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  1. davecara

    Cam Sensor for sequential injection

    Worth doing then do you reckon? I've got a wideband controller that will keep the AFR in check hopefully so knock detection might not be the be all and end all. @Gixer1460 What set up are using? So far I've got a V3 (i think) MicroSquirt, a set of K2 600 TB's, a 24-2 trigger from Arttu, Found a set of 60lb Bosch injectors mega mega cheap through work an Innovate LC1 WB Controller and some Green Dyna coils. Just need an EFi type FPR and a decent pump and learn how to tune it hopefully
  2. Just thinking aloud here so bear with me, I'm learning what I can about EFi and my experience with the Microsquirt on my 7fiddy put me off a bit but that was most likely down to me being inept than it was a dodgy system. IF I go EFi on the new engine, I probably wont be using the Microsquirt I've got because I'll want knock limitation. Has anyone retro fitted a cam sensor to a B12/ Gsxr 1100 engine? If so what benefits would sequential injection bring to a forced induction engine?
  3. It’s just what I had lying about when I put it together! Seems to work alright!
  4. davecara

    750/1100m fairings

    Is there a noticeable size difference between the two? I know the 750 has 2 bolt holes for the side panels and the 11 has 3 but other than that is there much between them?
  5. davecara

    O Rings crankcase

    I’d try Robinson’s, they’re almost a service item on B12 engines!! I only bought a set a month ago and they were off the shelf at my local Suzuki stealer so there will be stuff about
  6. There ya go. I'm too cheap to buy one though, its more fun guessing my speed through gatso cameras! https://www.Eblag.co.uk/i/202306205911?chn=ps
  7. Plugs in somewhere to tell the speedo you've changed the gearing K2 GSXRs dont
  8. It may need a speedo healer though unless you’re running the same gearing as the K2. I’m running 17/44 and the speedo is wildly optimistic!
  9. davecara

    Hello & advice on GSXR1100/750M

    There's loads of shocks that'll fit, but we aware that anything with a piggy backed reservoir might foul the battery box. Get yeself another 41 posts in and you'll probably find one on here!
  10. Yes it will I'm using a MK2 Blandit sprocket cover on my 1052 engine and K2 clocks on my EFE You'll need the little pick up that bolts onto the end of the output shaft too.
  11. davecara

    Suzuki 1127

    Needles or vac leak. Now RTFR and put a proper Intro post up and say hello properly
  12. davecara

    Turbo project continues...

    I cant help, but I do wanna see pics! I'm collecting bit to turbo my gsxr at the minute so I'll be following this with interest!
  13. davecara

    Idiots guide to turbos

    Reckon a TD05 off a Mitsubishi EVO4 would be a bit big then?
  14. davecara

    Idiots guide to turbos

    That's more like what i was aiming at! Of course some people have years and £££'s of development in their engines so I would never expect someone to hand all the info out on a plate, but some info on how to read compressor maps properly and calculate engine CR and VE would be useful and wouldn't go outside this forum
  15. davecara

    Idiots guide to turbos

    Is there such a thing? Not the principles of turbo charging itself, that's pretty straightforward but more the difference in the varying turbos out there and what differing turbine sizes mean in relation to performance etc?