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Sun's shining so went out for ice-cream and test the new fuel pump. All good but still has a little miss at 2000 revs. Forgot to change the show plate back to the legal one :D:pimp:IMG_20240511_140249.thumb.jpg.885f62a31176fb497bf5daad045f199a.jpg IMG_20240511_125443.thumb.jpg.9a6c9e54e1ff374fc021564900c87f39.jpg IMG_20240511_133640.thumb.jpg.870db0f0fbb054d6bae7188ea12b8b66.jpg IMG_20240511_140851.thumb.jpg.8acd91dfb483c93d08ca8f9c564d10f6.jpg what a fooking weapon this thing is B|

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1 minute ago, clivegto said:

 Forgot to change the show plate back to the legal one :D:pimp: IMG_20240511_125443.thumb.jpg.9a6c9e54e1ff374fc021564900c87f39.jpg   what a fooking weapon this thing is B|

Easy to not give a fuck officer to be distracted when getting ready for a gentle ride out xD

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2 hours ago, clivegto said:

You never watched Road Runner :)wile_e_coyote_looney_tunes_slice.jpg.ebab00edefd5ad1aa19b7ed4303c85c2.jpg s-l1200.thumb.webp.bd4ff67b562e44ebf5f690d3b3868a4d.webp

Yes. Painting it would help looking at the other figure. ACME - purveyors of quality rocket-sleds (similar to those used by NASA).

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