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  1. Yes friend of mine tried but is selling/has sold the wheels again since it wasn's easy. Sorry no details.
  2. Still planning to start. Have all the parts ready
  3. Looks like a GSX-R waterboiler swingarm to me (1995 or so)
  4. I know of a few in The Netherlands. My friend has one but it's missing the seat. Any spares around?
  5. I bought my 750L with 90.000 km on it and started using it as a track bike. Engine is noisy bus still goes!
  6. 1991 750 frame has a wider rear as opposed to the 1990 750 frame. I wouldn't be surprised if the same goes for the 1100. So back fairing and seats might not fit. All other parts should be no problem. Someone correct me if I am wrong please!
  7. Suddenly it came to my mind that I did some measuring on my Inazuma 1200 when I was changing sprockets and chain. Swingarm pivot width 236 mm Swingarm pivot axle 20 mm Swingarm length (pivot axle - wheel axle mid position) 560 mm Distance pivot axle - shock mount 485 mm Wheel spindle 20 mm Internal width at wheel 261 mm Hope this helps!
  8. I've seen a guy on FB put a GSX 1400 arm in it. No clue about the measurements though...
  9. Thanks agian, I have to get me another 1990 frame then! Cheers
  10. Thanks guys. The thing is, I have a 1990 750L track bike. And by now almost enough spare parts to build another bike. So I am looking for a frame. If I understand correctly the 91 subframe is wider so probably my 90 bodywork will not fit?
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