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  1. Thanks. I was riding again after 5 weeks and I've been riding ever since. Racing might take longer.
  2. Yeah, could do. @cullinoc might bring the part built GIA too.
  3. I posted Carl's winged hammers out to him today and moved this thread into the race section. Send us some pictures when he gets the stickers on. Welcome to the winged hammers Carl. May Hanmashin's mighty hammer propel you to many victories.
  4. Replacement upper fairing from @fibermanhas arrived. I shall have to get the black out again. Black! Black!
  5. Hey Gary, I need to send Carl some winged hammers for the bike. PM your address.
  6. First decent look at my race bike since I was taken out on just the 3rd lap of qualifying at my last outing. I broke my collar bone into 3 very displaced parts , broke a bone in my foot and I broke 2 ribs. The bike went straight into the garage without too much attention when it was returned. It's been 4 weeks now and managed to get the bike up on the lift this weekend to take a look at the damage. The fairing and the end can are both toast but the crash bungs I fitted over the winter saved the rest of the bike really well. New fairing on order. Glad the rest of the yoshimura cyclone duplex exhaust is still intact. Could have been a lot worse.
  7. Not bad for a bike that's been as well used as the old scratcher @clivegto
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