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  1. And distracted by the promise of vegan pizza and frienship bracelets, no doubt.
  2. You can thank me for the stickers. They were the only signage on the stand. Isn't that right @Paulm?
  3. This page is useful. https://www.theflyingbanana.com/oil-cooler.htm
  4. @Mole28holding his own in some very fast company
  5. Our very own @Mole28Adrian McCarthy is over in South Africa taking part in their annual TT. It takes place across two seperate tracks and round 2 takes place this weekend. @Mole28is competing against world class riders like Michael Dunlop and AJ Venter to name but a few. Hopefully I can twist his arm for a wee story when he gets back. In the meantime, wish him luck.
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