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    83 kat running gear swaps.

    Using the standard swing arm it is all about spacers, and machining the sprocket carrier face to get chain run clearance. You'll also have to step the front sprocket out. Torque arm needs a bend too. Bandit swing arm and rear wheel combo with the Lucky 7 weld on shock mounts ( see the traders section) is a tried and tested mod. What to you want to do with the front? RWU or USD?

    1 cylinder not working

    If the plug is fouling then either the ratio of air to fuel is wrong or it's being fouled by oil. Either way the basic ingredients to a clean burn are compression, air, fuel and a spark. You know you are getting a spark when the plug is clean and you know you are getting fuel and air because it fires with a new plug. I would do nothing more until you do a compression test. Read the compression across all 4. If the compression is close across all 4 then you know it's got to be the air fuel ratio on number 1 cylinder or possibly a bad oil ring or leaking valve stems seals. Look at the plug once it has dried off. Is it black and sooty or black and oily? If you get low compression on 1 then that will create a weak burn which will foul the plug. Once it fouls it won't spark. If the compression is low you need to know if it's rings or valves. First thing I would do is a compression test though.

    jetting slabside 1100

    I have a standard 1052 but the head is heavily ported. I'm running RS36 carbs with bellmouths and a yoshi cyclone duplex 4 into 1. At the moment I have 130 mans but it still seems rich. That is probably a result of the increased air/fuel draw created by the porting. The RS carbs and the porting mean my set up isn't a straight comparison but I will probably jet down further.

    New member with a Kat

    RTFR dude.

    New member with a Kat

    Welcome. Get stuck in and make it perform and handle better by robbing bits from from more modern machinery. All the important bits are there. There are lots of very cool Kats in the project section for inspiration. My own half arsed efforts can be found here. I started out in pretty much the same place as you are now but did what I could when I could.
  6. The mod for the 1072 is to use the 1135 starter gear. I assume you have an 1135 engine bored out to 1230? If you have a 1072 bottom end that is the mod. If you have an 1135 bottom end I would take a look at your starter clutch, your starter motor and if you are using a smaller battery under the seat check the cold cranking amps output and make sure it has enough.


    ACF50 is is an excellent rust inhibitor. I use it on my winter bike. Give it a good covering, leave it for 30 minutes and then wipe off any excess.

    1052 cable clutch conversion - possible or not?

    I'm currently runing a B6 cable clutch on my 1052. I bought some 6mm rod and made my own push rod. Works well.

    1100 Slingshot rear wheel spacer width.

    Superb, thanks @Wee Man

    1100 Slingshot rear wheel spacer width.

    Cool thanks. The problem I have is I have a straight spoked dry wheel (bandit 12 or RF or ?) And I have a slingshot curved wet wheel. In both cases I don't know for sure what the sprocket carrier is but the distance between sprocket face and disk face is different. I will swap them about and see if I can get a consistant spacing and then make custom spacers.

    1100 Slingshot rear wheel spacer width.

    Can anyone give me the width of the standard spacers left and right?

    Busa ash efe 1230

    Cheers @Swirl I got sorted with wets.

    Tune up Katana or engine swap gsx?

    Pam's an oil cooled fan...

    Tune up Katana or engine swap gsx?

    Decisions, decisions. I think it depends whether you want the Kat to go faster or you want to spread your efforts in the name of variety. If you fancy a change of focus it won't do you any harm. If the Kat is well you can always do it later. The last thing you want though is both bikes needing work. That's a mojo sapper.

    Gia 1216