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  1. Rotty

    Best Gift ever

    Oh there is no doubt it will be ridden as it should be
  2. Rotty

    Best Gift ever

    So an old friend who I've known since school decided that I should HAVE this bike that he put in storage a few years ago, its complete with new Suzuki pistons, rings, cam chain etc Have to say I feel extremely lucky and proud that he wanted me to have this, I can never sell it so I'm doing the right thing and keeping it standard with exception of dyno jet kit I tried to give him cash and refused flat.I will find a way though . As some of you know I had some turbulent years but my close friends have remained even when I've been the cause! Feel very lucky to have them all
  3. 36mm gsxr 1100k me thinks .dynojet needle and dynojet emulsion tune DET002 ,get ya self some decent digital verniers you might gain .05mm lol prone to ovaling out too
  4. Yep due to health and leg still not back to normal after crash I decided to let her go to Sean ...in my eyes it's rightful place and couldn't be in a better place for a top notch revamp ..unfortunately means il be moving on some of my bike collection... keep an eye on the market place section ...new work shop being built so will still be building stuff .
  5. Rotty

    New addition

    yep every time,its build law ..so no time scale and when funds arise which means I get to buy and sell a few in the meantime
  6. Rotty

    New addition

    its all new to me
  7. Rotty

    New addition

    Slowly slowly don't want to run out of build funds
  8. Rotty

    New addition

    Slowly slowly ...don't want to run out of build funds
  9. Rotty

    New addition

    Slightly better pics
  10. Rotty

    New addition

    Ha ha ha photo is rubbish as I've always got oil or grease somewhere on my hands . Waiting for a Dyna s,Dyna coils and Leads from the good ol USA. Leaving it as is really ..so clean under the blur r r r r r
  11. Rotty

    New addition

    Been looking for a good GS1000 and finally picked this gem up
  12. hello and apologies for late reply been a busy bod ,yep still got the 3 speed in it at the mo and will be interesting on the road .. I like interesting . all my bikes are road bikes and get used . wiring is being traced and re coloured one at a time(no felt tips here ) with a wiring diagram drawn up as I go . Other projects keep slowing me down ,another Suzuki has appeared in the workshop ;-)
  13. thanks Blubber, going to be a lot of work and slow progress but given me the inspiration back
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