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  1. Spent 1/2 a day fannying about with the electricity, it’s always the little jobs that take the time!! anyway we now have working lights at the stern
  2. Frame will al be powder coated once a colour has ben chosen but white is favorite for now.
  3. Clip ons, with these legs, I think not Dunc
  4. Need a Brake hose, so knocked one up out of bits and made some clamps for the torque arm
  5. Thats it shipmate, spot on. Thanks.... I like that, just hope ive got enough paint in the tin I found..??
  6. Oh hardeee had har everyone is a fekin comedian...suppose I asked for fhat
  7. Can any of you IT monkies paint the seat unit blue to see what its like please????
  8. When I got the bike from JB, my plan was to swop the rear, but now i really like it, iit fits my large arse and lines up with the tank nicely.. so it will be staying. its from a TR750 race bike so about the right period as well.
  9. I had to go and look as I couldn't remember if i was right, the b12 one was 09930-30721 50 x 1.5 mm not 40mm
  10. My b12 one is 40 x 1.4 mm, at least that the one i bought last year.. And the one I already had was 35 x 1.5mm...that's to the best of my memory as its too cold to go out to the garage and have a look..
  11. I did the same ill dig them out and see which fits which,. there was a thread last year about it
  12. Front brakes I totally agree, but like I said, I never use the rear so ill use what i have to hand, and I like purple
  13. My new shiny wheels arrived this weekend, but i realised I didnt have any room to fit them as my garage is full of junk and bikes and stuff!!!!!! so moved everything out and had a group photo So white and clean I had to stop myself from licking them,,,,, Remembered the rear had washers for a spacer!! so made a new one. The question is Tooo much white or not??? Blue seat unit or just blue number boards, I don't know, ??? Why am I asking you lot?? Anyway im liking the wheels. They are very shiny.
  14. My spare engine that is in my Bandit is exactly that, power screen bottom end with 1216 kit and all, with B12 sump, you need the oil drain tubes as well, or at least the Left one, I didnt know anything about relief valves and stuff when I did it. Its been in there for 5 years now mainly on track day so flat out, nothings gone pop so far
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