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  1. I’ve chased a badly damaged thread on my wp engine output shaft. Found it fairly soft considering It’s load case. Should drill fine of It’s anything like one.
  2. Spotted some mad oldskoolsuzuki love.
  3. A proper cad model is even better! I’ll have a look on grabcad. Cheers @latheboy
  4. It’s got no dash either but as the horn or lights are not working i’m assuming nothing is getting power. I’m sure it’s simple, it’s just very frustrating.
  5. So the bike has no ignition switch at the moment, The red and orange where twisted together and the same with the grey and brown which matches up to the diagram. I have some 100ohm resistors. The problems I have at the moment are I am not sure why the pin out is on the starter relay and I can’t find where the side stand switch wires are.
  6. Hi there, I’ve got a gsxr 750 wp with wiring loom that has been butchered up by the previous owner. I’ve had a go at repairing it but, it’s all such a mess, I’m having a mare of a time. Just wondering what peoples thoughts were in this situation? Ideally I’d like to either start fresh with a new loom or make it up from scratch. But, electrick-ery is not my wheel house. No looms seem to be coming up on Eblag and despite having a wiring diagram, I can’t seem to find the faults. Is it the corroded connections, spliced cables of various gauges, faulty stater relay, bad ground, one of the broken connector pins? At a complete loss. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, I haven’t cut or chopped loom at all yet.
  7. Ahh had no idea!
  8. Not sure on the exact engine year, it’s an 1127 with the engine number starting with v711. Frame however is a 1990 750L. A photo or tracing with a ruler in shot would be amazing!
  9. Hi, just wondering if anyone who has made there own engine mounting plates has any drawings or ideally .DXF/CAD files? Seems crazy buying them up one at a time on eblag? Alternatively, if anyone has a set they could lend I’ll be happy to pay costs, beer money and make the files accessible to everyone on here.
  10. Hi, Just hoping to get some thoughts, I’ve got a gsxr 750l engine I need headers for and can’t decide wether to go stainless or titanium!? I’ve got no experience cleaning up or working with titanium but the weight saving - while minor - will definitely keep with the weight reduction theme. so question is: gsxr 1000 k1-k4 titanium headers Blandit 1200-600 stainless headers Or fairly mad looking 4into 2 Stainless set for slab side on eblag? any thought or opinions would be very much appreciated!
  11. I'm assuming the 1200 is longer?
  12. Really helpful, I recognise the end of the slingshot pivot. Is the bandit pivot bolt the 600?
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