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  1. Loving the .info Dezza. I'm going to pin this for a while to see if we can get those red areas confirmed.
  2. Nice job, Bow. More fun next year.
  3. Look forward to seeing your updates. Welcome on in
  4. It was ok here in the middle of the day ... I would have ridden over. Looking at the weather we had later in the day, I'm glad I didnt.
  5. Well, looks like there was a gathering of 30 bikes yesterday but organisers called off today due to the weather. Such a shame after all the work from the guys but hopefully we will see a return next year to try and beat that number! Did anyone make it yesterday?
  6. Yes, it's still on. It's very much On. If you like EFEs, it will be a great place to be regardless of what you show up in / on. Advance tickets are still available via Santa Pod direct but wont be at the early bird discount.
  7. Smashing day! Great to see the usual suspects and a few more. Fair play @Wee Man for making the trip. Won't name names as I forgot people's... Great to catch our resident old school pro stock contender @clairetooon a sun day kick back after a very successful meet at dragstalgia last weekend. More power, madam? And I got to put Valentino on the dyno. It was better than expected ... we kinda knew it was rich but pretty impressed with the power delivery. We got to 107. Pretty quickly, it seemed ... or was that sounded? There's something about hearing your own bike on a dyno..... if you know, you know. If you don't, try it. Now time to get rid off this Trumpy Oil mist. Huge thanks to @Paulmfor making today happen - you shining star, you x
  8. Long time, no see @Paulm ! Looking forward to it. I'm still getting used to these RS carbs too so be good to see what's actually going on. Paranoia sets in with these things.
  9. EFE with a fresh MOT!
  10. Cool. Will let you know nearer the time.
  11. Possible ... just need to get the slabby back to the doctor for some voodoo hoodoo then I'll have 2 on the road. Do they need to be on the stand the whole weekend @Paulm?
  12. Nice work Paul. I'll be over if I'm in the country.
  13. Good to see you today, @clairetoo Looks like you're making waves with it!
  14. minx

    Dyno Day

    I'm just waiting to confirm my travel for October but as long as it stays in the week I think it will, I'm in. Where do I send the money? Nice one.
  15. When are you next out @Anna? Hopefully there's some more time left this year to get back to your pbs
  16. Tickets for the weekend are still £23 (advance ticket rate) rather than the £33 your pocket will be down in you buy on the gate! I just got mine here >>> https://doningtonpark.msv.com/DP-18-Endurance You have as of *now* 1 day, 16 hours and 27 minutes to get your advance rate gate pass
  17. Is he doing kat stuff as well now or would this be the first one @bondyrs250 ? Any examples to show?
  18. Looks tidy. BT36s are pretty agreeable across the range and were only used on a couple of years hence in short supply. If the carbs are off a standard bike that ran ok, rule of thumb for air filters & better breathing exhaust system would be to up the main jet by 11% in size. Check the carbs are original sizes too as many had the dynojet upgrades. Ideally you'd be able to get it on a dyno for a proper check but if it was me, I'd try it out as is. With new plugs in, take it for a run and do another plug check to indicate what's going on with the mixture. But remember, they're an old set of carbs now so you have to allow for wear and tear, they're all a little different. Depends how accurate you want to be be. Standard ignition? Or been swapped out?
  19. Top notch Gary, as always. Hope to see it at Donington.
  20. Hey Morten. Welcome on in. We love photos Have you already done the swap and experiencing issues or just preparing? What exhaust is on it?
  21. Camping space was tricky wasnt it ... Not sure if it will be the same this year. I'd rather stay as close to the circuit as possible.
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