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  1. I did wonder this myself ! If someone can't use a junior hacksaw, a file and a drill, they shouldn't be modifying motorcycles ! ! !
  2. Nah that's not gonna work - they are both powered so will fight for supremacy - engine would probably win!
  3. Those models, of that era, had pretty much non adjustable ignition so unless its been modified, what it came with is what you get! Ign. timing at idle will have a small effect but unlikely to cause your problems.
  4. This all you get! The hyvo chain doesn't flap around as much as a normal roller chain so doesn't need extra restraint or to wrap the cam wheels as much.
  5. Although I don't have one myself (which I may do with the next iteration) and use a mechanical pump, any drain back / drain down in feed lines will bypass the bearings and leak into the housings leading to a degree of start-up smoke. A little sump / catch can allows this to drain away and be pumped away on start-up so IMO a worthwhile addition.
  6. I would imagine 'Historic / Classic' status in the UK for road tax and MOT requirements!
  7. And good luck trying to convince the DVLA that they got it wrong all those years ago! They'll more than likely delete the V5, say they have no records and that you don't actually own it LOL!
  8. Ever tried RTFM? as you appear to be struggling with words and there are pictures in there! LOL!
  9. They all have a pretty much + / - life with leaded ! Best do the set up as good as you can then remove. I guess unleaded does have its advantages LOL!
  10. That lambda seems remarkably cheap $125 with a sensor and seems quite similar to an Innovate LC-1 / 2? Stainless bungs are used as less likely to rust into the sensor but can be welded into MS pipe - just need the right filler wire.
  11. 125 not likely to be a million miles out and it'll give you a baseline. The 34's will give good depression over the jet so requiring a size or two smaller than if using 36 / 38's for example. I started with 125's in 36's fitted to a 1360 EFE engine!
  12. Ambition and abiity! Know your's and the machinery's limits and stick to them - there's plenty who didn't in graveyards!
  13. Drill it or slide hammer it, otherwise pretty impossible to remove! Shame they didn't give so much thought to overall bike security LOL!
  14. Not necessarily ! It depends on the quality of the Li battery and the 'usually built-in' charging / conditioning circuitry. I don't know of any way of telling how good or how poor that will be - maybe when it explodes or catches fire you'll be able to tell 'whats what' LOL!
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