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  1. Correct, Float chamber needs boost pressure.
  2. The whole idea to use the angled teeth is to reduse noise.. The GS/GSX straight cut gears rattle!
  3. Thanks. I don't hear it on idle. But I've got straight cut primary gears, that rattles like hell on idle..
  4. Thanks, could you hear it on idle?
  5. How loud was your piston slap?
  6. Are you going to make a monoshock? If yes, weld the top connection point for the spring in it before you do the swingarm bushes. The same if you want to reinforce the frame. Swingarm bushes as last.
  7. That would be a job where you have the frame, swing arm bushes and lathe present, so you can make the flanges at the right thickness.
  8. I'm pretty sure German bikes were restricted to 100hp. But with the GSX1100 that was about the max HP
  9. I only have a photo from the build. Cut about 6 mm from the tubes, weld plate in it covering both tubes, weld plate on the outside for extra reinforcement. Als weld some flatbar horizontally.. I was afraid it wouldn't be strong enough, so I probably went overboard a little. Keep in mind that the swingarm goes up and down, allow for this.
  10. I've got a 5.5" rim with a 190 tyre in my GS1000 with Bandit swingarm. But I needed to modify the frame to allow for the chain.
  11. 20 year old carburfuckingettors will be 20 years younger as what's on it now I'll see if I can find something useful..
  12. I've got a 1247cc big bore on my GS1000, JE pistons and the recon company stuffed up, so I have a lot of piston clearence, more then 0.10mm. JE made the pistons too big for the bore size I provided, and the piston clearance they recomend, and then the recon company machined the vore a bit bigger then the maximum clearance JE recomends.. Which more modern Suzuki has a 34 or 36 mm carburetor?
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