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  1. I had kind of thought this in the back of my mind, need a re-think then.
  2. I'm in the process of preping my ET frame and one of the things I need to sort is the rear shock mount. For some reason one of them has had a few mm of thread cut off and I'm not sure I'll get enough to bite on it when it comes to fitting everthing up. What I'm thinking of doing is cutting the mounts back and then having them drilled and tapped so I can bolt the shocks up using M8 bolts. Does this sound like a wise thing to do, what other options are there.
  3. Very nice, some real nice detail gone in to that.
  4. Hoping mine will be up there soon. I've got and ex TTS head with kit cams, 39fcr's and full factory pipe, just need to get in the garage and build it. I did have a ERO loom and cdi but sold it to a friend for his race bike
  5. DC98

    Gsx-R 750 M

    Thats really nice, prefer the yoshi can as well. 750M was my first big bike back when I was 19, loved it to bits (literally)
  6. Do it, they are great. Dyno'd mine at the weekend and its making a not to shabby 116hp at the wheel, looks a little lean so might even be a couple more in there somewhere.
  7. Yeah the stock carbs are tin tops, think I'll stick with them then. Cheers
  8. Now my ET is under way I'm trying to get all the bits sorted and was wondering what people opinions were on carbs. Currently I've got the stock CV's that it came with but have got the option of some VM29's bored to 33mm. The end plan is for a turbo but that may not happen as quick as I'd like so as a stop gap what would me best choice be.
  9. I had one as my second big bike, loved it but had to sell it when I started racing. Bought this one a couple of year back, its not a minter by any means but that just adds to its appeal. Got it MOT's yesterday so hopefully get a few miles in if the weather holds off.
  10. balls, that'll make a dent in the budget.
  11. I take it that some of the internals don't take turbo power to well then. What would the crank need to take the load.
  12. DC98


    That's lovely, I'd just wheel it in the living room like that and stare are it.
  13. what makes the air cooled so much more expensive?
  14. Interesting read...... I'm planning to turbo my ET so was going to be asking slot of these questions. Does most of the oil cooler info go for the air cooled as well. I was planning on using stock Pistons but will I be needing to uprade to something else sorry to hijack your thread.
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