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  1. The 1052 had an integrated breather that's slightly lower than the removable one on the 1127 and blandit 1200s. At the end of the day, you're not getting any 1100/1200 valve cover off when the engine is fully mounted in a 750 frame. You can remove the valve cover if you undo all engine mounts except the bottom rear and tilt the engines forwards in the frame and slide the valve cover back. Also requires removing the carbs.
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    Yeah, you can use them like that. Others have used more modern CDIs with the 1052 pickups. It's not like Suzuki has ever been known to change out a perfectly good part if they don't have to.
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    Yeah, 1052s had twin pickup. I think they're the only ones out of the oil cooled. Not sure about the first gen 750s as I've never owned one. The rest of the oil cooled seems to really only depend on the plugs matching up to the CDI and being mindful of the rev limiter. I've got the factory manual for all the slingshot 750s at home that I can check for ignition timing sometime, but currently out of town dealing with family stuff.
  4. Was strictly added for emissions. If it does fuck all on the bandit it's probably only at a certain small RPM range where they test the emissions at. Same as things like secondary air injection or carbon canisters, pull it all and toss it in the bin.
  5. That's not a Katana head. GSX750F head. The US was the only place that got that name and it's an insult to proper Katanas.
  6. Yup, just make sure to use an 1100 ECU.
  7. Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever figured out how much power those shaft drives can take before they pop?
  8. What are you working with? Powerscreen engine in a slingshot frame, is it a custom job, or a stock looking bike? Do you have an old busted harness currently? Do you have an ECU? Even a bodged up harness is better than no harness as you can reuse the connectors if they're still good. Best option of course is a powerscreen or slingshot harness with ecu. Avoid the 750 ECUs as the 1100s don't last that long with that high of a rev limiter. Bandit harness and ECU will work as well, but timing is slightly different from the GSXR stuff. Build the harness yourself, there's an old diagram on here that shows exactly what's needed for the engine to run, and then you simply add the separate circuits for the lights that you need. But it's time consuming and a pain in the ass to do. I've been procrastinating on finishing a bike for a couple years now for just this reason. You can buy an M-Unit, but it's mainly handling all the auxiliary stuff, they're expensive, and you'll still need the ECU and factory connectors to plug into ECU, signal generator, etc.
  9. If it's running rich it's most likely the emulsion tubes are worn. You'll have to call them to order emulsion tubes, but they're a fraction of the price of a full kit. In the future, you can drop the needles a notch when it's running rich like that to verify if it's the tubes. It's only a band aid fix, but it'll help clear up the bogging in the mid range if that's the problem. Also, DJ needles are usually titanium.
  10. Yup, I used to do the same thing. Turn the lights on, put on my gear, and then fire it up.
  11. Bunch of threads already on this subject. As long as your charging system is in good shape and hasn't been bodged together over the years, it should be fine. Better to error on the side of higher cranking amps with lithium, and they really don't like the cold, so not best if you're gonna ride it all winter.
  12. Sorry, all I saw was the G and pictured the giant shaft drive bike in my head. A slabby harness should be a lot closer to fitting. I think some of them had an extra lead for a second ignition pickup, but you can just ignore that. Probably won't have all the connectors for the power screen gauges or the power screen, but should work for the engine.
  13. Most likely not a direct swap as the G was a cruiser with everything in different locations than the powerscreen. The engine will most likely run with it as long as neither of those bikes had unique connectors, but I can't see it fitting everything else on the bike.
  14. Their's probably won't fit with a 7/12 build, but you might be able to build something similar that will clear the tank.
  15. This is always an option. https://accbilletengineering.co.za/product/suzuki-gsxr-750-slingshot-coil-relocator/
  16. The adjusters are threaded in to the frame, the pivot shaft is not threaded. Try soaking it with penetrating oil and letting it sit, then try hitting it with a hammer again to get it out.
  17. He never said anything about having the 40mm CVs. Said he has 36mm CVs and RS40s. I'd probably go with the RS40s and just complain a lot about how much the bike sucks to ride in town.
  18. First gen Fs all used 3.5" wheels. Second gen Fs all used 4.5" wheels. First gen Fs had different swing arms for 600s and 750s, probably only differed in length. Second gen Fs used the same swing arms on both models. I had a first gen 600F years ago, I want to say you could fit a 150, and maybe a 160 in the swing arm, but that was about it. It was pretty narrow. You might be able to fit a second gen swing arm into a first gen frame, but I'm not positive. It's been like 20 years since I've touched one of those bikes.
  19. I think they were primarily for the Japanese market.
  20. The 748cc short stroke 750s had dots cast into the sides of the heads. The 88-89 j/k GSXR750s had them as well as the first gen 750Fs. Same size valves as the 1100s, steeper intake for better flow, and a cheap and easy bump to compression and power when swapped on to a bandit 1200 engine. Had to double check the blandit 750s, it looks like they got the long stroke engines, but we never got them here as far as I know.
  21. Same, that's what we call them here in the states.
  22. Except we don't use the "gi x x er" word here. You'll also find that you can't write out the names of most other manufacturers, especially h*nda. There are also a lot of us on here from outside of Europe, so plenty of other slang that will get used from time to time as well.
  23. Yup. Blandit - Powerscreen/F - GSXR. The 750J cams are supposed to be the best, but the GSXR1100 are still better than the the powerscreen cams for top end.
  24. No rush. It would be for an 1100m that I don't even know when I'm going to get back around to working on.
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