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  1. The GS1000 with the CV carburetors, these are 34mm, these rubbers will fit, but they're not cheap!! I paid over 200AUD for a set. The RS will fit these heads. So if you have the model with slide carbies, the easiest way is to install the head of a later model with CV carbs.
  2. I had them on my GS1000, I had to make adaptors on the head to make the carbies fit. I hardly noticed a gain in power, the throttle response was a hell of a lot better!!
  3. You can see on the head itself where the short and long ones go.
  4. Hold the carbs up side down and blow through the fuel line, if you can blow through one of the float needles is leaking.
  5. Look at your head, you should be able to see where the short one, and where the long ones go.
  6. Oh, you're going to like it!! Power comes outy of the tank.. My GS1000 did use 17 liters of pertol doing 70km and a dyno run..
  7. https://www.cmsnl.com/suzuki-gsx750_model13694/ Tried the Suzuki dealer?
  8. Thanks. There's a chart on the net for the VF turbo's, but for some it doesn't hold information, like the one I have..
  9. Ah thanks. I did read that the 22 is an upgrade from the 23, that's why I asked, not familiar with the numbers, I have the impression that a higher number not necessarirly means it's a bigger turbo...
  10. Is the VF22 bigger than the VF23?
  11. I've got a VF20 from a Subaru Legacy (primairy turbo), it's a small one on 1245cc, mine is only running 7psi at the moment, and for that this turbo is alright, I don't know yet what it does when I raise the boost, still waiting for my boost controller. I had a TD5 16 G (EVO III) this turbo started to get boost at about 4500rpm, it had full boost at 5500rpm. The VF20 hit's 7psi in the blink of an eye when it hits 4000rpm I have no idea how the VF20 relates to TD numbers
  12. Yes there is. It works like a normal tap, just without the vacuum. I must say, like a normal tap if you do it properly, mine drips when on the off postion...
  13. With a big bore you don't need a billet clutch basket and all that stuff. Personally I prefer an engine with a strong mid range, big bores are good for doing that..
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