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  1. If you’re running full fairings, the headers are totally hidden on those bikes. Put a fresh coat of spray paint on them. Or even better hide a turbo in the fairing.
  2. Teapots didn't really change much between first and second gens. Any of those 600/750 exhausts should fit. And stay away from all the OEM stuff, as others have said, they were extremely heavy.
  3. First gen 600 and 750 teapots were all dual exhausts. No idea what that's off of. Looks like it was OEM on something by the shitty welds. Also the spacing looks wrong and usually 2 & 3 are slight proud of 1 & 4 for clearance issues.
  4. Just saw this. If you need photos, I need to pull my tank tomorrow and I can get you what you need. I also have the factory manual that I can check for cable routing. Also late gen slingshot harnesses are the same for the 750 and 1100.
  5. Which ever one fits, all the slingshot breathers should be interchangeable. If it’s going in a teapot frame, the breather should be one of the few things that won’t hit anything. Just run a hose off it and plumb it to a catch can or a filter.
  6. If you find the dot head won’t work because of clearance issues, the next best thing is to use the dot cams in the blandit.
  7. MK2 B12s got totally different carbs for emissions, swap out the intakes and none of the throttle bodies are a direct fit, but early 600s are the most commonly used on here. I’ve got a MK2 B12 engine that I need to do the same thing to at some point.
  8. Same, I’ve had the brake on an LSL bar for about the same amount of time and it works fine. Keep telling myself I’m going to swap it out for a Brembo RC at some point, but I kinda like the look of the coffin reservoir on the bike.
  9. First gen busa masters are a pretty flush coffin style as well, but they’re designed for bars with a bit of drop to them.
  10. So, going by this guide, I went to swap in a set of RS38s into my 92 750N(US) that currently has the stock BST38 carbs. Not even close to fitting. Pulled my carbs today and measure them and the inlets, even measured the ID on the carbs to make sure they were 38s. My BST38ss carbs have an OD of 46mm, inlets are about 45mm ID. Even verified that I had the stock inlets and those numbers match up. Guess I’ll see how worn out the inlets are on the old dot head I have sitting on a shelf, as the slingshot 750 inlets are getting harder and harder to find.
  11. Yeah, mainly just thinking out loud here. If it is the Dyna2000, can you hook up a multimeter or timing light and make sure you’re actually getting signal to the coil for every time it should fire?
  12. Just a thought before you pull it all apart. As these are wasted spark, if your leads are long enough, can you swap 1 and 4? See if #1 starts acting up on #1 rather than #4? The fact that it keeps acting up mainly on #4 makes it sound like it’s between the coil and the head if it’s not carb related. If the leads aren’t long enough, can you swap them between the outputs on the coil? Also what happens if it’s not running on #4 and you only pull the cap off the plug and put it back on? Don’t bother pulling the plug, only move the lead around to see if it’s a bad connection/short. Usually when I’ve dealt with ignition problems, it’s both leads coming off the coil if it’s a signal issue, or only one lead if it’s a shit connection.
  13. Did a nice long ride today, weather was up around 30, still getting what I’m guessing is heat soak in the carbs. After awhile of sitting in slowish traffic, revs still hang up around 4-6K. Below that they close normally, and if I took it up to 8-9K, they acted normal. Thinking about just ordering up new emulsion tubes from dynojet and seeing how they react. The weather is too nice to pull the bike off the road for very long right now. Otherwise they still feel pretty good. Going through the mountains I had it up to around 130MPH, power was starting to fall off a little, but I think we were up around 4K feet.
  14. Anyone have slingshot 750 braces?
  15. Yeah, easier to go with a larger front sprocket than a smaller rear. Better for the chain too.
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