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  1. Transport sorted, Cinderella can go to the Ball
  2. Yup, if I can organise a van, I’m up for it. I’ll bring the Efe for its first showing
  3. Bow

    Dyno Day 2021

    Sorry I won’t be at this one folks, hope you all have a good time of it. got nothing ready, worth running.
  4. Bow

    Dyno Day 2021

    Always up for a laugh, I’ll bring sumat, even if it’s just the Raleigh
  5. Bow

    ET turbo drag bike

    Been a while since I updated this, lots of changes, and plans changed. Still building an ET turbo drag bike, 1216 motor, but blowthrough kit now, GT28/60, wiseco turbo pistons, Arrow rods, and a total rebuilt motor. Quite a few months ago, a certain chassis and bodywork was offered, and I decided I could not refuse it, so all the old stuff was sold on, and Rusty ET came into my possession. I’ve kept it on the shelf, until ready to start the build, and it’s now on the floor, being assembled, not going to be a quick build, as I’ve got my Efe road bike to finish, but progress is being made. Like the Efe, this one is staying in the family, as it is finally home again, and I can’t see me racing this year, Neil I get the thumbs up from the Doctor and get my ACU licence back. I’ll leave a couple of pics, just to wet the appetite, and more to come.
  6. Yarp, definitely up for it, either the Efe or maybe the Et dragbike depending on how far I get with the build. might encourage me to pull my finger out, and finish one.
  7. Bow

    884 gsxr749

    I get mine from Nick @ Suzuki performance spares. GSXR750 85-87 771cc big bore MLS head gasket, 71mm bore
  8. No, is the plain simple answer. R707 is a short stroke 748cc motor. To fit a 750 top end to the bandit 6 motor you need the 749cc longstroke, it’s a mix and match job, using parts from both the bandit top end and the GSXR. One day I might do a write up with pics , as we have done a couple of these for my lads early drag bike that we built a few years back. And I’ve got another sitting in my collection waiting for the same treatment.
  9. Bow

    ET turbo drag bike

    Been shelved for now Paul, moving workshops, and gone self employed, completely at the wrong time, has ment one of the bikes has had to go on hold, and the EfE is the one chosen. All spare funds are going into the Turbo Blandit drag bike as on my other post. But this will be done eventually, as the majority of the required kit is being replaced on the Bandit, so will be stored along with the Efe, until circumstances allow the completion. Lifes anything but simple
  10. Bin the crappie bandit tap. The vacuum system is garbage. get a FZ/FZR/YZF on off tap. No vacuum,larger bore,better flow rate, direct replacement, only downside is no reserve. They are cheap and plentiful , and if you really insist on having reserve, you can adapt the parts from the bandit tap. They also give a bit more room under the tank due to a lower profile.
  11. Yup, going blowthrough, on a fresh build motor, 1216 wiseco turbo pistons, not flat tops, ibeam rods, h/d studs top and bottom, ported head, stock cams dialled in to suit. will be using stock carbs for the time being, but will probably end up on 34mil tin tops. full FastbyMe set up I make my arms the same way, good old 600 bandit arms, cheap as chips, and as long as you know what your doing, easy to do. I prefer making as much as I can, keeps the cost down, and gives a certain sense of achievement when it all goes to plan. Helps being a faby by trade . the one in this pic is the last one I knocked up, gave a 68” wheelbase, max we can run in ACU unlimited Streetbike. But, I might stretch the next one for 72”, longer slots with longer adjusters, might need it with the turbo.
  12. Thanks Paul, in the process of building a fresh motor for the old girl, was going to run this season through with the 1216 high comp, but now everything is cancelled I’m pushing on with the turbo power plant. hopefully Jason is going to be building some outlaw bodies as he still has the original mould, So it may end up getting silly, next job on the chassis is to build another swingarm, as the one in it only gives a 64” wheelbase. all takes time mate
  13. As everyone has said, no need. But if you do want to upgrade your pump, the only place I know of is Sean at BigCC. His bandit turbo kits are built with an up rated pump. Simply because adding a turbo adds extra demand. and yes, we have seen them fail, normally down to poor maintenance.
  14. Well, the bandit is sitting idle, pipe has been changed, removed the fairing for this year, and gone back to a stock looking front end with clocks and light. When I get back down the unit I’ll take a few pics. Hopefully we will get some racing in toward the end of the season, but for now, bike will stay NA, as the turbo is now going on the hybrid EFE/Bandit comp bike. The one I need to get the chassis finished on lol.
  15. Bow

    ET turbo drag bike

    I’m keeping the fairing, I do prefer the look. progress has come to a standstill at the moment as I’ve been busy sorting jobs on other folks projects. But I’m still collecting parts that I want for the old school look. Wont be able to hide the fact it’s an oil boiler though, much to some folks dismay. Just can’t warrant buying an old aircooled motor and chucking a lot of money at it. At least with my bandit motors I have a workshop full of motors and spares. Makes sense to use what I’ve got. next job on the list is to sort the rear subframe, and get the body line right. So need to fit the slick to a wheel and then stare at it with a coffee in my hand, and a fag in my gob. Everything for the engine build is now on the shelf, 34mm tin tops on the bench ready for inspection and clean/rebuild. im a bit behind where I wanted to be, but there is no rush, still have the bandit to run at the start of the season. Later folks,
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