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  1. I use these with the correct crimping tool, then usually adhesive lined head shrink over the top
  2. Exactly as @imagohas said, an otherwise flexible length of cable now suddenty has a rigid section in it, usually on 20+ year old cable, usually ending up with burnt cable sheathing, which when potentially exposed to oil/fuel and whatever else might be about, isnt a good idea The response is 100% of the time "I've soldered for years and never had a problem" If thats the case youre either; Lucky, Never noticed a problem or telling porkies (these are the peope who shrink heatshrink down with a fag lighter). Theres no soldered joints in a factory loom and you'll never find one in a correctly and professionally built race bike loom which is arguably the acid test for any wiring job. Soldering PCBs is fine as its a completely inflexible thing but main looms are no go. And besides, soldering looks shit
  3. If you want quick and dirty, use a 600 bandit loom, they’re cheap and plentiful. Building a harness from scratch isn’t hard, if you want to go that way. Draw it all out and measure everything properly and lay out one circuit at a time following your design. Just make sure you don’t use any of those shitty blue crimp connectors and don’t solder any joints (there’s a can of worms!) websites like www.bikerstoolbox.co.uk www.Kojaycat.co.uk will have most of the resources you need
  4. Make yourself some brackets to drop them down a touch so its more comfortable. Easy enough provided you own a drill and a file. I'm convinced you need to be 5"5 and 8 stone piss wet through to get comfy one a slabby
  5. Youve got to hope my kids dont scare you back over the Irish sea yet!
  6. The 'cam to cam' are pointless and actually well below the actual cams. Youre connecting fresh air to fresh air.
  7. @Dezmeister to the service desk pleae
  8. I normally have a few kicking around after the festive period, smells awful but cleans stuff quite well!
  9. Sounds very much like a fuelling issue, possibly your plugs have gotten wet, in which case you'll want to leave them a while to flash off, also a possibility the tap isnt providing fuel to the carbs? tap set to PRIME or ON? I've had a tap close itself under vacuum before now
  10. Little things like the ignition pickup (little red plug) not been rewired on bullet connectors and connected back to front? If youve got spark and the leads etc are good it must be fuel related. Will it fire on brake cleaner/carb cleaner/lynx africa?
  11. Have you changed your ignition barrel?
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