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  1. If youre no into destroying it with a screwdriver or picking the lock; If you have a very long screwdriver you might be able to get to the latch through the petcock hole and push it back to allow you to open the flap.
  2. BKing on mine, again pretty simple bearing swap
  3. From the info I've got there's at least 3 capacities. There's deffo a 21litre (750H maybe others) There's deffo a 19 litre in at least 2 designs (raised filler area and flat topped) Theres also either an 18.5 litre or 17 litre as all the info I'm gathering seems to contradict itself. I'm researching all this at the mo to try and get some definitive answers and even Suzuki themselves don't seem to know everything E22 markets and California E03 Have their own part numbers, I've yet to find out why; maybe colour schemes but I'm guessing its something to do with emission
  4. From discussions I’ve had with a random Japanese man in Hamamatsu, Tim Davies and a few gnarly beardy people from the 80’s, there was a 17ltr a 19ltr and a 22ltr. im still hunting out info though so don’t t air that to the bank. There will be an article for the vault in time!
  5. They’ll fit either frame, certain 750 models for other markets came with that tank that we know as the 1100 tank. if you delve into it it’s a minefield
  6. Thats an 1100 tank by the looks of it. The smallest ones I know of are 17ltr USA market 750G but they *might* have also been on the JDM 750f. Theres 3 capacites that I've found and at least 4 designs
  7. Well that’s crap. I knew the gsxr were lone bored, I didn’t think they bothered with the b12. anyone got a dial bore gauge to lend me?
  8. As we know, when sussing out what bearing shells you need when building an oil boiler you cross ref the letters etched on the crank web with the letters on the back of the top case half. Now if someone really daft had two sets of B12 cases and wasn’t sure if the bottom half was native to the top half is there any markings on the bottom half to match it to the top? pics because, well who doesn’t like pics!
  9. Sleeve the bearings and make new dogbones/buy turnbuckles. Job jobbed.
  10. @dupersuncmusic to my ears, thank you! I picked up a dot motor yesterday on a whim so i'll get it pulled apart!
  11. Are they swappable between clutch baskets? IE I’ve got a B12 basket I need to use but with no alternator gear on the back. I also have a complete dot head 750 engine that’s trashed but has a good alternator and has its drive gear. Can I swap em round?
  12. I may put this back on the shelf and persue a full motor rather than chuck together a bitsa!
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