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  1. Some are drilled for mounting fairings, some aren't. Considering they're usually for looks on most bikes, sticking a fairing over them kinda defeats the purpose.
  2. Two piece upper fairing mount, mids bolt on to the sides of the head, and lowers bolt on to brackets that come off the lower frame rails. The lower brackets and head mounts are easy to get, the upper fairing bracket is gonna probably be pricy.
  3. I think there are some adjustable pegs on amazon and Eblag, but I’ve never owned a slabby, so not sure how the stock pegs mount on them.
  4. As others have said, there really isn’t much for those 600 lumps. They were the detuned small displacement version of an already detuned 750 engine. Keep an eye out for GSXF750 engines as they tend to be pretty cheap, and easy to swap GSXR cams into. Also upgrade that suspension and brakes on the 600F, they’re crap.
  5. Here’s that D&D exhaust. No real damage other than the can and hanger. Never seen any 750 exhausts like this, only 4/1s. No info on it either as I got it off a mate that got it with a batch of other parts.
  6. I looked at it some more after letting it rest for a week in the garage. Pretty sure if I swapped the stock exhaust hanger back on it would work, but still a really long exhaust. Also has some rash on the front of the can, so thinking at some point in the future I’ll drill out the rivets and cut it down a little. Still really curious about that 4/2/1 header, don’t remember ever really seeing those on 750s. I’ll post up a photo of the full exhaust off the bike later to see if anyone has any thoughts on it. For now though, I am running this exhaust. Yosh 750 header/mid that came with the bike and a carbon muffler off a 750w parts bike I picked up. Finally sounds like a proper GSXR750 again.
  7. I remember reading on here that they’re mainly bling, especially back in the old 90s era street fighter builds. Really only needed when doing extremely big displacement builds that can cut into oil passages in the block. I have a set that I’ve ran for a bit, but then removed. Might use them again at some point, but always just been bling on my bikes. I’m sure someone with more knowledge will come along shortly.
  8. That mid pipe is extremely long, but think I'm gonna try fixing a botched together Yosh system I have before I start chopping any more parts.
  9. I honestly don’t know what the hanger is for. I bought it off Eblag years ago, Ti hanger that may or may not be a yosh part. I’ll try swapping the standard passenger peg/hanger back on.
  10. Did some searching and I’m still leaning towards it being a slabby exhaust. Found this example, different header than mine, but the muffler placement looks pretty similar.
  11. Got an old D&D exhaust off a friend last year, originally thought it was for a 750W as it has the separate 2 into 1 headers and the 2 into 1 mid pipe like they all had, but the spacing was wrong. It’s definitely an oil cooled 750 exhaust, but the hanger is a good 9cm back from my race hanger. I only know slingshots, were the slabby hangers farther back? I’ve never been a huge fan of D&D exhausts, as they’re usually stupid loud, but was curious with the 4/2/1 header for a 750. Also have a yosh can that I might be able to make work with it, but would rather know what it is before I start chopping it up.
  12. Is the slingshot a 750 or 1100? Interesting that the 750W is lighter. Motivates me to do a swing arm swap sooner than later.
  13. Might want to go read the rules.
  14. I've seen reports on here of some people having weak spark or other running issues after switching to stick coils, which has been part of why I keep procrastinating on doing the swap on any of my bikes. It would be nice to know what works and what doesn't. I do remember being told R6 coils work, but can't remember what year they were. I think mid to late 2000s. Those magazine scans are what I remember going by originally as well.
  15. I have R6 coils sitting in an engine on the shelf that I was told years ago would work, but keep forgetting to install them on anything.
  16. This is the one piece dog bones for the banana swing arm. That one you posted looks like the right one for the braced swing arm.
  17. That looks like it's for the R/S braced swing arm. The banana swing arm linkage has the dog bones as one piece with bearings in the end. The braced swing arm dog bones just have a spacer and a bolt. At least that's how it looks in the parts diagrams I double checked. How much are they asking? I usually see them on Eblag for like $10 for the cushion lever, and $10 for the dog bones. Though I just looked on Eblag here in the states and there's not much for the 94/95 swing arms right now.
  18. Got them all mounted up. Used the stock shift rod with a new rod end ball joint to bolt on to the shifter. Currently cold and wet outside so it can wait till it’s nicer before I take it for a test ride and finish adjusting them. Curious, does anyone else loctite the hardware on their rear sets?
  19. I was mostly kidding about making the bike uncomfortable. Too many old injuries at this point to be super aggressive with them anymore. Gonna mount the right side first as that’s my bad knee, and once I decide on a position, figure out the shift linkage for the left. Do any companies sell shift linkage in various lengths? All I’m finding here in the states is crap for Harleys.
  20. Think I got them figured out. No shift linkage included, so need to get that sorted once I figure out just how uncomfortable I want to be on the bike.
  21. Yup, left over 1100 frame from a 7/11 project. Had to do a custom battery tray to clear the shock I ran as well, but not too hard as all modern batteries are smaller than what they came with stock. Used a more modern GSXR shock with a piggy back reservoir. Rode it for several years before tearing it down again, handled way better than the stock swing arm. Sorry I don't have any better photos of it, the frame is currently across town in storage.
  22. Ordered a set back in November, finally showed up today. Gonna go out to the garage and see if I can figure out how to assemble them, but if anyone already has them on their bike and could take a photo, it'd be appreciated. They've only got photos of the right rear set on their site, and no photos of them on a bike. Thanks
  23. I've done it, believe I used the W linkage. Only thing I remember was the different sized swing arm pivot bolts.
  24. Well, most people usually run around 38-40mm carbs on 1100s, and those came off a first gen 750. So yeah, they are going to be on the small side. Now go introduce yourself.
  25. So I also found this while reassembling it. Looks like a good excuse to stick an 1100 into it when I eventually do something with it.
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