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  1. Still lots to do, but good progress today
  2. Had to grind the top alternator mount to get the carb's to fit comfortably.....
  3. A bit of work today... the 'head was originally worked on by Roger Upperton using the standard 36mm carb' rubbers.. I have had to use 40mm carb' rubbers to fit the new carburettors... so some work with the Dremel to match rubbers to port & vice-versa....
  4. Yoshi engine covers painted today - me mate Spike at www.raggededgeracing.com did the deed, as my shaky hands don’t have the precision anymore...
  5. Well I'm going to need a new carpet once it's finished, that's for sure!!
  6. The photo’s don’t do it justice.... still a few scars from being ridden on the road tho, so not a 100% perfect show-bike, bottom line is it’s 30+ years old... but I’m happy with that cos’ it means I can ride the thing & not worry...
  7. The guy who did the polishing recommended Autoglym Super Resin Wax...
  8. Frame just back from being polished..
  9. Feels like I’m making progress... starting to button-up the engine.... suddenly there are fewer bits & pieces on the dining room table, and more tools back in the tool box.... hope to get the frame & swing-arm back from being polished in the coming week
  10. Interesting... I followed the destructions in the ‘Streetfighters’ articles for cam-timing.... which are spot-on... Just to say that the Yoshimura paperwork cam-timing figures are for timing their cam’s with the tappet clearances set at 0.15mm, which differs from on-line advice.... Spent hours working with zero tappet-clearance trying to get the cam timing right ... then set the clearances to 0.15mm & the timing/lobe-centre figures were spot-on...
  11. flatline


    I believe that Terry Rymer ordered one, maybe that’s his in the Harris catalogue??
  12. flatline


    The oldest known photo of my F1 is this... which is how it looked when I got it. The registration document lists it as being white, which I'm guessing was its original colour when first registered(?)
  13. Yeah, fascinating talking to Mark... he explained that the ‘bike the shock was originally designed for (and is evidenced in the paperwork that I got with the Harris) was probably heavier than the Harris.... at some point a lighter spring was fitted, but not an Öhlins item - so didn’t actually fit properly. Mark sourced an Öhlins spring that matched the lighter rate of the non-standard replacement... Fascinating taking on on project & unraveling how/what/why it was built the way it was...
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