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  1. I had one TB on my supercharged EFE. First there was 65mm TB before supercharger, It was really difficult to ride at low speeds and throttle response was really poor thanks to about 4 litre volume between TB and engine. Idle was impossible to get steady. It oscillates between 1000 - 3000 rpm. Next step was blow through 44mm TB with mechanical blow off valve. It was a lot better, but still the throttle reponse was a little slow. With 44mm TB there was 222 rw HP. After 80% throttle opening fuel map remains nearly same. I think with one 44mm TB is possible to get about 250 rw HP. N
  2. I´ve 1296cc in my EFE with original carbs, SPS JR3 cams and Delkevic Bandit downpipes & free flow muffler. Nice torque from idle to redline, 144rwHP / 136rwNm.
  3. Get MLS gasket. No need to play with piano wires, different sealers with copper gasket and no oil leaks. Copper head gaskets tends to leak oil even whatever sealers are used.
  4. I took valve lifts every 10 degrees and made picture with autocad. Blue is intake valve opening time, cyan is original exhaust and red is intake cam on exhaust. There are quite big differences on exhaust valve openings. With intake cam the exhaust valve opens more agressively.
  5. If you put oil cooler that big, you definitely need to install oil stat also.
  6. I swop the exhaust cam to intake cam. I rotate the cam sprocket 180 degrees. Now there are 21 cam chain pins between markings. Cam lobe centers are now: in 111 and ex 112. I will take bike to dyno in the spring time to see if more exhaust lift & duration have any effect on power.
  7. I compared intake cam to exhaust cam. Lobe profiles looks like mirror images to each other.
  8. Right ignition timing is depending on many factors; compression ratio, boost, fuel, combustion chamber design, etc. To get it right needs a lot of dyno tuning time. About twin spark I know that old Harley engines with hemispherical combustion chamber, after twin spark modification ignition need to be retarded about 5 degrees. Here is my supercharged EFE´s ignition map. Engine is 1327cc, 12:1 comp and it´s using E85 fuel.
  9. Most of the aftermarket camshafts for supercharged engines have more lift and duration on exhaust than intake. I would like to know if anybody has tested intake cam on the exhaust side of non boosted EFE engine?
  10. Has anybody ever try to put two intake cams on EFE? Intake have 8 degrees more opening time and 0,5 mm more lift than exhaust cam. I have think to try this in my supercharged EFE. I know that some turbo Hayabusa owners has used two original intake cams with good results. One my friend, who have GSX 1400 with turbo got about 50 rwhp more by just swapping exhaust cam to intake cam. His cams were dialed in 110/110 and boost remains the same as before cam change. On GSX 1400 intake cam have 16 degrees more opening time and 1,5 mm more lift than exhaust cam.
  11. No. It´s as reliable as original 1074 when done properly. As a matter of fact 1074 block with 1135 sleeves can have better cooling than original 1135 block, because the air gaps between cylinders in 1074 block are wider.
  12. In the highway 80 C - 88 C and in city traffic 80 C - 110 C depending how long time need to spend on traffic lights.
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