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  1. Suddenly it came to my mind that I did some measuring on my Inazuma 1200 when I was changing sprockets and chain. Swingarm pivot width 236 mm Swingarm pivot axle 20 mm Swingarm length (pivot axle - wheel axle mid position) 560 mm Distance pivot axle - shock mount 485 mm Wheel spindle 20 mm Internal width at wheel 261 mm Hope this helps!
  2. I've seen a guy on FB put a GSX 1400 arm in it. No clue about the measurements though...
  3. Thanks agian, I have to get me another 1990 frame then! Cheers
  4. Thanks guys. The thing is, I have a 1990 750L track bike. And by now almost enough spare parts to build another bike. So I am looking for a frame. If I understand correctly the 91 subframe is wider so probably my 90 bodywork will not fit?
  5. Anybody out there who can tell me if the 88 till 91 750 Slingshot frames are the same and if not, what are the differences. I believe 88/89 are the same and 90/91 are the same. No clue if I am right.. Thanks in advance!
  6. Any news on fitting the Street Triple 675 R wheels? I can get my hands on a set for a reasonable price. Thanks in advance!
  7. Great job I'll pm you when they have arrived. Cheers
  8. Snoorder voted for 4. If posting to NL is possible
  9. Seems I could use a set as well. Bought new plastic ones (original Suzuki) but no step there...
  10. snoorder

    BST 38's

    All four fell out with me!
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