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Swirl's Harris


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There's not enough material on the bottom yoke to sink the stem in on the k9 yoke  so tried a slingshot yoke stem which is too short as well. I then tried b12 stem which is too long so put part of the k9 bearing on to shorten it by 11mm which makes it just about right. Am thinking get a spacer made to fit the bottomside of the yoke. Last pick is with a b12 top yoke just for mock up. Or better still get one made.




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Are you using GSXR1000 forks? If so raising the yoke relative to the top of the headstock will 'pull the forks up' by a distance that equals the width of the spacer. I hope this does not mean that the front of the bike sits too low. I think my 750Y forks are probably the same length as 1000 forks and I have them about 2mm below the top of the top yoke and they are just about the right length but the bottom of the top yoke has the protrusion on underside where the stem passes through milled down by a couple of mill and it sits much closer to the top of the headstock.

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@Dezza yes gsxr 1000 k8 forks which are 720mm from wheel spindle centre to top not including adjuster on the top of the forks. What do your 750y ones measure, I don't know what length the forks were on the first Harris magnum 2's was. If the k8 forks are shorter than what is needed I can always do this in the pic below.


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Popped the k8 spindle out & fitted the moded one along with the rest of the front end. Comparing it with my NWS slabby the forks are 40mm longer but with the extra spacors below the top yoke 18mm which makes it 22mm taller than the NWS with the forks flush on the top yoke.




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