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  1. Probably on the newer cars then..
  2. I better start making a 3" exhaust then..
  3. I doubt if it makes any difference, where I usually see where the frames are "reinforced" are mostly done on sections where it doesn't do much/anything. And where it could make a difference nothing is done. The engine gives the frame quite a bit of stifness too.
  4. I bought a 1238cc big bore, new JE pistons, new sleeves, never used. Con rod snapped, wrecked 1 piston.. and more.. JE has a service that they can make a copy of a piston. But the minimum is 2 pistons. The piston I send was a JE piston, but for some reason it didn't have a serial number in them. The "exact" copies I got were 10 grams lighter and 0.05mm bigger and the oil ring groove was overlapping the hole for the wrist pin. So no full support of oil ring I complained about this and they send me 2 other pistons. Never tried the rings on the pistons because of this. I used the old piston rings because they had only done 3000km, cilinders bored up and honed, ring gap a bit was bigger, but took the risk. Old piston rings fitted just in the grooves, they were a bit tight. Took engine apart to balance the crank, had marks in cylinders, had them honed, and the rings were a bit tighter in the grooves. Deceided to get new rings hoping they fit better in the grooves and getting a proper ring gap again. New rings won't fit in the grooves, rings do fit in the grooves of the old pistons. JE doesn't make rings, they get them from Total Seal, these rings come from Total Seal. There aren't variations in 1.2mm and 1.5mm thicknesses, it's just that or a complete different size. JE fucked up twice.
  5. Oh no, they fucked up!! The rings fit in the old pistons.. 1.2 - 1.5 - 2.8 They just don't fit..
  6. The rings came in today. The instructions give the same numbers as Wombats list. I need a gap of 0.4mm and 0.43mm. The gap was about 0.7mm. But the rings don't fit in the grooves.. JE uses Total seal piston rings, but JE doesn't made my pistons so the they can take the rings.. So not impressed by JE..
  7. You also can have a restrictor what doesn't restrict enough.. I also had a leak from somewhere I couldn't find. Turned to come from the up pipe, smaller hole in the restrictor solved the problem, and the oil pressure stabilzed a bit.
  8. Do you know how much looser?
  9. I know, but for turbo you need more gap isn't it? And bikes are usually not turboo'd
  10. I ordered new piston rings. Bores aren't anymore what the were.. I don't have a clue what the gap should be with forced induction and being air cooled.. What do you guys run? 0.5mm? Bore is 78.33mm if it is important Thanks
  11. Yeah, I'm aware of the variety in quality, that makes it so hard.. I sort of know of the last number, but no details. That reconditioned I found is apparently a stock turbo with a new cheap core, so also crap... The photo of that turbo confused me, the exhaust looked much smaller than other TD04's May be look into if I can put a bigger compressor on my VF20.
  12. You have the balls to go WOT in 1 and 2? When I had the TD05 on it I only had the guts to go WOT in 3rd above 100km/h, and still it did some fish tailing.. Damn I'm a sissy..
  13. Found another number on my turbo, RHF4. Still can't find any information, but I'm starting to think that the VF20 and TD04 might be almost similair..
  14. Hmm, I looked up at a Subaru parts site what a new turbo cost, was cheaper as expected, but looked on Eblag by that part number. Found a reconditioned TD04 for a reasanble price, but they look smaller as expected. Anyone knows how the TD04 - 13 T relates to a VF20? Does a TD04 cranks out more then a VF20?
  15. Anyone here who has experience with the cheap turbo's? These days it's or very expensive, or very cheap. I'm after a bigger turbo (TD04), and Eblag offers a couple of these for $230. I did had a cheap on before, but that was when I started the project, so it suffered abuse by me experimenting and stuff. So it had a bit of play on the shaft. Anyone who has experience over a normal use for a longer period of time, if they make it Thanks
  16. I'm after a TD04 or a VF23....
  17. It's getting fun when you reached the max torque... And that is at a lower rpm then NA
  18. You've got the breaker point ignition I guess, Fit an electronic ignition from a 850, straight fit. do think you need the coils too. Probably cheapr then a Dyna2000, runs well then. The GS1000 loves a 1085 with higher CR, porting the head will do a bit too, can get a nice/flat torque curve. I had Mikuni RS34 on mine, no noticable power increase, but a very good throttle response!! Exhaust is also something you can win some power.
  19. I have something upgraded, at least the salesman said so, but I don't have a clue where I got it from..
  20. Why did you choose for this setup? Because how you have it you have both a long exhaust and intake..
  21. That looks like a mix between blow and suck through..
  22. May I ask a (probably dumb) question? What's exactly a slipper clutch? Is it a clutch without a clutch lever what engages when the revs go up?
  23. I think I had a daft moment...
  24. Huh? How? Sprocket and exhaust are on opposite sides..
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