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  1. I guessed on the model being a later variant due to the weird clutch operation pushrod in your picture - the GS750 spanned about 8 years and several variants - quoting an age / year helps! All parts fiches are from Alpha Sports and are very useful!
  2. It may or may not be related but who knows what else is wrong?
  3. Life does have its bonuses - fixed your quote LOL!
  4. I'm guessing / hoping that the piece #37 is present and correct? As the original chain would have been a 630 - there should be acres of space for a 530!
  5. 'spose it might if you wanted a shafty A/C 1100?
  6. I didn't know that! - that pretty much rules that solution out LOL!
  7. Fag ash only blows into your eyes @ 120mph - smoking is over rated LOL!
  8. You got no oil cooling then?
  9. The turbo from a Smart car may work but even that is for an engine at least 50% larger than the OP is using! And regarding the VF20's, I personally wouldn't fit a BB turbo to an aircooled engine without some form of liquid cooling!
  10. I don't think a blandit sump would make a shred of difference - you tilt the outlet up & it puts the exhaust inlets on the piss! You'd have to re-bend the whole manifold to make a better fit!
  11. Maybe because it appears that he's trying to use a Micron can so a 'custom' link pipe required which seemingly is where a non performance related issue has arisen! EDIT - Apologies to Dezza, Just re-read the whole thread and yeah I agree - why doesn't a whole Cobra system fit, presumingly you got a whole system?
  12. Ok, if there is fairing damage and engine damage be prepared for them to write it off as uneconomical repair ! The parts bill - if you could get them! - would ensure that! Don't accept 1st or 2nd offers - get evidence to support a 'fair' valuation for yours 'pre accident' and ask what salvage price will be!
  13. Got to agree with ^^^ For a few hours work, a s/hand cover and gasket you'll have saved your excess and a loading on the ins. premium for the next 5 years!
  14. Or hung anywhere actually!
  15. IHI RHB51B - try finding one of those now LOL!
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