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  1. The oil still get there via the head into the stud bores.
  2. Oil pressure is set by the smallest diameter in the system, if that doesn't change the rest can be as big you want. You don't need cam oileres, you can drill up the stud holes. But when the stock studs are used top end oilers aren't useful
  3. Oops, I didn't realise you meant that... I thought in tools, verniers and stuff.. My bad..
  4. Haven't read much... A digital gauge is NOT!!!! more acurate than a gauge with a dial.. That's all the information I can give you... Acuracy can mean 2 things, 0.1mm is 0.1mm, or you do a measurement 10 times, and 10 times you get (almost) the same reading.
  5. Too lazy/drunk to read everything; - Check valve clearance - Condition of spark plugs - check synchronisation of carburetors
  6. How does it run on a fully charged car battery? Disconnect alternator and let her run on the car battery.
  7. Is it an idea to make a wiring loom, a simple one, yourself? Simplicity usually rules..
  8. That's pretty simple, cut threat in the right hole, use liquid gasket screw a bolt in it and flatten that off.
  9. Why wouldn't it run without the vacuum? I disabled the whole vacuum thing of my GS, works like a normal tap now.
  10. What brand sparkplugs you have in? The manual for my GS1000 says Denso or NGK, but my bike runs like absolute crap on Denso. Took me while to figure that out..
  11. Does it idle alright? How's the throttle response? Did you measured the ignition timing on the proper side of the TDC? You wouldn't be the first who did that.
  12. Yep. It's not at 17psi anymore. +8mm forged pistons, I put 493 rods and straight cut primairy gears, also billet clutch basket, 2nd gear is also welded. No idea about the output. When I ride it it's defenitly not slow, but also not overly fast, when I go out riding with my mate and I need to keep up again after some corners (he's a way better rider then me ;) ) I'm behind him again realy quick. https://oldskoolsuzuki.info/forums/topic/3686-gs1000-turbo-attempt-no-2/
  13. I've got a Cometic fibre head gasket, and I can go to about 17psi boost without any problems.
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