is does anyone know what the pistons are ? They have B00H4 markings on them. Anyone know ?
  9. I have a under tank battery box im getting rid off .
  10. Thanks Gicer 1460, I have seen it on here before but could not find anything on it. Cheers
  11. Hi does anyone know what tolerance busa pistons / rings run in 1127- 1200 block please. Thanks inadvance
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