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  1. You do know why there are only 3 adjuster screws right? They are balance screws. The one on the far left balances carb 1 an 2. The one on the far right balances 3 and 4 and the one in the middle balances the two pairs. If you don't do it in that order you can go round in circles for a while. Definitely start with a compression test and make sure valve clearances are in spec if you can.
  2. The YSS shocks are well made and still well priced. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-GSX1100-EX-ET-YSS-Replacement-Rear-Shock-absorbers-/362539422532?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  3. I took a week off work recently and thanks to lockdown I was able to spend the time off emptying my garage. I'm quite sure I'm not the only one that has found the motivation and the time to sort their shit out. It's been a busy 12 months work wise with no time off. Last year I had a load of parts I had in storage at a friends that were returned to me. I had also sold my race van and its contents were also being stored in my garage. Each time I had opened the door and looked inside recently, I had decided to close the door and walk away. Fortunately the last year there had been very littl
  4. No, there is also info about alternatives for the 750.
  5. Hahaha what a tool! I was clearing out a drawer at home that usually has bank statements and the like in it and found an unopened letter from the Melville Club where I race. When I opened it the letter was dated 2019 and it informed me I had won a trophy for 4th place in the post classic senior class. I missed the letter so I missed the award dinner and trophy. Feel a bit guilty. In fairness many of the much faster boys missed a lot of rounds and I just turned up, so its probably good I didn't go and get my trophy. Still, I can now say " Yeah, I was in the trophies on my first
  6. I welded a 3/8 NPT boss into the my sabby tank. The pingel goes straight into the tank and now the tap clears the head.
  7. Only people with 100bhp say that but everyone knows they are lying.
  8. I've got a tuned 1216 B12 engine ( 150bhp) in my slabby race bike and its great. I have a mildly tuned 1230 EFE (130bhp) motor in my Katana and it is also great. The air-cooled motor has more low down torque but they are both great engines. Once upon a time it was cheaper to get an oil cooled engine than to rebuild an air cooled motor but that is no longer true. Finding a cheap oil boiler that doesn't need a refresh is getting rare. They are now fetching the same money as AC motors too. Rebuilding an OC to a decent standard isn't any cheaper than an AC rebuild either.
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