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  1. Total seal can get you (almost) any size you need https://www.totalseal.com/
  2. I mostly wonder why Americans call an engine a moder
  3. You won't find any info of that turbo..
  4. I had a VF20 turbo on my GS1000 with 1245 big bore. Turbo was on the small side for mine, but probably would be good on a 750, this is a ball bearing turbo.
  5. What CR do you have? These are the cams I have in mine. I also have another set of cams what has a mm extra lift, 2 mm extra lift over stock. These cams need a higher CR, or else the bike becomes less powerful instead of more..
  6. 2 valve heads have more lift then 4 valve heads? With high lift automaticly comes more overlap? I guess? Just thinking, sse a lot of modern bikes with turbos, more modern bikes have more lift and overlap then the oldies..
  7. Gents, One hand just curious, other hand, what if? I've got an Suzuki GS1000, 1245cc big bore, 119grind Webcams +1mm lift, 2 valve, cr 8:1, 15 psi boost I've got a set of high performance cams, that much lift that the head needed to be modified, IIRC 284 degrees timing. These cams make the bike slower with stock pistons. These cams, is that a no go already? Or would they have a positive result? Say, would they be beneficiary with my set up? Is it possible to change the timing so they have a positive result? I assume that when you add lift, you change the timing? Thanks for any information
  8. Gents, I've got a Frankenstein bike. GS1000 with a Bandit 1200 swing arm incl. linkage. I bought a 2002 GSXR1000 rear shock for it. Rear suspension travel is 13cm, when I sit on it it drops about 6cm, with the spring set it it's tightest. Now I need a stiffer spring. Does anyone know what the sprin rate is for the stock spring? I've read somewhere it's 77N/mm, no clue if this is right. I weigh about 96kg, should one step up be ok? Thanks
  9. Does it has enough travel? I just bought a Brembo clutch master, the Nissin had a 14mm piston, the Brembo has 13.. My clutch hardly works, after some detective work I found out that the Brembo has about 10mm less travel on the piston, therefore I need to build a slave cylinder with a smaller diameter. You need a minimum of 3mm travel on the pressure plate of the clutch, to disengage it properly. So, the content of the clutch master (surface area X travel) need to be the same as the slave cylinder (surface area X travel) I can do some calculations for you, but I need details from you; Diameter piston old pump + travel Diameter new pump + travel Diameter Slave cylinder
  10. I had Mikuni RS34's on my bike, I didn't notice any gains in power, it just had an incredible throttle response... Probably more torque in the lower revs... Did I already mention it gave an increadible throttle response?
  11. Thanks. I bought it because it's fully adjustable. Of to work to make some dogbones. I'll see today how it goes / what it does..
  12. Thanks. 98 Bandit. I already started... Is the GSXR spring much stiffer then the Bandit one?
  13. Gents, 15 years ago I modified my GS1000, I made a swingarm in it from a Bandit, made it monoshock with the Bandit shock. Lately I'm trying to improve the suspension. I ordered a rear shock from a GSXR because it's fully adjustable, but apparently I didn't look properly, t doesn't fit... I can make it fit, but that involves a lot of work. Move the battery and ignition module.. My question, is it worth to make the shock fit? Is it much better then the Bandit shock? Thanks
  14. Proper, forged, pistons at least, lower the CR, and maybe proper con-rods. Do it right straight away!!
  15. https://www.marktplaats.nl/v/motoren/onderdelen-suzuki/m1864101526-suzuki-gs-550-carburateur-en-luchtfilter-kast In the Netherlands this stuff is way cheaper
  16. That they fit won't say it will run properly. My bike (1250cc) didn't want to run properly on GSX750 carburfuckingettors, had to buy a set of a 1100
  17. I've got a 493 rod lying around I think, which dimensions you want to know. When you buy them, the Suzuki dealer is probably the cheapest way to go, be aware that you get the same color codes, different colors is different weights
  18. No vacuum leaks? Engine tuned correctly?
  19. Aha, thanks. I already thought it had to do with different amounts of travel.
  20. Do you know how much bigger the diameter needs to be when go radial?
  21. Bigger bore for radials I did not know. But I ordered axial ones.
  22. I found a set, Nissin Daytona. These are affordable. Order them on Thursday. The Beringers are way too expensive
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