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Just another fu*1ng Bandit .


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Well,  thanks for including me into the winged Hammers.

bit of background on my Bandit.

bought this old nail as an accident damaged Mk1 a good few years back from a mate.  Low mileage, but tatty pre accident condition. Spent a couple of years tidying it up and covering it in Eblag shit.  I like Eblag shit,  it winds folk up,  more so cause it’s on a blandit.

Then one weekend,got invited to a RWYB at shakey,  I went along, had a go, took the piss, and enjoyed myself. The day after, Straightliners we’re at East Kirkby, so I went along and had a go,  5 years later, I’m still dragging the bandits ass.  Won a few trophies, a couple of championship wins, a 2nd, and a 3rd overall placing.

this season I’m leading the same 11.1 championship that I started in,  stock road spec bike,  no posh shit,  stock ignition, foot shifting.  Old school no prep racing, the way it’s ment to be.

the bandit is fairly stock, apart from the motor and carbs.

81mm wiseco 12:1 pistons,one of Mr Uppertons infamous cylinder heads, lock up FBM clutch, big cooler, top end oil kit.  On the last dyno day it ran 145hp @87 lb/ft.  Motor is getting tired,  but a fresh motor is on the cards for this winter.  Carbs are stock 36bst but have been totally rebuilt with fresh internals and a stage 3 kit on foam filters.

best the bike has run is a 10.5, @130,  but that was with shifter fitted and different gearing.


so that’s about it for now,  a fair few of you have seen my bike,  it’s been around long enough,  and a few of you have run against it.

this weekend will see us out at the George Brown Memorial at East Kirkby,  if your about, drop by and introduce yourself,  always good to put a face to a name.

will keep you posted , all the best. 


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Well,  an interesting weekend at the George Brown Memorial sprint.

Saturday saw high cross winds on the East Kirkby/ Lancaster Raceway strip.  shutting us down to 1 lane and only running the 1/8th mile.  not what my bike is set up for,

Still managed a 7.10 @108mph,   not to bad for my shabby old Bandit,  but has been down in the 6s in the past.  damp conditions and the wind were a real hinderance.

Sunday saw bright sunshine for the start of the day,  but as race time approached the cloud moved in and temperatures dropped.  the bandit was first out on track,  as I like to get dialed in early. first run was a sighting run,  but the timing gear did not register a time, same old same old.

run 2 ,  good launch,  bike doing what it should,  clean gear changes,  felt good.  collect my timing slip,  happy days  11.19@ 137mph.  that will do nicely.  banked my championship run, and return to my van for a quick check over.

next thing I know,  paddock goes quiet,  an old fellow has binned his Busa at the end of the strip, and gone down hard.  not good, and the response crew are instantly on site.  Air Ambulance is called for, and the meeting suspended for a few hours.

Racing resumed mid afternoon, after a heavy rain storm, with everyone trying to get in a few runs on their championship numbers.  my nearest competitors getting very frustrated as they can get no where near to my time.  the sun came out late afternoon, much improving matters, but still they struggled.  One fellow on a big blocked GPZ did manage an 11.6 run, but as he is a non championship runner, I decided not to run and try and better him. Thinking of my championship points, rather than risk breaking out, and loose the 18 point I gain for the 2nd place.

Eliminations had been canceled due to the stoppage,  so my lead in the points was guaranteed.  Both of my main competitors were still struggling to come anywhere near my time, no matter how many runs they put in.  and just to add insult to injury, I ran under my ACU comp bike number and backed my run up with an 11.16@127

I have had chance this weekend to test the race fuel from Classic Race fuels,  105Ron lead replacement,   back to back impression,  favourable.  bike has found another 10 mph on the 1/4,  in not the best conditions.  I'm not the only one to have found this,  as both myself and Gary Hurd have decided to test the fuel.  Both coming up with very similar results.  On a back to back Dyno test,  the same bike made 8hp difference, nothing else had been altered, just drain the tank and carbs.  hopefully the next meet we have will give more favourable weather conditions,  and then I can really test it for max power runs. as I intend on swapping my stock arm out for my stretched one, and lower my gearing.

I know what my bike will do on this setup,  as I ran it that way last season in the 10.10 bracket class.  so will keep you in the know once I have run it.


right,  I'd best go get on with some work !  Later folks,  all the best.

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So,  been a while since I’ve raced the bandit.  Get a bit bored between meetings, so bought another upgrade ready for the winter refresh.

nice little Sponson swingarm at a reasonable price.  Now the dilemma is,  wether to use the spondon arm, or the FBM arm ?

Bike is going turbo at some point, with a fresh built motor, as this old motor is getting tired.  

On a plus’s note,  East Kirkby this weekend,  weather looks promising , and I’m still leading the 11.10 championship.  Be good to go into the finals at Pod with a good points advantage, as the finals are a double points round.  

Catch ya later folks 


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Well,  a good weekends racing.

Saturday saw sunshine but with strong gusts of side wind.  Ran an early sighting lap, then sat aside for a while whilst the car boys laid some rubber on the green track.  None of the bike racers seemed to be in any hurry,  chatting amongst each other.  Lunch was fast approaching so I decided to put in a couple of runs,  second run of the day saw me lifting the front sky bound, short shift to 2nd, and on we go.  Reasonable run @ 11.32.

3rd run , wind dropped, sun blasted down, 1.49 -60ft, 11.14 ,  that will do nicely.  That gave everyone else running in class something to chase.  And chase they did,  all weekend to no avail.

I swapped over to my ACU unlimited class number, and just toyed on that for the rest of the weekend until eliminations. Running consistently @11s.  Played with a few settings on the bike, looking for the optimum settings.  Tyre pressure is crucial on airfield tracks,  the difference between spinning up, to much grip, and wheelies.  As the sun had decided to grace us,  I was running a high for me 23psi.  But the bike hooks well, without dragging down at the top end.

Come eliminations, it was obvious by everyone else’s times they were struggling to come close to my consistent times , and it was showing.

drawn against another Bandit, it was a fair match up,  stage, lights drop,  I’m away from Steve by a Holeshot,  quick check over my shoulder to see where he is,  miss judged my shut off point so as not to break out, and fucked it up.  All I could do was laugh at myself,  as , it was a dumb ass thing to do.

so,  3rd place for a change,  shit happens,  I’ll not loose any sleep over it.

Going into the final round at Pod on October 13th, 23 points ahead.  Double points round. As long as I keep it together, championship is mine for the taking.  Let’s hope the weather plays nice.

then come the winter months,  new motor being built, and loopie working his skills, the turbo will finally be going onto the Bandit.  Whole new setup to work with next season.  Longer,lower,and a shit load more power.


later folks,  keep it sticky side down.

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Quick update ,  prepping for the finals,  not going to play fair.  Extended arm is going in for Pod.  I know how the short chassis reacts on prepped tracks,  it tends to loft the front wheel to the gods,  so going to give it a little bit of help and stretch her.  Did ponder re fitting the shifter,  but that would really take the mick.  

Been a bit distracted putting the rent a wreck racer together,  but hopefully, all will come together, and I can run both bikes back to back.  Both are more than capable of mid 10s,  but hope to run a PB on the wreck ,  and get my name farther up the Bandit naughty list .

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Well, that’s the season come to a close.  Rain soaked Santa Pod,  abandoned meeting.

not the way I wanted to win the championship, especially after doing the few little mods to give me the extra edge.

But there you go,  it’s been a good season with some close racing all the way through.  But we came out on top.

2019 Straightliners 11.10 streetbike champion.

Overall Straightliners points championship 2nd place,

and an added bonus with ACU unlimited sprint championship 4th place.

Not bad for a shabby old Blandit.


Hopefully over this winter we will finally get the turbo finished and fitted.  Only been in the planning for 2 years .


see you soon folks,  all the best 

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