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  1. @Wescooley19Did a VERY nice 750es with either a 1127 or 1157 in I forget which. If i remeber right he had to lift all the bodywork an inch for it to clear. He'll be better placed to tell you about it
  2. Entry confirmed, I need names please! davecara Paulm Sibag Clivegto
  3. The other brackets look like modified ones of these
  4. Looks really good Ash
  5. https://www.healtech-electronics.com/products/sh/ I've been meaning to get one for ages for my EFE but i'm too tight
  6. Non hammer related? I dodnt thjnk you had any other tools
  7. We have a green light for this show, they’re running small stands of 6 bikes but we’ve got 2 stands available to us It’s being held at Bowlers Exhibition centre, walking distance from the Trafford Centre and loads of Hotels about AND! unlike the show at event city, the gate has 24 hour manned security so if you're too much of a tight ar*e to pay for a hotel (me!) you can kip in your van/car which will leave you more money for beer and pasties Register your interest here please!
  8. I saw something on fartbook about it, @Harry74normally does this one. I’m happy to take the reins though if need be?
  9. Get it brought! From the past few weve done, theres been as much interst in the half finsihed bikes as there has been in the shiny ones! Or not so shiny in @Sam-Jaffacase
  10. I've ran a 16 row on my 1100 for a few years without any problems
  11. davecara

    Dyno Day 2021

    !I'l bring something
  12. A rising rate regultor wants to see the same as the map sensor sees so the fuel pressure can rise in direct correlation to the boost pressue. And yes, the wastegate doesnt want connecting but the BOV does
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