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  1. Mine has the same. When I started to ride it again after the rebuild I had to get used to the acceleration again, it goes so easy..
  2. Damn, that's a nice exhaust!!
  3. Are they going to take the head off and measure the bore and stroke?
  4. JE can make pistons on customer specs.
  5. Yeah, a more modern front end and rear vork does improve handling. I've got the front end in my GS from a ZXR750, can give you measurements if you want.
  6. There are people who did the scavenge via the oil pick up, I think with a one way valve in between, but I don't know the details..
  7. I've got set brand new ones, 18mm
  8. Get a drillbit and a tap and make them yourself
  9. Can you put another cold side on those VF turbo's? Looks that your hot side is pretty small, about the same size I have (VF20)
  10. https://www.Eblag.com/itm/AEM-30-4110-WIDEBAND-O2-UEGO-CONTROLLER-AIR-FUEL-RATIO-GAUGE-KIT-BOSCH-4-9-LSU/360538007974?epid=1130294172&hash=item53f1bd69a6:g:uocAAOSwdxJaqZCs
  11. @clivegto Ah, now I see the difference, your cold side is much bigger then mine. I would go for a 2nd hand proper brand turbo, I had a new Chinese one, wasn't that good..
  12. I mean, I think a lot of people on this forum spend way more money on their old skool suzuki as what it's worth.
  13. This exhaust (Marshall) was very good! Bike ran like lightning and sounded very nice! I was young and hadn't heard of ceramic coating yet, also wasn't to educated how to fix small holes in thins steel... If only I knew then what I know now..
  14. If you're serious with gainig power, the exhaust is pretty important. Look around and gather information before you buy anything. I made a bigger diameter muffler inside my Marving, that made a bit of difference, but still nothing to brag about
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