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  1. Carb heater plug on a 600 and twin horn plugs on a 1200..
  2. they are... i didn't make that clear did I?? mk1 6 and 12 are interchangeable Mk2 6 and 12 are also interchangeable but Mk1 and Mk2 aren't
  3. Mark 1 b6 and 12 looms are interchangeable, mark 2 have lots of different plugs plus leccy speedo, but 6 an 12 interchangeable as well
  4. have a look at the Right habd end there is a letter stamped there, what is it???
  5. Mine has been fine for the last 13 years since I built it. fit a head cooler as well as a 19 row aftermarket one and it will be fine few years back I did the charity ride through wotten Bassett thousands of bikes and chugging along at 10 mph for ages. It did get hot but just pulled over and let it cool and it was fine the next year I fitted a fan from an R6 with a switch and it helped Lots
  6. And this happened whilst sat in garage for 18 months???.
  7. How much did the “bike shop” charge you???
  8. Also,the fuel,was pouring down the exhaust and washing the carbon down pipe 1, and dripping out the join it looked like oil, so that is why the expert bike shop said the head gasket was gone!!!!
  9. That was a bike a young lad I k9now had taken to a bike shop, they said the head gasket had gone!!!! he asked on fartbook and was told many times the head gasket had gone!! what had actually happened, was the bike shop who had cleaned the carbs, hadn’t tightened one of the pilot jets, it fell out and poured fuel down number 1 cylinder, lots of smoke, took an hour to fix properly
  10. dose it smoke like t,his?? This was a carb problem…..
  11. Find someone who can ultrasonically clean t hem, then replace all the o rings that have dried out whilst it was sat for 18 months.. there must be someone on here who can do it. happens all the time to bikes left standing..
  12. It’s carbs, get them out and clean them correctly,
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