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  1. I use a smear some petrolium jelly a heat gun to get them hot. I sit on the bike and lock the front wheel with a zip tie on the brake. I then use brute strength and a magic wiggle to get them home. I have used a wooden strap accross the intake flats and a ratchet strap once or twice when they have defied me.
  2. Crashing only usually happens when you are actually racing and you've stopped thinking about not crashing. You just earned a new badge. Glad you are OK. It's brilliant how club racers will give up parts to get a competitor back on the track. I love and miss that spirit of community.
  3. Yes, I have a set on my Katana. They are a good shock. I got a a longer clevis machined up to extend them by 35-40mm.
  4. I've got a set of Koni dial a rides here with 50mm billet stainless extensions on them. I built them for my Kat years ago when I put a 17" wheel on the back. I have since replaced them with YSS shocks that machined 40mm longer alloy clevis fittings for. PM me if you're interested in them, they're lying here doing nothing.
  5. Do you have carbs on it yet?
  6. This all sounds perfectly normal. When I went to do my test for my licence at Knockhill it had been dry for a record 6 weeks. The morning of the track test it bucketed down. I got my wet wheels out and found the thedisc spacing was wrong. I had no tyre changer so I ran a dry front. As the examiner lined us up he said " The track has been dry for 6 weeks. There is a lot of rubber and oil out there and with this sudden rain, it's going to be like an ice rink. I know you all have your wets on but that won't help you, so take it easy" He then looked down at my front tyre and leaned in close to me and said quietly " you just do your best son" At my first race I was given 2 tasks by my friend, mentor and 8 times Scottish post classic champion @Mole28: Race 1. Finish the race. Race 2. Don't finish last. You've done brilliantly! It's amaizing how racing literally shakes and breaks a bike in a way that would never happen on the road. The harder you ride it the more you have to adapt and secure to cope with what you start to demmand of it. Go winged Mannings!!
  7. Sometimes the pub is the best plan.
  8. And distracted by the promise of vegan pizza and frienship bracelets, no doubt.
  9. You can thank me for the stickers. They were the only signage on the stand. Isn't that right @Paulm?
  10. This page is useful. https://www.theflyingbanana.com/oil-cooler.htm
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