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  1. fatblokeonbandit

    Emporers new clothes

    It fits!!!!! excellent Guy Wife just bollocked me for not making the tea, sorry matey. too bust talking to think about Tea !!!!
  2. fatblokeonbandit

    Bandit 600 build with 1200 parts

    I got my first 1200 bandit 21 years ago after many years of gsxr ownership, but my knees were shot so after riding the first bandit I was converted, so id say keep the 600 shiny frame and fit all the 1200 parts to it, But as this is an oldskool site most people will say get the 1100 and use that, Us Bandit owners are tolerated on here.. Anything you need to know just ask as ive had a few and modified all of them
  3. fatblokeonbandit

    Bandit 600 build with 1200 parts

    Simple answer, fix the 1200 and use the 600 for bits all the bits are interchangeable as the frames are the same except for a few tiny differences, mark 1 4 pots are easier to maintain than the mk 2 6 pots so people generally refer to them as better brakes. they bolt straight onto a 1200 but not a 600.. get a gsxr shock there are loads that fit, needs to be 320 - 330 mm eye to eye..
  4. fatblokeonbandit

    1200 bandit mk1 engine mount

    The 1156 engine and lack of bottom mount denotes the very first production models, also had a different swinger and a gsxr loom and cdi.. But they were all 1996, in 97 they became the mark 1 with bottom mounts the different swinger loom and no cc marked on the barells. So yours was registered late or it's an import??? ..
  5. fatblokeonbandit

    1200 bandit mk1 engine mount

    is it a 1996 and dose it have 1156 stamped on the left of the barells???
  6. fatblokeonbandit

    Front end swap

    Done the other way round many times, you must have a good reason ?? all you need to do is press out the stems and swop them over move the steering stops and that's it, you're 4 pot nissins are the same as the bandit one so fit on, the speedo cables are different but the speedo,drives swop straight over as well.
  7. fatblokeonbandit

    1100 manual

    Of course shipmate, pm me you address
  8. fatblokeonbandit

    1100 manual

    I'll have a look
  9. Any good to anyone, ill never have another water cooled, its the supplement for the suzuki manaul..
  10. fatblokeonbandit

    Clutch Pushrod

    ive done a few different permutations, b6 mk1 and mk2 cover on 1127 and 1052 and power screen engines and they are all different, I use a bit of 6mm wooden dowel to chop down to get the right length then use that measurement to make a Steele one..
  11. fatblokeonbandit

    Differences between bandit 600 and 1200 engine.

    Good question, shipmate, that deserves a much better answer than i can give you at this time the very first modles in 96 were marked 1156, after that from 97 on they are blank even though they are classed 1157cc
  12. fatblokeonbandit

    Differences between bandit 600 and 1200 engine.

    all 1200 have a blank space at the bottom of the cylinder where the cc would normally be..
  13. fatblokeonbandit

    Differences between bandit 600 and 1200 engine.

    count the number of gears
  14. fatblokeonbandit

    Differences between bandit 600 and 1200 engine.

    Bottom rear engine mount is 10mm on 600, 12mm on 1200, 600's are silver 1200's dark grey, 1200 has 14 fins on the barrel, 600 has 12 fins. 1200 goes much faster than a 600
  15. fatblokeonbandit

    Slingshot/Blandit CDI

    a lot of slinsghots have the same pic up as a 1200 bandit the part number is the same B1200 33110-17C00 750 K 33110-17C00 1100m 33110-17C00 and many more im sure