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  1. Have a look on german e blag theres a few under £50 & about £15/20 postage
  2. Thanks for the replys guys
  3. Can anyone tell me standard main jet size for 1100f bst34mm carbs Mine are 114 wich sounds a bit small to me. I'm still pissing about with pilot settings at mo but looking at the colour of the exhaust it looks like its running lean/hot. Not been able to ride it yet to feel how it pulls.
  4. E T

    Battery draining

    Turned out to be bad alternator
  5. My slabby project is draining the battery. Fitted new lithion battery and bike started fine, checked all lights etc were working switched it off xnd next morning battery was flat. Not had time to check it yet was wondering if anyone has had this problem or where to start looking ?
  6. As far as i can remember the 85 mount has an extra bracket on right for fuel gauge but apart from that same as later mounts so shouldn't be too much trouble
  7. I did look at getting new hose & fittings in black from torques as i'm not a fan of the blue & red anodizing but was going to wait till i had more cash saved but looks like i'll have to get them now
  8. Noticed that oil cooler line has started leaking over night, been no sign of it leaking until today Tried tightening it but it wasn't loose. Oils weeping from the bradeed hose right at the union. Any ideas, i haven't used this type of hose before other than brake lines.
  9. Got two 750f jdm bikes neither has vin plate uk one has vin plate, the numbers stamped on head stock are all stamped differently
  10. Slingshots look best red n white
  11. @TonyGeeit'll be going back together as is and i'll get a look at it future if i keep it.
  12. Thanks for the replies, its about 1.5mm longitudinal movement, another problem to sort out
  13. How much if any end float should there be on main shaft once sprocket is removed ?
  14. Thanks for the replies folks, fired the stove up and put carbs on top, took dog for a walk and by time i got back carbs were nice n hot the ground down an old pair of snips and got pins out no probs, so glad i just didn't put them back together as i've nere seen so much crud behind needle valve filters
  15. I've been give carbs a quick clean but struggling to remove float pins, never come across pins as tightas these before. Any ideas?
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