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  1. I took a brush and liquid gasket / gasket maker, and brushed gasket all around the liners, let that dry, and it works perfect.
  2. You can bore up the holes for the cylinder studs by 1mm, then you don't need external oil feed. You also need to drill the hole in the head till you reach the oil galley to the cams Don't forget to drill the hole in the headgasket too
  3. Thanks. I thought you'd run about 10.000rpm. I think the GS and GSX didn't have limiters, but they don't rev that high anyway, I think. Your pistons are most likely more heavy then mine, so I should be all right revving it to 10.000rpm? I already thought this, but wasn't sure. It's a matter of better save then sorry. Expensive hobby when it goes wrong
  4. Gents, I've got a GS1000 with a 1247cc big bore on it, I have 493 con rods on it. I've gor forged pistons in it who weigh 257 grams each. My rev limiter is set at 9000rpm. My question; I don't have a clue how many revs my engine can do without blowing up. I know that piston speed is a very important thing. I don't have a clue if the weight of the piston is a limit in the amount of revs it can make. As far as my information goes a GSX1100 goes to 10.000rpm? Anyone who knows a thing or 2 in this regard? Thanks
  5. Thought so, wasn't sure. That's all in that kit
  6. What do you mean with the rack?
  7. https://www.suzukiperformancespares.co.uk/product/suzuki-gsx1100-mtc-lock-up-clutch/903/
  8. The con rod on the crank is from a GS1000
  9. That's when a con rod of my bike snapped
  10. Weld wise I wouldn't be too worried! But your rods, are that 492's? My 493's have very clear 493 on it, my stock GS1000 haven't got a real number on them.. I was told my stock rods should be able to handle 200hp, but one snapped, or they can't handle 200hp, or I accidently did something right..
  11. 492 should be strong enough! I'm aware about the other stuff you mention, that's why I don't have the guts to go above 9000rpm. I hardly go over 7000rpm
  12. 492 rods? How/where is it welded?
  13. Not sure how the swing arm looks like, but what I can find on the www, isn't the Bandit swingarm way better? Looks and size/strength wise?
  14. I'm pretty sure there's a guy, he might be on OSS, who put a GSX1100 and later an oil boiler in a GS550 frame. @bruteforce, wasn't that you?
  15. I think it might be something in the alternator cover
  16. Vacuum hose, put a bolt in one end, put the other end in your ear, and hold the bolt to the crankcase, you'll hear from which area the rattle comes from.
  17. Reinhoud


    By looking at the photo's, the side of the cage looks alright, if that's indeed the case, then the rollers can only have fallen out when you took the clutch out. Unless everything is really worn, the rollers can't get out other then the side of the cage.
  18. Gents, I've got something in my head, and I'd like to know what the possibilities are.. I ruined my TD04 turbo already (not enough oil), I've got a VF20 lying around, it's pretty easy to make the core fit in the TD04 housing, the compressor wouldn't be to hard to make fit either. The VF20 is just a bit smaller than the TD04, I've read somewhere that all the cores from the ball bearing VF turbo's are the same. Does anyone knows if the shaft of a VF23 fits into a VF20? I can't find any dimensions Thanks
  19. https://www.elektronik-sachse.de/shopsystem-3/en/digital-ignition-zdg-3-23-for-suzuki-gs1000.html https://www.Eblag.com/itm/193274636562?mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&campid=5338722076&customid=&toolid=10050
  20. The seal was in my engine like that too
  21. I've been fidling around with the air screws, adjusted them till the AFR read 12, seems to run best on that. I did the tuning this time after a 50km ride, I think that made a difference too I also raised the idle rpm a little bit, just a little bit, and now it runs fine. have to get used to the higher idling, almost 1500rpm, pretty sensitive in that rev range
  22. I've got the bike going again!! Turned out that the expanders from the oil rings were the culprits, smoking is solved, no leaks. The TD04 turbo is installed, carburfuckingettors are adjusted/tuned. There's a difference with the turbo's I must say..
  23. Aha, will do. That's something I wouldn't have thought of myself.. Can I test that by spraying brake clear or something else flammable on the carbs while the engine is running?
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