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  1. I was mostly kidding about making the bike uncomfortable. Too many old injuries at this point to be super aggressive with them anymore. Gonna mount the right side first as that’s my bad knee, and once I decide on a position, figure out the shift linkage for the left. Do any companies sell shift linkage in various lengths? All I’m finding here in the states is crap for Harleys.
  2. Think I got them figured out. No shift linkage included, so need to get that sorted once I figure out just how uncomfortable I want to be on the bike.
  3. Yup, left over 1100 frame from a 7/11 project. Had to do a custom battery tray to clear the shock I ran as well, but not too hard as all modern batteries are smaller than what they came with stock. Used a more modern GSXR shock with a piggy back reservoir. Rode it for several years before tearing it down again, handled way better than the stock swing arm. Sorry I don't have any better photos of it, the frame is currently across town in storage.
  4. Ordered a set back in November, finally showed up today. Gonna go out to the garage and see if I can figure out how to assemble them, but if anyone already has them on their bike and could take a photo, it'd be appreciated. They've only got photos of the right rear set on their site, and no photos of them on a bike. Thanks
  5. I've done it, believe I used the W linkage. Only thing I remember was the different sized swing arm pivot bolts.
  6. Well, most people usually run around 38-40mm carbs on 1100s, and those came off a first gen 750. So yeah, they are going to be on the small side. Now go introduce yourself.
  7. So I also found this while reassembling it. Looks like a good excuse to stick an 1100 into it when I eventually do something with it.
  8. Finally got around to pulling the radiator so I could pull the exhaust tonight. Noticed that the #1 cylinder on the exhaust side is stamped. Anyone have any ideas on this? Bike doesn’t look like it did any race/track time.
  9. Good to know about the banana swing arms. I’ve swapped the 94/95 W braced arms onto slingshots before. Also didn’t realize the frames were so flexible on the later Ws. If I get an 1100 I’ll look for a later one with the boss on the cylinder and get custom braces made.
  10. I’m in the states too. It was close to 20 years ago the last time I knew someone that had used one in the past, and it was probably around 30 years ago when they did. Checked webike and they have some stuff for them, but no cams. Probably the only chance is gonna be someone in Europe or Asia that has NOS sitting on a shelf somewhere. Not sure what part of the states you’re in, but you might try craigslist up in Canada.
  11. I remember the old RF900 swaps with the 750 heads. Figure if I'm gonna drop a new engine in I want to use an 1100, though I just checked the price of RF900 engines on that site, and damn they're cheap.
  12. I've got a K series 1K swing arm on an oil cooled bike already, might go the same way. Do the Ws not have the problem the slingshots had with the top shock mount being too far forward for most modern swing arms?
  13. Yeah, the brakes and rotors were the first thing I spotted that made me want to grab it. Nothing else on the bike even says track bike to me, all fairly stock other than the white paint over what I'm guessing was a blue and white bike. Are the 92/93 banana swing arms interchangeable with the 94/95 braced swing arms? I've got a banana swing arm that I want to swap out for that braced one.
  14. So this popped up for sale for $200 last month and I grabbed it primarily for the swing arm, brakes, straight spoke wheels, and the Yosh carbon exhaust. Now I keep thinking about keeping it and building it back up, but the 750s were big fat pigs. Do the W 1100 engines drop in to the 750 frames as easily as the oil cooled ones? I’ve been checking Eblag and the W 1100 engines here in the states are going for about $1800. Any other easy mods with the Ws? This is newest GSXR I’ve ever owned. Any easy swing arm upgrades?
  15. I know Yosh made a hop up kit for the GSXR 400 that also fit the Bandit 400, but no idea on the part number.
  16. If you’re running full fairings, the headers are totally hidden on those bikes. Put a fresh coat of spray paint on them. Or even better hide a turbo in the fairing.
  17. Teapots didn't really change much between first and second gens. Any of those 600/750 exhausts should fit. And stay away from all the OEM stuff, as others have said, they were extremely heavy.
  18. First gen 600 and 750 teapots were all dual exhausts. No idea what that's off of. Looks like it was OEM on something by the shitty welds. Also the spacing looks wrong and usually 2 & 3 are slight proud of 1 & 4 for clearance issues.
  19. Just saw this. If you need photos, I need to pull my tank tomorrow and I can get you what you need. I also have the factory manual that I can check for cable routing. Also late gen slingshot harnesses are the same for the 750 and 1100.
  20. Which ever one fits, all the slingshot breathers should be interchangeable. If it’s going in a teapot frame, the breather should be one of the few things that won’t hit anything. Just run a hose off it and plumb it to a catch can or a filter.
  21. If you find the dot head won’t work because of clearance issues, the next best thing is to use the dot cams in the blandit.
  22. MK2 B12s got totally different carbs for emissions, swap out the intakes and none of the throttle bodies are a direct fit, but early 600s are the most commonly used on here. I’ve got a MK2 B12 engine that I need to do the same thing to at some point.
  23. Same, I’ve had the brake on an LSL bar for about the same amount of time and it works fine. Keep telling myself I’m going to swap it out for a Brembo RC at some point, but I kinda like the look of the coffin reservoir on the bike.
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