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  1. This is a mostly stock 750 with pods on the carbs. The tube that plugs into the cross member on the frame and blows over the top of the carbs I always suspected was more for cooling the area around the carbs than anything. Airbox I’d think would be drawing from the cooler air around the rear wheel/battery area. But like I said, it’s been years since I’ve ran full plastics.
  2. Thanks, suspected as much. They can wait for the time being then.
  3. Putting fairings back on to a GSXR 750 for the first time in over 15 years and it's kinda weird. Trying to remember, did the air intake pipes from the upper fairing do anything other than help cool the area around the carbs? This is a 750N(us market, same as the M), and the last time I ran fairings was on a 750J with flatslides and I honestly can't remember if I still had them or not on that bike. There's a few on Eblag for about $100 a set, but if not needed I'll skip them and focus more on getting everything painted to match.
  4. Are these still available? BST38s off a 750N(us market). Recently started getting a lot of hesitation in the midrange that I need to sort out.
  5. Yes, but they hang too low and I like parking on sidewalks.
  6. Can’t get cams for them either. I’m just ordering a can from them. Hadn’t even thought about the short stroke headers not clearing the long stroke oil pans.
  7. Just checked and the Hindle will fit my midpipe. Looks like I'll be ordering one of those up. Thanks again.
  8. When I first looked I put in 90-91 GSXR750, and nothing came up. Checked again for 88 750s and the 1100s and saw those. Good to know someone is still making exhausts for old GSXRs. Thanks!
  9. Hindle, nothing for old GSXRs anymore. Motogpwerks, all custom fab. Might just have to slap an 1100 or 1200 in it so I can use one of my big 1100 exhausts.
  10. The mid pipe I think is a little tweaked too. I’ll check and see if I can get Hindle or Motogpwerks in the states, a lot of the euro brands are either almost impossible to get here or stupidly expensive. I bought a full Akro system from the UK like 15 years ago and it was about $2000 at the time.
  11. Been checking Eblag constantly here in the states and there aren't any old exhausts anymore. Currently have a yosh system that's been chopped down way too short and I'm getting sick of how loud it is. I unfortunately got rid of all my beat up old 750 exhausts a few years ago because I didn't think I'd ever need them again. Does anyone still make anything that will fit the 750s? If I can't find anything by this fall I'll just swap a 1200 into it and use a old Yosh 1100 full duplex I have(I'll probably do that eventually anyway.)
  12. Found someone selling what looks almost like a new old stock cowl here in the states, want to make sure it fits before I start haggling with him over the price. I've got a 750n, oil cooled here unlike the rest of the world. Here are some photos of the cowl, they're not sure of the year.
  13. I think bandit 600 or early SV650 brakes fit, but the stock rotors are too small for them. You'll need larger rotors, probably easier to throw a newer master cylinder on it and braided lines or look into a front end swap.
  14. Took it out for a spin with a couple friends on slabbies last night. Speedo needle didn’t like doing a ton on the local shit roads. I’ve got a nicer 1100 cluster that I might swap the tach and mount up, or I’ll just live with it and ride it all summer. I’ve had so many of these damn needles snap over the years.
  15. Oh, I just mean lower miles than the 28K that it shows on the odometer.
  16. Picked it up today. Also looked over it more, besides the seats, it has some nice bling on it. Someone put some money into this back in the day, allegedly has a newer engine as well, but who knows. Lowers and mids are rashed a little on one side, the hunt for full fairings begins.
  17. Anyone know if the early W front fenders were compatible? Only fenders I'm finding on Eblag are missing tabs and they want stupid money for them. Never mind, looked up the part number and saw that it's the same from 90-95. Got a decent W one ordered up for a fair price.
  18. Thanks, time to get a black front fender. I do prefer the wheels purple over black, almost as nice as the white wheels.
  19. Saw this posted online while sitting at a bar getting drunk last night with a friend. Started emailing, then texting, and went and checked it out today. It’s missing the uppers, has the mids and lowers, would love to restore it to full fairings if I could ever find an upper. Has a yosh top triple and one case cover. Will be getting a bandit engine soon enough, but fuck I could not pass up on those beautiful purple wheels. Does anyone remember what color the front fender was? I need to replace it and the front tire immediately.
  20. Thanks, I'll try and at least get the tank and seat lock paired.
  21. Got a link for the keyless ignition? It has an 05 GSXR1K front end with an LSL top triple, so the steering lock never worked anyway.
  22. After recovering my 7/11, the ignition and gas cap locks are trash. I've been going through my spares but I'm not finding any sets that have all three locks matching. What newer Suzukis use the same ignition and gas cap mounts? From what I've seen on Eblag, it looks like Ws, maybe SRADs, GS500s through the early 00s? Don't want to order a full set and find out the gas cap doesn't fit. I'm also guessing those cheap chinese knockoff ignitions are all garbage.
  23. Check the wiring diagram and see if it’s the coil that has a wire running from the coil to the tach. If so, check that wire. Went through a second set of coils and buying another CDI before finding that wire grounding out in the connector to an aftermarket gauge. Everything tested fine, annoying as hell.
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