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  1. I'm recreating the 7/11 with the GSXR400 seat above, and have some how ended up with 3 sets of plastic's?? I dont need the red set or the black set, any use??? all you need is a subframe from a GK76 , 400 and a bit of fettling and it will go on. I sold the one above after i painted it blue and realised the seat was way to low for my old knee's, this time ive made the seat 2 inches higher..
  2. Flippin eck Dunc was that 2 1/2 years ago you acquired the frame!!!! seems like last year!!! im glad your doing it properly as I would never have had the time, ability, cash to do to the standard you have... keep it up shipmate
  3. Like i said the wheel that was in those USD's was a bandit 1200 front so the fork spacing and spindles and stuff is the same, so it could be done,
  4. Lie this you mean, the forks ares slingshot so same fitment as b12 front wheel, they are aprillier wheels, i made them fit then was going to buy the forged OZ ones, but chickened out when i realised how much they were.!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was not Plug and Play, as the youngsters say, it was lot of spacer making and fettling but i did it all with a small Chinese lathe.
  5. How much can you afford?? Bandit but then Im biased... A bandit can be made to handle and go quite well..
  6. depends how much big power?? ive got a 1216 powerscreen motor that dose 150 RW donkies and its been fine on trackdays for 2 years now
  7. just the plug, Mk2 3 wire, Mk1 2wire plug, and oil light separate plug, the units are completely interchangeable also alternators are different shape with different plugs, but also interchangeable.. Its the exhaust cam thats different, the inlet cams have the same part number, BUT it don't make a farts worth of difference..
  8. Yes thats it, 50mm thank you sir
  9. Good Morning gentlemen ( i use the term very loosely ) anyone know, off the top of thier head, the size of the clutch hub holding nut on a 1127 motor?? I know the bandit size but cant remember if the gsxr is the same.. Thank you, or Merci Beaucoup if you prefer
  10. Yes, same part number, plugs are differant though 2273027A05 GEAR, GENERATOR DRIVEN
  11. I forgot they are in wanky photbucket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I have pictures somewhere I'll find them later
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