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  1. It's much worse than it looks.
  2. First decent look at my race bike since I was taken out on just the 3rd lap of qualifying at my last outing. I broke my collar bone into 3 very displaced parts , broke a bone in my foot and I broke 2 ribs. The bike went straight into the garage without too much attention when it was returned. It's been 4 weeks now and managed to get the bike up on the lift this weekend to take a look at the damage. The fairing and the end can are both toast but the crash bungs I fitted over the winter saved the rest of the bike really well. New fairing on order. Glad the rest of the yoshimura cyclone duplex exhaust is still intact. Could have been a lot worse.
  3. Not bad for a bike that's been as well used as the old scratcher @clivegto
  4. Great pictures. What were the numbers?
  5. I read the through this and was about to reply to check the gear selector linkage for a foul and I noticed you found it. Don't ask me how I know. Amusing to see how many people had you stripping your gearbox when no-one had asked whether the gear selector shaft would allow a gear change when directly operated without the linkage.
  6. RS36 will work fine out of the box on a B12 motor with a 130 main and a push pull throttle. Fit velocity stacks and socks to get the induction right. You can turn accelerator pumps off if you like but if you adjust them to squirt as it starts to pick up off the cam around 5-K it's a nice kick in the pants. You'll do more for low down torque by fitting adjustable cam sprockets and spreading the lobe centres slightly or getting some porting done. You don't need 38s on a standard B12 motor IMHO
  7. I'm not sure he would have necessary noticed or have been aware My only other option would have been to just hold my line and to have hit the back of him but my instinct was to try to get round the inside. It's a racing incident I guess. Two other bikes in my class were T boned and taken out out at the same corner one of them the lap before me and another in the next race. There are a lot of young and hungry racers in the lightweight class I'm sure they would justifiably argue that our big heavy bikes can't maintain the corner speeds that they can and we get in the way.
  8. Early update. We had a very full grid with 30 super twins and superlights and 9 post classic seniors. Bike was going welll. 4 laps into qualifying one of the superlights in our mixed class block passed me with some late braking into the hairpin at the end of a long straight. Unfortunately he over cooked it and sat his bike up in front of me.as he tried to wash off more speed. I tried get back round the inside to avoid collision but my front washed out and I hit the track hard with my head right shoulder. Ouch. The slabby and I ended up in the field . I have a broken collar bone in two places, some broken ribs and a fracture in my foot. Ouch. So,, the season is complete for me. The slabby came out pretty well, much better than me. The last I heard @Mole28 had won 2 races so all is not lost. Did I say ouch already?
  9. My Bike has been with the team Moto Mangler mechanic @cullinocfor 2 weeks getting a ground up refit. The bike has a freshly rebuilt engine, a new oil cooler and lines, rerouted breather system. Front and back caliper rebuild and new brake lines, new brembo front brake master cylinder and an assortment of little improvements. We are ready for this weekend. I was honestly ready to chuck it in 3 weeks ago but time is a great healer. Fingers crossed this meeting goes better than the last.
  10. Massive shout out to Don Hill at Rooster Racing. Picked up my rebuilt engine last night. That's a 6 day turnaround. Unbelievable.
  11. It doesn't you know. There are always reasons why things happen. My route cause analysis concludes a number changes I need to make. Some hard lessons learned. Preventative actions are being put in place. If I thought it was all random I'd have to pack it in. It's only the illusion that I can influence better outcomes in the future that keeps me moving forward. Some people have to learn the hard way. I'm one of those people. As my big brother always said to me on occasions such as this: Dry yir eyes yah wee fanny!
  12. If money is no object the Keihin FCRs bolt straight on. Alternatively YZF750 and maybe FZ1000 are also mikuni downdraft like the RF.
  13. They do but the fitting was pointing straight at the front of the tray so it came out with such force that it hit the front looped the loop and went straight out the back.
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