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  1. You could just take all the insides out so you get the look and noise without the power loss.
  2. My Ape valve springs were dam awful for breaking gone back to stock and shimmed as much as I could.
  3. Yep lot peeps going back to stock. On me Turbo I've got 12.9 cap heads for studs.
  4. Other then fact stud quality not like what it used to be.
  5. Not talking about head coolers with that comment.
  6. They great for trailer queening down the pub, that it.
  7. Quite standard then in typical Stewy style.
  8. Did say take head off to it, you got to be dam lucky to get it out and now it may be hard as nails with all the heat thats been put in the bolt. I recently got bolt out with lots of heat and thread did not look great after and decided there and then drill rest instead.
  9. The left side over gearbox sprocket is supercharger oil tank. Ohlins forks suit you sir, Brembo brakes, trick wheels, dripping with stuff, fuel injection, emerald ecu, list goes on and on.
  10. An Audi car project now getting in the way. Way to many projects on the go.
  11. Thats for hard rubbers does not fox the cracked part thou.
  12. Use Wintergreen oil and rubbing alcohol. There some could tutorials on u tuba.
  13. At least only one. Head off and ped drill time.
  14. I think gs stuff bucket and shim job.
  15. Admittedly cant think of any other reason, really not sure on this one in two minds.
  16. Nik I really do get your thinking but the cooling oil jets get squirted directly onto combustion crown covered with the plates by the spring seat so only get splash oil. I know head swims in the stuff but you know what I mean.
  17. But it gets put back on the 750 shim models, I forgot to add. Its on all 1100 models not sure about gsx etc.
  18. Seems to be not fitted to 750 slingshot models.
  19. This plate on exhaust side.
  20. Does anyone know why on 750 slingshot only why did suzuki not use the the valve spring seat plate.
  21. Brilliant Captain thank you. Daz was just after that one bit of info, george has got me thinking.
  22. Anyone out there with 750 L genuine manual im after valve spring spec page, here is bandit one, this page im after not got any 750 stuff. Cheers.
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