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  1. Years ago I rode a mate's MK1 with a 1216 kit and some lumpy cams. Great engine and a blast to ride, but it still looked like an old man's touring bike at the end of the day. I even prefer the MK1 looks over the MK2, but every time I even consider picking up a cheap one, I just can't bring myself to have to look at it every time I go out to the garage. 2006 was a crossover year. New bodywork but the engine was the same old lump that suzuki had been making for years. I'm sure suzuki figured out some way of saving some small amount of money on each bike by updating it over two years from oil to water.
  2. Also I’ve had several old 750s with leaky boots and you have to drag the clutch when you stop to get the idle below 3K. Slight hang is most likely just jetting.
  3. Sounded like a timing issue. Glad you got it sorted. It’s a hell of a lot warmer here in the PNW, but I’m still avoiding my garage until it gets warmer.
  4. I’ve never mixed up rockers before so I have no idea. If you’ve been working on it all evening the best thing to do is probably leave it for the night. Try matching up 4 rockers that are in similar shape and throw them on the intake side and see what happens. Are you here in the states?
  5. Yeah, thinking the cam sprockets aren't lined up properly with the slotting and need to be checked. Even with the tappets backed all the way out, are you still getting interference when turning the engine over by hand? I've accidentally put the cams in 180 degrees off before and the engine still turned over fine, was just sucking instead of blowing at the exhaust.
  6. They use the same part number for all of the tappet rockers in the oil cooled bikes from 86-06. Sure the cams are aligned correctly? Also if the rockers show any signs of wearing through the hard surface coating, they're garbage unless you get them resurfaced. Curious if that top one was already resurfaced at some point. Do you have enough matching rockers to put together a matching set? Verify the sprockets are the same as the old cams and that they're lined up the same? I checked APE's website and they only mention repairing the rockers, no mention of them ever being any different ones for the tappet heads. Webcams only lists two different styles, standard and high lift. Guessing some of them were repaired in the past. Just try and match up 8 of them and double check the cam sprockets.
  7. I think I posted up the list of cams. If you look up the powerscreen cam part numbers and cross reference them with what else suzuki stuck them in, you'll see the difference. I want to say they shared the intake and exhaust cams with various other Rs and Fs, bandits came later and got different cams. Now whether that's what they came from the factory with or what the parts compatibility has been updated to because Suzuki discontinued a lot of parts, who knows. I've helped a friend build a slabby 750 with a gsx750f engine because that's all we had available and he didn't want to spend a bunch of money tracking down a gsxr engine. Swap the carbs and run it if it's what you have, you can always swap out the engine later if you find something better.
  8. Yup. Didn’t even think about those, thanks! Probably a bit small for an 1127 with fairings in an area where filtering isn’t allowed.
  9. Anyone recognize this cooler or know what it’s off of? Trying to get parts together before I start on a full faired 7/11 build, and the stock curved cooler will never clear the 1100 exhaust. This one looks absolutely tiny, my other bikes have either 16 or 17 row coolers.
  10. 8-12nm per the Suzuki service manual. No mention in the manual of them being wet or dry, but I would think a touch of oil would reduce the friction of them going in.
  11. That poor bike, but I imagine srads were cheap at the time.
  12. The really shitty thing is that they only painted the left side of the engine.
  13. I was poking around at my slingshot 7/11 this evening, it had been stolen before covid and recovered during covid and sat outside for way too long. I’d noticed some paint like drips on the left side of the engine and I finally tried seeing if they’d come off. Looks like they spray painted parts of the engine, exhaust, and oil lines, I guess they weren’t a fan of the factory grey. Any ideas on what might remove spray paint without stripping the original paint? Or should I just plan on stripping everything down to bare metal and giving the engine a refresh at the same time? I’ve got another 7/11 to finish first, so I’m not in any rush to get this one back on the road.
  14. The list I posted is also for what's currently available still from Suzuki for sale. Suzuki being as cheap as they are, might have consolidated the cams down to just a few models to keep manufacturing as replacements. Only a guess.
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