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  1. Oh yes forgot about that I had smoothed it over and but them in bowls. Hmmmm got thinking now, may go back to stock style on this build.
  2. You don't actually need to remove it. At least you cam blow galleries easier i suppose.
  3. The stock m headlight has parking bulb and high and low bulbs in both headlights. They also had no relays. Now the slabsides did have relays. The bike im wiring up now will have relays.
  4. Yes they great for creating a big oilly mess. If the cover is not extended out clutch acts like a lovely paddle wheel old skool water mill styley. Nice. Yes they can help with big cc but not mounted there.
  5. Remember Camfer side of all plates towards engine.
  6. They micro switch type Dunc. Good to know you've tried them, cheaper them HM strain I've used but they are dam good.
  7. Chafered side of clutch plates in towards engine.
  8. Yes got talked into getting shed load knocked up, quite lot of bikes now have them fitted.
  9. Rebuilt set Bandit Mk1 carbs other day and forgot how they look inside. Interestingly suzuk changed design completely to hold needle square and to stop needle holder wearing out. Thought share couple of pics of bandit set up. This back up my line of thinking with the gsxr mod.
  10. I had to do engine rebuild when fuel tap failed in isle of man, because bikes leans over quite away tap is critical.
  11. We are using standard valve springs as head so many of the ones you mentioned break with not lot of mileage depends on your usage obviously. This then limits your lift of cam before you go coil bound. Alot of stuff to think about.
  12. Take it apart check for scoring, if it is throw in a new stock one.
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