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  1. He must have the idler roller as the chain is tooooo long else, and there might be enough room with the runner still attached to the cover? never tried it with gsxr cam chain and bandit cover, only done it the other way round.
  2. Dont forget the B12 rocker box has a chain runner on it for the hyvo chain and the, idler wheel isnt used on the B12 and needs to be replaced with the by the reinforcing plate..
  3. Nice one Chubbs subframe could do with a bit of beefing up
  4. I nearly had to get Mrs Fatbloke to sit on the engine!! anyway, just a 5 week trip with work away next week, then at last crack on with Brian......................
  5. span it over with no plugs to check oil pressure.......... 42psi?? I seem to remember the last one I did was 80 ish psi, then remembered it was minus 2 degrees when i did that one.. So i check my good engine in the Bandit, 38 psi.
  6. I wish Id said NO, but its getting there now, 150 nm is a lot!!!!!
  7. I was going to say " Bugger me that's shiny" but that dosent do it justice!!!!
  8. I hope not as My Moto Martin has Yamahamahma R1 front end and wheels
  9. Electricity for Brian… im Going all stick coils just got to sort out the electric string
  10. So now I’ve got to fix it!! i must learn to say no!!!!!!! anuway new crank and £170 worth of mains!!!!!
  11. like this one im thinking
  12. Would be nice but very expensive, im thinking White agin or the gunmatel coloued powder coat
  13. You can tell buy the seal holding ring at the bottom of the leg is separate on L and M’s. later ones the seal Holder is part of the leg
  14. Had to hang fire on Brian, whilst I have a look for a rattle in a bloke i knows engine. i think it might be poorly
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