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  1. Did they even make them for the first gens? I've only ever seen them on the second gens.
  2. Yeah, probably spec for some specific country. CA carbs also had the idle adjust directly below the carbs, no cable out to the side. I grew up in CA, first thing you did when you got a bike was try and restore it back to what the other 49 states got.
  3. Yup, those brackets off the passenger peg mounts. You can run them without them, but the plastics flex more. We can't get them anymore in the states, but they do show up on Eblag. I think Suzuki sold off or killed off the last of a lot of these little random brackets in the last 5-10 years. Every time I look for some OEM bolt or bracket I need to restore my one "stock" bike I find it's unavailable unless it was used on more than one model that was only around for a year or two. Part number is 43815-41C0V, they were only one the 91/92 750/1100. Also need the cushions which are 09320-08018, and they're still around.
  4. Can confirm, I've got American BST38s on a 750N and they've got all the tubing, but the power jets are blocked with a #0 jet. I thought all the bandits had a single fuel inlet in the middle between #2 & #3 and a remote choke. Those look like GSXR 750 carbs maybe for a specific market with restrictive emissions? Everything looks right except the lack of the power jet holes.
  5. Possible to use an oil cooled axle in W forks?
  6. Have to use bandit cam gears on the GSXR cams, and anything is better than stock bandit cams.
  7. If you already have the MP throttle, just swap out the throttle tube for an R6 one or something similar. I’ve got a couple of them and I agree, practically have to readjust your hand on the throttle to get it wide open.
  8. No worries, we have the same problem, and definitely worse on hot days.
  9. Nice, I’ve got an old ratty slingshot 1100 frame that I’m gonna do a similar thing with. B12, dot head until I can get a 1216 kit in it. I love my purple 750N, but damn does it kill my back after awhile, I need more naked bikes back on the road.
  10. By the way, what are you doing to the B12 engine? I can’t imagine it’s going in stock.
  11. Only if the header clears the sump. L/M are more likely to fit than a J/K as they’re slightly taller engines. The rest of it should line up fine as long as it clears the sump.
  12. Check the float needles, they shouldn’t leak, but all my bikes with RS or FCR carbs I just get in the habit of turning the petcock off when leaving the bike. I’ve got a dirt bike made by that brand that won’t be mentioned here with an FCR carb on it, and if I leave the petcock on, the garage smells of gas constantly because the float bowl vents directly to atmosphere and it’ll keep evaporating gas as long as there’s gas in the bowl.
  13. My 7/11(that I need to put back together) has RS38s, you give up some bottom end around town, but get into the twisties or a long open road, and they come alive. Velocity stacks and RamAir filters are the way to go with them. I’m expecting my 750 to be nothing but top end with them if I can get it running.
  14. Crank won’t budge if you try and turn it?
  15. Glad to know I’m not the only one, and I can still ride the bike but it’s fucking distracting shifting gears. Makes me actually use the clutch to shift. Gonna pull my carbs apart in the morning, if I have to do the valves, I’m gonna drop in an 1127 and rebuild the 750 later.
  16. Cool, I might see if I have a spare throttle cable, otherwise I'll give this one a good lube and give the carbs a quick going over.
  17. So I think I first noticed this a few days ago, but yesterday when doing about a 3 hour ride I really started to notice it. When shifting especially, the revs are hanging and not dropping when rolling off the throttle slightly. Usually up around 5-6K when doing "normal" city and back roads riding. If I let go of the throttle and let it snap shut, it's fine. Adjusted the throttle cable in the garage earlier and pulled the throttle apart, everything there seems normal. It's not an air leak as I've dealt with those way too many times and it returns to normal idle if I snap the throttle closed. I'll be pulling the tank off tomorrow and looking into it. Maybe a sticky throttle cable, though it doesn't feel bad. I can try lubricating it tomorrow when the tank is off. Anything else it might be? I'll check the throttle linkage too. They're CV carbs so not really sure what could cause the revs to hang. Thanks, just looking for ideas before I tear into the bike tomorrow. The bike is a full fairing 750, and there's so much factory crap under the tank, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if something was just interfering with the throttle.
  18. Finally got around to checking my carbs. Currently have 135s in them. My stock BST38s started being really slow to return to idle yesterday if I didn’t let the throttle snap closed, like not really dropping RPM when rolling off while shifting. So thinking I might finally go ahead and swap these in tomorrow. If they’re too much, I’ll stick an 1127 into the bike next week.
  19. Thanks, I’ll suggest that as a starting point.
  20. Oh yeah, always forget about the signals. I think I’m the only person I know with stock signals in the stock holes. I know about the grab rail on the 1100, I think I’ve got one or two of those things stuck in a box. If you’re painting the mids, you can always fill in the holes, though mids are pretty cheap anymore.
  21. Trying to help a friend out that has some old I believe slabby yosh forks and no idea how much fork oil to use in them. Anyone have any ideas? I can probably get more photos if needed
  22. Yeah, totally different heights. Between the 750 and 1100, the mids and lowers and mostly the tails are the same. Upper and bracket are totally different because of where the clipons are mounted. I think the headlights are the same, but not positive. Check Eblag here in the states, the brackets come up pretty often. I need to start working on my naked GSXRs again, I’m getting to know too much about fairings.
  23. Factory Pro usually only has Mikuni emulsion tubes for the GSXRs if they have any at all. They used stock tubes, custom needles, and Dynojet used their own design for both.
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