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  1. Anyway, we're fuckin miles off topic here.
  2. They definitely had a flapper AFM like any other L-Jet. The K75/K100 guys suffer the same issues as the 80s euro car guys with them. http://www.kforum-tech.com/electrical/EFI/bike-wont-start-EN.htm
  3. It was analogue L-Jetronic with a flap type afm though.
  4. You're ignoring the analogue EFI systems like Bosch L-Jetronic and KE-Jetronic of the 80s. Rather than using lookup tables of stored values like digital EFI they used analogue electronics to meter fuel. I'm not sure what the Kawas used, but injected Ducatis and Bimotas were digital well before TLs. Ducati 851 and Bimota YB4EI were injected in 1987, both Weber Marelli digital systems.
  5. Yeah, nah. Maybe first Suzuki. Maybe first with the main throttle and the ecu controlled throttle?
  6. From memory, no. You could look at adapting a K series GSXR exhaust, there's some tweaking of the header spacing and some bending required, can't remember the details, was years ago I was looking at it.
  7. Apart from the difference in height due to the taller barrels, from memory the sump configuration is different, so yes, you could fit a 1100 exhaust but you'd have to fit a 1100 sump (and oil pickup I think), and the it would hang low because of the shorter barrels.
  8. I'd be inclined to use VFR400 twin rads to make it narrower... (I think it's the 400 rads. A lot of VFR800 guys are using them on strertfightered bikes as an alternative to a TLS or SV rad)
  9. It'd work with SB6R linkages I believe. So, I built a replica of the factory packing crate stand for it, largely stuck it back together, and now its sitting in a mate's man cave waiting for me to return to Australia...
  10. Yeah, the fuckery to fit FCRs is a hard no. This guy fitted TMRs to a SB7 by just using a wedge spacer under the carb rubbers - I suspect with the taller 1100 in there they'd go straight on. http://kenworks77.sakura.ne.jp/wp01/sb7-rest/ From looking at other bikes where TMRs were used to replace BT-SS mikunis, the TMRs are basically a drop in swap, same cables in almost the same spot, same lengths and diameters so all the rubbers and airboxes work... That FCR fed SB6 is also using a SRAD tap - which works fine if you don't have to try and make the fuel lines work with the stock
  11. So, the Corse Titanium exhaust old mate thought he had hanging in another storage unit unfortunately turned out to be for a SB8... so I really should have bought the TMRs instead of hanging onto the money for an exhaust that didn't exist... oh well. Given the new accelerated timeline for my travels, this thing isn't coming with me, and i need to screw it and the Mito together enough for them to go into storage without me losing any bits.. Sigh.
  12. SB6 used WC motors, same frame on the SB7 with a 750. They used a plate that hangs off the sides of the head and picks up the mounting points in the frame so they could use a different mounting plate for the shorter 750. Basic overall design of the WC isn't that far removed from the oil boilers. You've also got to remember that these motors still have a lot of meat in them, they're not pared to the bone like modern motors (which are incidentally more than capable of being used as a stressed member). It's just not a problem.
  13. Progress. Horrible horrible progress! Fuel tap finally sorted out: Top half is custom, internals are SRAD, with a Pingel screen (thanks to @KATANAMANGLER- I owe you a beer or two!) And Plumbed in (well, except for the vac line - I'll use another bit of vac hose to manually prime the carbs, then hook it up. Spent a little time replacing the main breather hose to the carbs, fucking around with wiring for the tail lights, battery mounting foam and installing the batteries, so we're at a point where I can chuck fuel in it and light it up... Oh yeah, and a crappy
  14. Watercooled 750/1100 Carb rubbers would have probably left the airbox in the right place - they're about 10-15mm longer from the looks of things.
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