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  1. Its still a problem on a road bike that's used hard. I suspect it's part of what lead to the death of my crank/cams and rockers. I modified mine to take a gasket and a modified gs1000 screen (to allow easy cleaning of the screen), blanked the tubes off and cut a new pickup hole in the bottom. Only issue I saw from doing that is that it picked up any sealant scraps on the screen instead of them lying on the bottom of sump. Funnily enough, GSX750ES and oily GSXRs used a pickup that did away with the shit tubes and pulled from the bottom of the pan (uses the same bolt pattern too, can be fit
  2. I'd be more worried about the oil pickup sucking air where it doesn't have a gasket, or sucking air because the pickups point forward and are 3/4" off the bottom of the sump. Both can be fixed easily.
  3. Moto Junkie reproducing them in Japan, however they're horrendously expensive, almost as pricey as the original Suzuki ones (which you can't get plates for).
  4. Unfortunately postage to and from Oz is a fucking shitshow at the moment, and brutally expensive... Not that I can exactly get out and about at the moment. Fucking lockdowns.
  5. Yeah, unfortunately there's not going to be any updates for a while, my stay in Germany is going to be extended to early next year...
  6. So, while I'm in Germany the SB6 has been living in the "mancave"/office half of a friend's shed. He was working from home today, and heard a bang from the garage half of the shed, ran in through the access door he installed a month or two ago (his garage door opener failed and it was the only way into the garage previously, had to bust a hole in the internal wall to get the garage door open), and found a knockoff Ryobi cordless drill battery on the charger had exploded, and flaming debris had landed on a storage tub sitting underneath it... Luckily he has several extinguishers around the plac
  7. The later frames were also lighter (thinner sections), which is why they braced to the head to bring the stiffness back up.
  8. Anyway, we're fuckin miles off topic here.
  9. They definitely had a flapper AFM like any other L-Jet. The K75/K100 guys suffer the same issues as the 80s euro car guys with them. http://www.kforum-tech.com/electrical/EFI/bike-wont-start-EN.htm
  10. It was analogue L-Jetronic with a flap type afm though.
  11. You're ignoring the analogue EFI systems like Bosch L-Jetronic and KE-Jetronic of the 80s. Rather than using lookup tables of stored values like digital EFI they used analogue electronics to meter fuel. I'm not sure what the Kawas used, but injected Ducatis and Bimotas were digital well before TLs. Ducati 851 and Bimota YB4EI were injected in 1987, both Weber Marelli digital systems.
  12. Yeah, nah. Maybe first Suzuki. Maybe first with the main throttle and the ecu controlled throttle?
  13. From memory, no. You could look at adapting a K series GSXR exhaust, there's some tweaking of the header spacing and some bending required, can't remember the details, was years ago I was looking at it.
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