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  1. Come on then, where is it now? ...I also quite liked the nickel plating, but not the tank cut out, paint or seat.
  2. You'll also need to sleeve or remake the centre spacer.
  3. Makes perfect sense, the VanVan is an iconic little bike too!
  4. Welcome, looks like a pretty clean bike. Should be fun. Got anything planned to do on it?
  5. Looks like a great job! Is he on the road with it?
  6. Here’s another way to check, but you should still calculate if to see if it has been changed. https://racetech.com/ProductSearch/12/Suzuki/GSX-R1000/2002
  7. https://www.thespringstore.com/spring-rate-calculator.html
  8. Have you tried reverse searching the image on Google? Might be able to get the original poster or a couple more angles.
  9. If you’re in a pinch you can use a can of brake cleaner to pop them out. Doesn’t require much, they’ll shoot out like little mortars if you go overboard.
  10. Shite luck, take it easy and listen to your body. Hope the insurance aren’t pricks.
  11. Planning on buying one of the 16mm clutch masters to match my Front Brake master for my 1100, are you using a FB master flipped?
  12. Section 5 here should help! https://racetech.com/page.aspx?id=100 and here’s my last one, really concise https://www.shimrestackor.com/Physics/Spring_Mass_Damper/Link-Ratio/link-ratio.htm
  13. This many variables makes it difficult to say what the outcome will be, it’s good practice just to make one change at a time. if you really want to dive into suspension you can make your life easier by simplifying your design… Keep the standard knuckle geometry, standard shock, but add an adjustable top mount and adjustable dogbones. Keep everything standard height and length to start with and make incremental changes. Only changing one thing at a time. This, or set your design goals and get ready to measure and calculate/plot all the current geometry and start designing the linkage with every variable accounted for. In order not to make a pigs ear of this you really want a CAD model or a good maquette and a spreadsheet. You mentioned the bandit was undersprung? What about just setting the sag and measuring the Motion ratio as it is? Give yourself a baseline. Here’s a bit of light reading; don’t be put off by the maths it’s still a great resource. https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ettore-Pennestri/publication/276907029_Optima_design_and_dynamic_simulation_of_a_motorcycle_with_linkage_suspension/links/555b33ad08ae6943a8794913/Optima-design-and-dynamic-simulation-of-a-motorcycle-with-linkage-suspension.pdf
  14. I’ve chased a badly damaged thread on my wp engine output shaft. Found it fairly soft considering It’s load case. Should drill fine of It’s anything like one.
  15. Spotted some mad oldskoolsuzuki love.
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