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  1. Thanks Toni, that list confirms the GS hubs are all 49001 Not important now, I wonder which bike has the 49002? I bought this clutch assembly from a breaker (via Eblag) several years ago so they must have mixed up the parts, Caveat Emptor when buying from breakers, they are unregulated and not really responsible for what you buy and fit. Lesson learned. Cheers all for the help, I can sort this now. Steve
  2. Hi, Sorry for the first post, what was I thinking? I have included a picture. The two clutch hubs have part numbers on the back face, the difference being, the shorter one is -1 and the longer one, -2 other than that the part number for the GS is 21411-49001, I presume the -2 is 49002. The dimensions are all the same except the longer one is approx 4mm longer. The longer Hub has shorter pressure plate attachment spigots and there are some spacers to attach the pressure plate and springs, these would need longer bolts. I just wanted to know which bike the longer -2 hub fits as it
  3. Hi, Some time ago I bought from Eblag a GS1000 clutch assembly and just stored it away until I needed it. Recently I have had a look at it and the clutch and the center, the driven bit, is about 4mm deeper than the standard clutch appears to be. The question is, what is it from. Can it fit, assuming I have the matching drive basket, the standard GS1000? I could fit an extra plate but under the pressure plate is a steel plate therfore I would have to fit two extra plates that would seem too much. There was a double steel plate, two riveted together, so I wonder if that would be suf
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