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  1. That was retail in 1989. I'm not paying that. Had a worn set in the calipers already which I used as a template for the modded SBS pads. Because he's getting old and it took him a while to find them amongst his boxes and boxes of parts. I have stock calipers, not interested in using them on this build. Also have a set of Harrison Big Billet 6s but don't want to use them either. Never seen a set of brake pads with a use by date. I sell NOS pads 5 days a week as I work in spares and we specialise in old stuff, no complaints from anyone. The calipers have been on display their whole life, I'm willing to take the risk. Big chunky magnesium calipers, I can't see how any forces I put on them will make them fail. There's as set of marvics as well but I draw the line on old magnesium wheels for road use. Not the way I look at it. I asked for the calipers, took a while to get him to sell them to me. I was aware of the pad situation but that came good in the end after I'd come up with a solution. I don't think quitting my job is the answer, during lockdown, mid pandemic, over something I actively chased for a while but thanks for your concern.
  2. After all of that I take an pad into work and ask the boss if he has any pads for it and they suddenly appear. He likes holding out on me to give me the shits, not the first time I've asked him. Got 2 full sets now, each pair of pads is AUD$300 for one caliper. I'll end up paying more for the pads than I did for the bloody calipers. Better than my solution though which I wasn't extremely happy about.
  3. I think they'll fit fine. First one in. Seems to line up nicely, just need to tidy up the edges. I'd originally discounted these pads on the diagrams as they were 85 wide and that seemed too much of a difference but it includes the little dick bit on the side which is about 3mm wide.
  4. Thanks gents for your suggestions. I've found some SBS brembo fitment pads that are just on 82mm wide so a bit off each side and they should fit in OK. Some of the hardware from the standard 89 calipers fit so I'll replace those bits and do the bolts once I find seals. One piston is 34mm, the other 27mm. . 80mm standard pad. SBS pad I'll hopefully get the pads in this weekend.
  5. Cheers, I've been through EBC, SBS, NIssin and Brembo catalogues and looked at all the shadow drawings with measurements. I've narrowed down the closest, I just have to order them in to try without my boss getting too grumpy: FA294 or SBS 743/778 FA295 or SBS 741 FA218 or SBS 695 (9.3mm thick) FA218/2 or SBS 711 (8mm thick) FA211
  6. G'Day, I've picked up a set of these caipers but pads are going to be the tricky part. They're slingshot spacing, being taken off an RK race bike. RK standard pads or racekit pads don't fit. I have a few leads from the SBS catalogue for pads that might come close to fitting. Anyone have any ideas or leads or seen a set before? Cheers.
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