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  1. Got 1 you can borrow. At the pub bridgwater
  2. I want to run on carbs. As the efi setup is incomplete
  3. Just thought as it was being built for efi. I would need to change the pickup and wheel wouldn't i
  4. Anything I would need to do. Other than plum and wire up as standard??
  5. Hi all. Can I run a low comp turbo motor without all the turbo parts etc. Motor was a recent purchase. I would like to run it to check its all good. If I Put some carbs on it should it start up and run OK.
  6. @clivegtoI thought the clutch cover was oldskool cool. But I guess the scavenge is aswell
  7. I shall update my build thread ASAP @Captain Chaos had a bit of a mad weekend spending and need to make some room/ clear up a little @clivegtolooks very similar
  8. Probably should be moved to forced section. I was just going to go through it bit by bit. Sorry
  9. Motor spec should be Std cams adjustable sprockets mistral worked head bored to 1216 busa rods and pistons spacer plate for above rods knifedged crank steel basket clutch plus lockup direct to head throttle bodies gt2860 snail has micro squirt (looks chopped about) I have the plenum and manifold ( this sit to far forward for my slingy) need new one and loads of other parts This is all new to me and shall be I side project now that I have be re inspired with my slingy build
  10. Thanks. I'll get some better pics later. But looks promising. Supposed to be a knifedged crank In it.
  11. Hi all. I picked up a motor over the weekend and have a few questions. More to come later I know the pic is not great but does this look like the crank has had work?? The motor is up on a high bench at the moment so I need a extra pair of hands to move it and take the sump of for a closer better pic. Also maybe it does not matter but any ideas where the lockup is from. Anyone want their cooking pan back (not) proper oldskool though Cheers jon
  12. So from what your saying. I need to lean out the lower and top end??
  13. Please excuse my lack of knowledge. So the lower the number on afr is rich or lean??
  14. When I say stock. I'm on about the carbs. Bike has full system and filters
  15. Is it right that the Afr should be between the red and green lines?? This is all new to me. Never had a bike on a dyno. And have done the jetting myself through lockdowns etc.
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