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  1. Old Skool Suzuki - & Old Skool Packaging.....
  2. I’ve heard that with upgraded cam’s the M head is susceptible to spitting shims??
  3. Hi, I have read somewhere that the 1100 'M' cylinder head can be converted from shim to screw & locknut... does anyone have any knowledge of this??
  4. Yup, Westfield are good!! Placed my order on Thursday evening, and it was delivered to me this morning
  5. More fun.... I put the top-end together last weekend, aligned to the camshafts with the crankshaft & bolted everything down.... discovered that the camshafts wouldn't move at all - so feared the worse, and that I'd got the cam-timing wrong..?? Stripped it all down again, & as soon as I loosened the camshaft bearing caps they started to move freely. Took the cam-rockers out & installed the standard camshafts - same issue, i.e. the camshafts were solid & wouldn't move with the bearing caps torqued up..... Asked around, and no-one seems to have any idea what was
  6. Interesting... the standard camshafts are hollow. The camshaft bearings have a positive lubrication from the oil lube system. In the Yoshimura cam’s the ends of the camshafts are plugged, and a hole drilled into both the camshaft bearing and the cam-lobe... so effectively taking the positive lube of the bearings and passing it on to the lobes .. A really good idea judging by the condition (not so good) of some of the rocker-arms I’ve seen
  7. Wish I was still offshore, my last job was in 2015 pressure-testing the dive system on the DSV Swordfish in Galveston, Texas!! Good luck with the 'quarantine'... are you allowed to go to the bar??
  8. An early Covid-Christmas-Present.... I bought my first Yoshimura tuning part back in 1984, when I visited Dixon Racing in Godalming.... it was only a 'Yoshi' cloth patch to sew onto my leathers, but it seemed to work!! Today I 'broke the piggy-bank' & splashed out on a set of Stage 2 cam's for for the Harris... I am basically building the 'bike that I dreamt of in my late teens... It may not be 'period-correct', but it is how I see it would have evolved in my ownership over the past couple of decades.... Still a long way to go, but each step is a step closer to the 'bike being fi
  9. Will do mate, are you still living in the same place??
  10. Sorry mate, the pistons went straight in when they arrived!! Other than that I haven't been doing any work on the 'bike as I've had other distractions in my little world....
  11. Progress?? Yes... Yoshi Boneville/Tornado/XR51 fairing from Spike @ https://www.raggededgeracing.com/fairings/suzuki/
  12. Finally... arrived from Germany via UPS this afternoon; the 'replacement' pistons from Wössner Had a quick look, and they fit!! ... so project hopefully back on course... Target date for completion is before December 2023 (when I'll be 60 yrs old!!!)
  13. I’ve been swapping e-mails with Wössner in Germany... it seems that the pistons are out of spec; they’ve said to post ‘em back & they’ll re-machine them to the correct dimensions .....
  14. Well, the project has stalled somewhat.... I assembled the Wössner 12:1 pistons (1186cc), and before I went any further checked that everything rotated OK (Falicon rods cleared the crankcases, etc...) = all o.k. Put the cylinder-head on, and carried out the same check.... duh; as either set of pistons approached TDC things came to a halt... deffo lack of clearance between piston & cylinder-head.. put a couple of strips of plasticine in to confirm - see photo's. To my knowledge the block has not been honed/decked. At TDC the edge of the piston (aka squish-band) measure approx. 0.5
  15. FBusy with work this week; so not much progress with the Harris - However, several cups of coffee & an hour or so this morning had the con-rods/pistons assembled & into the cylinder-block.... Thanks to Nick for supplying many of the components for this engine-build :-)
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