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Gsx-R 750 M


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Here's the project page of my 750 m. 

When I bought it about two years ago.


I didn't like the colour of the wheels, the handling was bad, the tyres were terrible and so on. So decided to break the bike and build it my way.

Because I bought a stainless 4-1 header I wanted to remove the old stock header. And off course, a tap broke so I took the engine out.


Sandblasted the wheels.


And painted them white again like they use to be. And some fresh wheel bearings.



Got the engine back in and mounted the ''new'' header. 



Because removing the stock airbox was a real nightmare I thought that fitting it back wasn't gonna be better. Good excuse to fit some pod filters. First I took the carburators apart for some ultrasonic cleaning and fitted Dynojet emulsion tubes and needles.


Nice and clean again.


New bolts for the bowls.



Ordered the Pipercross filters because I don't like the look of K&N and because ''everybody'' says they don't work ;)



Bike together again and ready for a testride.



Took the bike to the Dyno. And after 2,5 hours of testing it resulted in 112WHP which sounds good to me.


I do love trick parts and thought It would be nice to fit an Yoshimura heat shield. But.. a genuine one is very overpriced IF you find one on the interwebs. So I found this company who made reproductions of the Yoshi ones but also very pricy. So decided to make some on my own (with some help of a friend). We made an exact copy of the Yoshimura one, lasercut out of heat resistant material. Not only for the looks but also effective.

Here's the bike ready for the first time. (also with the Yoshi repro heat shield)



The power wasn't an issue anymore but the suspension and brakes were.

So installed a Wilbers Racing rear shock and Galfer front discs with Ferodo brake pads.




The shock made a real difference on the bike. Finally some good handling!

But the brakes were not there yet... So it was time to add some six pod porn in the front.


And a Brembo RCS radial pump with Goodridge steel braided lines.



And because it was winter again, some maintenance was done.


Added some more useful parts.




Done again.





And then it was time for some new tires because I got the possibility to go with Rene and Jelly to the IOM TT :D Mounted a set of S20 evo tyres.



And mounted another muffler, a Yoshi Japan one instead of the DanMoto Chinese one. And a real carbon front fender (or mudguard, don't know how to call it)




Never gonna sell this bike!


Still got a few updates in mind, like re do the front fork and make another exhaust and change the front discs (somehow I don't like the wave design). And get a set of race fairing for it.











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Should we seitch to dutch? Might be easier hahahahha


buy nice jobs done on the bike.

inaway its already dinished


a shame though that you have the nice covera hielded off by the fenders...


ah well you can always say... I have it on the bike....

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Looks lush...

What are the headers ?

Don't really know the brand or make. It is aftermarket and found one once on Egay in the UK. It should be a aftermarket stainless bandit 4-1 header. At least, that's how I found one new on the net and this header also came off a bandit.

Works pretty fine and fits very well. 

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Lovely bike Quist ! - glad to see it's still used as was intended.

I'm sure you've thought about this already, but my thoughts would be :

The standard wheels are pretty heavy, later wheels will save a kilo or two (keep std 5.5 rear rim size) - with the 750 you can either fit a whole front end from a 600/750, complete with radial brakes (k6 - on would be a bit nice !) -  or fit the lighter and better performing late forks in your yokes . I  saved a lot of weight by fitting a Lithium battery, over 3 kilos, dropping some weight off the bike is always a good thing and very noticeable when riding it like a sports bike .

Keep up the good work - Oily

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