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  1. I welded a 3/8 NPT boss into the my sabby tank. The pingel goes straight into the tank and now the tap clears the head.
  2. Only people with 100bhp say that but everyone knows they are lying.
  3. I've got a tuned 1216 B12 engine ( 150bhp) in my slabby race bike and its great. I have a mildly tuned 1230 EFE (130bhp) motor in my Katana and it is also great. The air-cooled motor has more low down torque but they are both great engines. Once upon a time it was cheaper to get an oil cooled engine than to rebuild an air cooled motor but that is no longer true. Finding a cheap oil boiler that doesn't need a refresh is getting rare. They are now fetching the same money as AC motors too. Rebuilding an OC to a decent standard isn't any cheaper than an AC rebuild either.
  4. The RS34 flatslides will just work with a minimum of fucking about. I have 36s on mine but it is tuned 1230. Is that a UK thou you have? ( just based on the smoothbore carbs)
  5. What about a super charger? Driven by a GSXR1100 engine in a side car alongside the 400?
  6. How rude. I thought that was what Facebook groups were for
  7. I merged these two threads. It's confusing having 2 of them.
  8. Is it an 1100 arm or a 750 arm you have? The linkages are a bit thin on the ground. @Funkymonkracingdoes a billet one for the 11 that increases the ride hieght by 30mm. I have one on mine and I have braced the standard arm.
  9. The top part of the original EFE fairing look good on these. Many like them naked for that muscle bike aesthetic . With a fairing they are more practical for doing distance and using to transverse continents n' that. Depends what you want to use it for. The ES fairing might be a better fit than the Kat or the GS1200S looks good too.
  10. Looks great.About time though.
  11. There are plenty of forums where people will shout out random things for you to try. If you have ever seen a good mechanic working through a well worn diagnostic routine. It starts out very basically and then gradually hones in on the problem. An engine needs fuel, air, compression and a spark. So which of these are present and which of these are not? Once you establish that you can determine why one or more of these is not present by examining the sytems that provide it. Let's say for instance there is no spark. It could be, plugs, leads coils. pick ups, safety cut outs or ECU.
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