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  1. yeah must be a different set up from later carbs
  2. carbs are generally balanced 1 to 2 then 3 to 4 and then 1&2 to 3&4 . dont know if them carbs are different ?
  3. ok ive made 2 plates out of ally, test fitted the right side and doesn't look too bad !!!! will throw some sating black on them in the next few days.
  4. nice one wraith im just gona make a pair from some ally plate i have left over for now.
  5. the airbox side isn't the source of your problem, an engine will idle and rev fine without an airbox fitted, it just won't ride very well.
  6. the thing is Toni i don't know if i want any on and don't want to spend the cash and not like em, im gona make some out of ally for now and paint them black and see how i get on, just need a rough size.
  7. can one of you kind guys please measure the shark fin under the fairing on your Kat for me ? i just need the length and the depth, cheers.
  8. 2 of my mates run the local breakers which is pretty handy, one of the lads has a well equipped garage at home and does some machining and welding for me when i get stuck
  9. it could of been worse bud, you could of had them inside out
  10. this was quite a few years ago wraith, they where off an old xs750 he was doing up. he ended up getting another set from our local breakers
  11. just dont do what my brother in law did, left em in a tub of caustic soda over night !!!! you can guess what happened
  12. is that the bike or Garry ?
  13. my mate had a similar problem on his TL, i drained the tank and found water in the fuel, the pump was pretty shitty as well so he just bought a good used one. fixed the problem.
  14. Im only 58 im still learning to read sorry dude
  15. Doh !!!!! what a fecking plonker, i thought for some reason we where talking about a 1200 bandit ?????? just ignore me (its the drugs you know) i'll go away eventually
  16. cylinder bore service limit is 79.080mm . piston service limit is 78.880mm. piston/cylinder service limit is 0.12mm. from factory service manual.
  17. do you know anyone who works in a machine shop ? when i put a bandit 1200 swinger in my 750ET i bought an ally tube of the bay of E. it needed to have an O.D of 20mm and an I.D of 14mm, it fitted really snug and worked perfect after i cut it down to the right length. i think you will need an O.D of 16mm and an I.D of 14mm. i think it only cost about 8 quid.
  18. i think most people get top hat spacers made up.
  19. them figures don't sound good i think a top end strip is in order and get the measuring gear out and while your at it a valve job too.
  20. make sure your compression tester is reading right, test it on a known good engine. seen this before when someone used a faulty tester.
  21. new they should be 178psi limit is 124psi. just for reference.
  22. worth trying your exhaust headers on now just to make sure theirs no contact with the frame tubes. or have you already done that
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