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  1. Names down here please! The show has moved back to its former home at Event City, so you'll need a Hotel rather than camping/staying in a van but i'll get this confirmed
  2. I was told by a welder local to me that he couldnt weld a crack in my spare cover because it was mag alloy, so I'd be inclined to say yes!
  3. Have you had a look at the fork chart in the vault?
  4. This is where we are, come say hello. Bring bacon butties.
  5. @BowGood man I'll Pm all the interested parties later on today to get some details for the wristbands/camping/van passes etc
  6. Nice one Si @SvsamLet us know, I should be getting the passes and wristbands next week.
  7. Yeah We're indoors in a secure building
  8. Game on. We have a 6 x 5.5 metre stand, should get 8/10 on it easy enough. Show your interest here please, @Paulmand myself will be bothering some of you via PM. This is the first Stafford show we're in without being in the Big Suzuki Marquee so it would be nice to be able to fill the stand. Exhibitors get free entry x2 and free camping/van overnight and a free coffee in the mornings if your awake early enough.
  9. There is a good chance I’m being a spaz here but; I bolted up a slingy alt to my slab, and with the alt bolted up proper, the gears wouldn’t engage with each other. Almost like the nose was too short on the alt. I’ll check it out again tomorrow
  10. Did you have to change the gear on it at all? This is a 750 engine btw, dunno if they’re different
  11. How do the slabby ones differ from the Slingshot ones? I’ve got 4 sat here and none of them will fit the slabby.
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