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  1. Thanks guys, I was pretty wrong then
  2. The Dutch importer said mine is a 1979 E, that's 18" I think
  3. I'm aware of that, but I thought that the tyre I have on was higher as the stock GS tyre, for some reason I thought that the GS had a 18" rear wheel..
  4. Gents, Not a problem, just curious. About 13 years ago I modified my GS1000, I put other wheels in it, both 17", and I think I kept the stock gear ratio, but after rebuild it felt like it had more like a close ratio gear box, and the top speeds throughout the gears were lower. Rides pretty nice, but now with the big bore I always want to shift another gear up I just assumed I had put a smaller rear wheel in it, and that caused it. But I looked up some specs from the GS1000, and that said the stock rear wheel size is 17", if that's correct then my bike
  5. Got more foto's of it? Or a topic regarding the build?
  6. With stock studs you don't need modification, with bigger studs you can drill up the holes in the cylinder block and partly the head.
  7. Nah, it was the normal price to have them made..
  8. Ask the company who imports Suzuki to the US, they should be able to tell you all the details, just send the Engine/VIN number
  9. You have an engine, the motor starts the engine..
  10. Are they also in the UK? They didn't want to sell to me, I had to get them from Total seal Australia. Those Yanks don't like to sell to foreigners I notice quite often..
  11. I've got 78.25mm in my GS1000, that's 1245cc, and that is about the biggest you can go. For these barrels to fit in the crank case, material needs to be removed. No rocket science, but you have to be carefull at a few points not to take away too much.
  12. I'm more curious, where can you go flat out for that long?
  13. You reckon? It's pretty small, the exhaust turbine is small. What kind of car would have a smaller?
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