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Swirl's Harris


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46 minutes ago, clivegto said:

How does that fastern to the frame @Dezza

It just clips over the frame tube. The internal bore is a bit smaller than the frame diameter so the flexibility of the nylon holds it in place. It's a tight fit and you need to wear gloves when putting it on.

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On 2017-5-21 at 8:51 PM, clivegto said:

Thanks verry much for the pics FB I feel your pain fitting s big oilly boiler to your latest harris these ones are bad enough.

After spinning around North Yorkshire on the scratcher for a bit, started to put my mock up motor together. Really didn't think it was going to fit the hsrris at first but it does :D. Sat drinking a beer looking at it now B|.




Awesome Slabby!

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On 25/05/2017 at 8:54 PM, clivegto said:

Got some generation 2 hayabusa wheels for the Harris. Back one is bloody big but is the look I is after. Can now see where to go with this in my own minds eye. Will be getting a faring of some sort later.





I'm using the same wheels in my EFE. What's your chain run like? I reckon I'm gonna have to use an offset sprocket and take about 10mm off the wheel and sprocket carrier to line it up!

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13 hours ago, davecara said:

I managed to score a BKing Caliper and hanger for £30 on eblag so they are about for sensible money (y)

Got this in the post today caliper hanger, caliper, goodridge hose & good pads £35 delivered, not to bad I thought. Haven't got time to play with it later as am of to a mates funeral.


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The wheels are aluminium forged  marchesni out of a gsxr 1000k5., the back one fits straight into the 1000k8 swinging arm. Got 5 talon sprocket as well but are the thin ones. Got the discks as well but the front ones have seen better days. Will do for mock up though. Chain run looks to be about 8mm out.20170607_180320.thumb.jpg.41b4fc544ea5116066abbeb7a1f5a03c.jpg20170607_180400.thumb.jpg.9d7fbea948478d721068260d2419def7.jpg20170607_181000.thumb.jpg.ad4b8ec5618b58e91ab8c56946e80379.jpg

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