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  1. @Paulmand myself intend on meeting up at Blyth services around 13:30 on Friday, if anyone else would like to meet there and go up in convoy. Will have my popup gazebo with me, flying the oldschool banner in the pits.
  2. Monty, we do not have a choice when we can host the rounds, we are given the dates available to us. At least some of us actually bother to host and organise events, instead of relying on others, and then complaining. I know which meeting will be full of bikes, and where spectators will see bikes racing head to head, and not have to wait 4hrs between runs, and have a good atmosphere.
  3. So, the time is nearly upon us, ultimate streetbike returns. a throwback to the glory days of the 80s no prep dragracing. For all 80s street legal bikes, stock or modified, even you guys with oil burner engines fitted into 80s chassis. The idea being that most modified 80s bikes that previously had nowhere to compete, finally have a platform to play on. Any street legal looking bike upto and including 1990 manufactured date. Turbo, Nitrous, Supercharged, you name it, it’s included. Are you up for it ? dates : May 28/29th Melbourne, Yorkshire. July 29/30th Melbourne, Yorkshire Sept 3/4th Jurby, Isle of Man Oct 16th, Santa Pod, Bedfordshire. And the option is there to run at the Ramsey Sprint on the 1st of Sept. I’ll be there, running my oldschool EFE, flying the flag for the winged hammers and OSS. Who’s up for joining us.
  4. Be rude not to have a quiche and pie from our favourite pie shop
  5. I’ll be at Melbourne with the Ultimate Streetbike meeting, sorry folks.
  6. Yes Steve, large camping field right next to the Paddock.
  7. As the title states, Ultimate Streetbike is back. 4 rounds of oldschool heads up, no prep, drag racing. No doubt, most of you in the UK have seen the chatter on social media, and interest has been phenomenal. the dates for the 4 rounds have been confirmed, and Straightliners have provided us with a platform to play on. May 28/29th. Melbourne, Yorkshire July 30/31st Melbourne, Yorkshire Sept 3/4th. Jurby, Isle of Man Oct 16th. Santa Pod, Bedfordshire All 4 rounds will also see the Old School Stockers attending, so double the delight of muscle bikes from the 80s going head to head, with the first across the line the winner. Hope to see some of you there
  8. You know where I’ll be, shame the dates clash, but this winged hammer will be in Yorkshire running around like a headless chicken
  9. Not a lot has been achieved in the last few weeks, been preoccupied sorting and organising the Oldschool Ultimate Streetbike rounds and sourcing parts for the Efe engine rebuild. now USB22 is finally on the events list I can get back to finishing the Bandit. Went through the wiring loom and sorted that out properly, as a lot of the add ons had been temporarily fitted, now, all soldered in properly and loom wrapped. Lanyard fitted, just in case I get a bit carried away on launching. Ya never know. still need to source another 2step, then I can complete it the way I want. Yet to go through the carbs, they are the original stage 3 setup from my high comp motor, so not suitable for the turbo setup, all internal parts were replaced 3 years ago, so, fresh needles and jetting should see them good to go. Ive been producing 5spring bandit clutches for road bikes for a while now, using GSXR 600k internals, and working with Uncle Sam Baker, we’ve sorted a lockup for them. Tested on Gary Hurds practical Sportsbikes drag bike at Pod last October, worked well, with no issues, and a good feel to it. So might put the 2nd one on my turbo motor. Undecided as yet, as the original setup works with its diaphragm lockup. Time will tell. once I pull my finger out, and fit the scavenge pump, and fuel pump, it will be initial fireup time, been a long time coming, but now close to the finish, so hopefully, at last it will be ready to race. to many bikes I have jobs to do on, not enough time, and to be honest, lacked enthusiasm last year, but with getting involved with USB, it’s brought it back, and it’s time to get on with it. that’s about it for now, apart from putting some of my bling Tat that everyone dislikes onto the bike, got to have some bling, just like an English yob on the Mediterranean,,,,, later folks.
  10. Well, been a while ! as many know, this year was a lost one for me and racing. Having a heart attack put pay to that. Recovery was spent building my Efe into the bike I wanted, and turned out just the way I envisioned it, so happy with the outcome. As for the bandit, yes, still been doing bits on it, motor is built and in, turbo is about done. Built a fresh arm, but not fitted it year, as still need to sort rear calliper torque arm out. I’ll be back out next season, and not expecting massive results as racing a turbo powered bike is a whole new learning curve, should be grin inducing, along with some brown pants moments Even helping out @ FBM, I refuse to ride anyone else’s turbo bikes. I’m happy to wait for my own to be finished, and then scare myself with that. And if I bin it, it’s only my own pocket it hurts. I still have a goal I’m aiming for, and want to get the bike towards the top end of the Bandit naughty list, a list compiled of the fastest 1/4 mile bandits in the UK. Next mission is to get through the ACU stress test, to get my racing license back, and as I’m a fat fucker, who would not have passed it before the heart attack, god knows if I’ll succeed, but I’m steadily loosing weight, and my fitness is improving for now, I’ll leave it here, with a few pics of how the bike is looking at the mo. Will have the bike on display in January at the Newark show, gives me a time frame to work to. Catch ya later folks
  11. Yarp, I’ll be there , Efe and maybe the turbo drag Blandit . always a good meet to start the year
  12. Best add mine , just another fugly Blandit FBM build. GT28/60, Wiseco dished turbo pistons, Arrow rods, FBM built motor, and loads of shiny Tat that a Blandit should have . It will be finished, one day
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