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  1. As above ^^^ the classification of 'historic' is not a 'get out of jail free card' for unlimited mods. The Historic - MOT thing precludes mods made within the last 30 yrs and / or being substantial in nature . . . . . and a chassis / frame change is! Insurance is the next one - they will know if its reclassified as 'historic' and know the criteria that it should attain, so telling them its got a mod'd frame will set the alarm bells off. I don't dare consider the implications of a total loss accident or being stolen would be, ie. potential declined claim and zero pennies for you! And lastly, the DVLA don't take kindly to being rogered and could simply seize the bike and crush it - treating it as a wringer! All of which is a pretty unsatisfactory outcome. Gone are the days when a frame swap was a weekend affair, get the boyz round and carry on camping - its either done right with 'like for like' or do the MSVA thing and live with the consequences of that route - a Q plate ain't the worst thing in the big scheme!
  2. I just had a look at the Robinsons GSX1100 ET 1980 - cam cover page, and that shows a cover with 16No general cover screws ( 2 + 14 + 4 ) Fiche items 3, 4 & 5 and then add another 4 for the breather plate - fiche item 12 . . . . . . . total 24No. ! So that cover part # is CYLINDER HEAD COVER (11171-49203) - Old Part Number 11171-49202
  3. I have the Evans stuff in my Zetec powered Escort and its true it won't boil till 180 deg C but as boiling water @ 100 deg C is waaaay beyond the point that's good for an engine, either way its not smart! Plus if you do get a leak out on a ride, you can't add water as then you are back to square one - easy for me to carry a litre of fluid to top up if necessary!
  4. Doesn't make any difference if you do or don't! I find TDC via pointer in plug hole on piston, bit more accurate than a piece of bent tin LOL!
  5. How about they charge £20 pitch fee's and include 2 free entries? I'm sure pitch holders will also be mooching around for stuff they want, so why not treat as regular punters?
  6. Absolutely no point fitting a head that provides high CR then fitting gaskets to lower the CR and destroy the squish ! Maybe if you hog out the chambers, and fit deeper dish pistons to control the CR, fit normal HG, retain decent squish, it may be some benefit?
  7. I've never been that fussed about it - crank has pin that engages with ATU and Dyna rotor fixes on ATU one of two ways. Set plate in middle of slots and fire it up! I suppose you could check exact timing with an adjustable strobe light but never found it necessary!
  8. I don't understand - gsx & efe are interchangable! As regards use of a dyna S!
  9. As to correct speeds - it varies depending on drill material, material to be drilled, cutting oil etc, but here's good 'assumption' chart for guidance. If the hole being drilled is 4x and greater than the diameter of the bit then i'd reduce speeds quoted by half. Too slow is bad, slow - medium is good - too fast is bad also
  10. How about using the steel basket from the 1127 engines - maybe more clearance? Still amazed that peeps 'need' to try this in any 1100 ! ! !
  11. Its not wrong but it would be 'better' if the tap has two outlets to use them to feed the two inlets.
  12. I just looked in the Haynes for the GSX1100 / 1150 and that shows the metal centre of the seal facing out ie. opposite to how it is above. Not sure how different the GS1000 would be, if at all!
  13. That's odd as all the RS flatslides i've ever seen have two inlets one between 1 & 2 and another between 3 & 4! Can be clearly seen in the manual / parts breakdown. Also odd not to have a vacuum port on at least one of the rubbers!
  14. Ah ! What happens if you get the holes wrong and suck all the bath plugs into the engine? LOL! Maybe not the daftest idea ever on OSS but possibly close to it
  15. Having or not having an airbox has nothing to do with airflow. An airbox will flow as much air as an engine needs right through WOT and with a filter in place! Open carbs will rarely be able to use more air than that. The difference between airboxes and open carbs / individually filtered carbs is the 'quality of air delivered' not the quantity! Air boxes are designed to provide a 'still' air reservoir that the engine draws upon - this air is fairly linear in delivery and accelerates through the venturi drawing the fuel up. Open or individual filters pull chaotic air and so have a lesser effect through the venturi - maybe a reason most will need bigger jets whilst producing little more power when run back to back? This chaotic air really messes with CV function also. The dual carb pod K&N's help the two connected carbs have a 'pot' of air - not as good as an airbox but better than singles! Case in point - GSXR1100 'M' 40mm CV's - difficult to tune for pipes etc. WITH an airbox, virtually impossible without! And If I understand your intention - why would you want to bypass the filter with unfiltered air?
  16. Probably very true! Just cos you give an engine a bigger mouth it'll have a correspondingly bigger venturi. That needs a higher airspeed over it to induce low pressure to draw the fuel up . . . . you can increase the MJ to the moon and it'll issue very little more fuel. Suzuki San used 29mm slide and 34mm CV carbs for a reason - good gas speed at majority of operating range. If racing and long periods at high rpm then larger bore carbs can work but they'll have pants midrange!
  17. LOL's - well you did say 'shop services' and that is 'shop services' ! And, I bet they do if you ask them - maybe not 'off the shelf' ?
  18. How in the hell could you miss a section that says 'Shop Services'? - https://www.orientexpress.com/c-99-shop-services.aspx
  19. Just followed the clues Pal - just followed the clues LOL! But the point above regarding the coil resistances is also valid - low ohm COP's draw a lot more amps and OEM CDI's do struggle with that and can over-heat to the point that output falls away - may be something to bear in mind!
  20. Do you read the answers?
  21. As using original ECU it must be running wasted spark and problem with 1 & 4 ties in with this - I'd trace all the wiring for dodgy contact, frayed or partially shorting wire. Looking at MJ and accel pumps doesn't help if the idles or emulsion tubes are dirty - 5 weeks storage / E10 fuel / low fuel level / water vapour contamination ? ? ?
  22. And if the company doing the boring is any good - give them all the pistons and they will bore / hone the barrels to suit each piston and mark them #1,2,3 & 4. Regarding the piston pictured with some scoring - i'd suspect a degree of crushed lands partially trapping the ring? They aren't the strongest in this respect and its a usual point of failure in boosted engines. Valves may look good but until they are out and checked for straightness, the jury is still out!
  23. New York or New York State - they should have a good rep - they've been building Fast Suzuki's for 40+ years!
  24. Pretty much ^^^ said above! MTC pistons have material enough for some decent dish machining - DON'T just machine the tops flat and drop them down the holes! Likewise as you've got turbo pistons - use them to adjust the CR, not spacer plates if they can be avoided! Do not lose the squish band - its worth having, if only for its anti detonation benefits. Love the claim re the Maxspeeding Rods - in what universe have they been tested to that level? Your 400hp aim is admirable, but seriously I think, maybe beyond your means / present understanding ie. like speed, HP costs money and 400hp is going to cost lots. If you can achieve the CR with head and piston work, a normal Blandit base gasket is all that is needed!
  25. Just because 'modern' vehicles have 17 figure VIN's doesn't mean ALL will have! The mark on the headstock IS the VIN when manufactured. My classic car and all / most of my bikes have 11 character VIN numbers either on their chassis / chassis plates / V5 registration documents! Using the website above and referencing a Busa using their coding comes out to 14 characters LOL!
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