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  1. Blower1

    Running in Wiesco pistons..... Opinions please

    The first 50 km´s are the most critical/important to running in pistons. A lot of moderate accelerating and motor braking. Then next 300 km normal riding without any crazy revving. After that oil & filter change and that's it.
  2. Blower1

    turbo/EFI setup

    GSX EFE 1986 , 1327cc , 11:1 comp. Fuel E85. Megasquirt by Arttu. Injectors: Bosch 700cc. Coils: Dyna green ones (3,0 ohm). One throttlebody from BMW 1100cc boxer engine. Supercharger: Eaton M62 from Mercedes SLK. Dyno:
  3. Blower1

    Running clearance

    That´s the clearance what I have been using in my "big blocks".
  4. Blower1

    Gsx1100 upgrade

    Now the pics works.
  5. Blower1

    Gsx1100 upgrade

    I made oil stat by bolting it to filter cover. All oil is by-passing cooler before oil temperature goes over +85 C.
  6. Blower1

    gsx1428 streetable?

    The compression is approximately 9.7 with busa pistons and zero deck height by using Cometic 1.1mm thick MLS head gasket.
  7. Blower1

    Dyna 2000 ignition

    +1 for Ignitech. I have Ignitech TCIP4 in my 1360cc Cafe EFE. So far it has been working perfectly.
  8. Blower1

    Blower Sizing

    Aisin 500 is ok for engines 750cc or smaller. For Bandit 1200 I would choose Eaton M45 (750cc/rev) or Eaton M62 (1000cc/rev). If revving roots type supercharger to it´s given max rpm, it´s thermal efficiency drops = it´s making more heat than boost. You can google "Eaton supercharger performance map" and check for the best suited supercharger size for your bike/need. From my experience the engine needs about 300 m3/hr air flow / 100 rear wheel hp. About the compression ratio, if using less than 7 - 8 psi boost no need to worry about compression ratio if it´s less than 12.
  9. Blower1

    camshaft upgrade

    I have SPS JR3 cams in my 1360cc EFE. SPS cams are grinded by Kent Cams, I think the JR3 cams are close to the Kent Cams street grind. Dyno results with stock cams (thin lines) and JR3 cams (thick lines).
  10. Blower1

    Katana 1100 4into1 exhaust

    No, it´s are Delkevic made downpipes for bandit 1200.
  11. Blower1

    Turbo bandit

    Yes you can. Bandit 1200 liners outer diameter is about 86mm.
  12. Blower1

    busa pistons

    I have Busa pistons in my n/a EFE. Piston to wall clearance is 0,05mm. Piston rings are same which come with used pistons. Engine is running good = no abnormal noises and oil consumption is nearly zero.
  13. Blower1

    Setting cam timing

    I have stock EFE cams in my supercharged EFE, intake 109 / exhaust 111. Throttle response is good and so is torque from idle to redline.
  14. Blower1

    un-blandin' blandits....

    Nice and clean!
  15. Blower1

    Engine Spec, Boost and BHP

    GSX 1100 EFE 1986 - 1327cc JE pistons 11:1 comp - mildly ported head, 1mm bigger exhaust and 1,5mm bigger intake valves - Original cams, intake 109, exhaust 110 . Welded crank - Eaton M45 supercharger from Mini Cooper S - Blow through efi - Boost 0,5 bar - Fuel E85 - 209,7 hp and 181 Nm (rear wheel power).