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  1. Clive you really have got everything haven't you.
  2. Where have they both gone, dont see them post anymore.
  3. If you had not posted above that proper would confused me.
  4. Is it turbo build if not you don't need lock up. Never seen lock up done with 750 actuator it would have to be some special to work.
  5. Got to say Clive thats looks awful. At end of day the scavenge tank needs to be big enough for when you shutdown as there is still pressure in the system that pushes into turbo for quite some time. I used check valve on flow pipe and along with sump stopped any smoking on start up. I'm totally impressed with my home made mechanical pump too. Happy days.
  6. Clive i could not see why up would want to vent scavenge tank at end day the pump always needs a head of oil to work there best, mechanical pumps certainly need this why wouldn't the little electric pumps be the same.
  7. I must got unlucky with last on i did as had use carbide in the lathe, but it did tap ok after so just must been hard spot after hearing about your results.
  8. I had do same turn it down. You done well drilling and tapping in situ.
  9. Bit of chopping and welding you can make it fit thou. Thats what did on my turbo build, you can get rid of all the clutter then. Is time consuming thou.
  10. I completely agree on new stuff but not with our old clunkers Rob.
  11. Greg remember your only really interested in quick shifter been spot on when your close to red line, at end day they designed for racing and flat out shifts. Normal riding should still use your clutch.
  12. Fanny about ! But that what we all do on here.
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