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  1. I didn’t think to check Suzuki!
  2. davecara


    I've had a slingy subframe welded to a slabby? Dead solid. Easy enough job for a competent welder
  3. Nice one Si., Something else for the shopping list!
  4. Seeing as Ive never actually owned a slingshot with complete standard bodywork, where tf do the lugs on the side panels press into? The fix on the top under the pilly seat, into the tank and I cannot fathom where the other press lug goes?
  5. They’re all interchangeable between oil cooled engines apart from a couple of cable clutch models. Only difference are the oil level as you said Blandit / 11R / 11F some 750
  6. davecara


    By my reckoning, if i get less fat then i can ride clipons longer. So bike stays the same, i'll work around it!
  7. davecara


    Loose plans at the moment really, dialled in gsxr DOT head cams, ignitech, cable clutch, possibly headwork further down the line and a K gsxr 5 spring clutch mod
  8. davecara


    Hmm would an L 750 system fit a 750M fitted with a B12 motor? An opportunity may have presented itself
  9. davecara

    Sprocket nut

    afaik they are. I've got a turned down Renault Clio CV joint nut on my 1052
  10. Please keep reporting back! Ive never used RS carbs andf I'll have a set of RS38's coming my way in a few weeks. Just need an 1127 to bolt them too!
  11. Use the gearbox from the 11R in the 11F and put the gsxr cams in the F motor. sell the 750 as spares to pay for gaskets.
  12. Headlights are the same, mids are different due to the indicator mounting holes. Belly pans the same, seat slighlt different as the 750 didnt have a pillion grab rail so the holes arent always there on them. Pissed me right off. Got all my stuff today and went to mock it all up and fuck all fits
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