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  1. the oil cooled ones have spacing of 214 mm the same as water cooled but the stem offset is differant, O/C 35mm W/C 32mm so you cnat mix and match, How do I know?? yes i bought a pair with no stem and it was only when i fitted stem it became apparent the off set was different But SRAD 750/TL/early Busa have the same 32mm offset, but bottom yokes are 55mm TL and Busa, srad are 54 mm. tops are all 50mm so can be used with a top hat spacer to take up the difference in stem diameter.
  2. early busa 1999-2006 or gsxr K1-4 are 330mm and fit with a squueze, Mk2 bandit are 320mm i have fitted 2 of the busa ones to Mk2 's ..
  3. Look at Dale Walkers Holeshot in The US, he dose some good stuff, I have his standard bore high com0 pistons in one of mine, and it is excellent
  4. 750 j/k Dot head cams are rarer than rocking horse shite…… There is one year of GSXR 1100 with the same cams, they have a B stamped on the right hand end…. im running standard bandit CDI and coils on all 3 Bikes and. get the gearing right will help a lot..
  5. I’ve got 750 J/ K in one, and reground kent cams in another, the 3rd one has Grumpy 1260 road and track cams.. all as good as one another using my seat of pants Dyno
  6. Bugger me thats really shiny
  7. I’ve got 3 big fat Bandit engines, 2 are 1216 and have been dynoed at about 150 hp, one In The Bandit, one in my teapot, and the one in my moto Martin has High comp standard bore pistons, all 3 have heads done by Mr Upperton, various cams, full race exhaust systems, 36 mm cv carbs on the 1216’s can be made to work very well, I have 38’s on the MM, that needs setting up properly on a Dino. the bandit one I put together in 2009 and has been totally reliable, oil changes, tappets and that’s it. Spent most of its life on race tracks as well..
  8. So a bandit can’t scratch with sports bikes .?Mmmmmmmm First 2 laps are warm ups no overtaking.. not bad for 25 year old Bandit with a 19 stone pensioner onboard
  9. So how did Brian go?? Im still getting used to it but it went brilliantly, jumping from B12 to Brian was a daft idea I should have stuck with one bike for one day then the other the next day, But that would have been the sensible thing to do But the motor is great now ive fiddled with the crabs bit, it has 38 mm mikkey roonies, i didnt change jetting from when I bought them from BaveR last year, just lifted needles a notch and off we went. The engine is a Std bore B12 with Dale Walkers High comp pistonks, Mr Uppertons head, gsxr 1100 K cams and all in all went like FEK Front end and brakes are brilliant, even if it is from a Yamamamahahahah The seats like a plank and made my Ceramics hurt, It even doesn't look too bad, I might just get the frame re done white nest winter and leave the rest??? And a big fat Thank You to everyone who sent me the anodised Tatt bolts and stuff, it certainly caused a few comments in the paddock Need to find another track day to go and play some more, but everything's getting booked up right to the end of the year already!!!! Anyway onto the next project, I get bored very easily, Light weight wheels for the bandit
  10. I’ve got a B12 one in a 1127 power screen tuned motor it’s fine
  11. I've only had one 600 several years ago, and if i remeber right it was a twat to do, all the 600 monkies off of the bandit forum say leave the air box on.. when i got mine it had twin pod filters and a noisey stubby can, If i remember right, it was a long time ago, i went up 10% and 15% on the 100/98 mians did all 4 at 110 then 115's. and wound the air screws out a turn and it was somewhere handy, fitting a longer can made it much better. It did take a bit of fannying about.... Didnt really have it long enough, to sort completely.. Couldnt get used to the total lack of power.....................
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