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  1. Gotta agree with @dupersunchere as I think the seat unit suite the frame and build. Not sure about a fairing tho.
  2. Not too much white and blue number boards to match front muddie.
  3. And another colour of anodising ! Love it.
  4. Had a look and it looks like ACC Billet in South Africa, will try and order tonight. Not sure I can see the 2 cam links on the outside of the engine tho. Are they from ACC ?
  5. Love those billet link pipes and I NEED one to allow me to fit a head cooler on my Mag 4 . Where did you get this one from ? cheers
  6. Love to see the answer to this. My Mag 4 has the side stand snapped off the bottom mounting of the engine, so really not sure what to do. And I wasn't sat on the bike with the side stand down !!
  7. Looks more like lifted paint and corrosion to me ?
  8. Good to see you're using the anodised tat on this build ......
  9. Ramair filters are good and flexible enough to get round frame rail issues ! They fit in most applications.
  10. NO nooooo....................no chrome !! Bright nickel looks good but not chrome. But thats just my opinion and its your bike !
  11. Looks proper old skool , be interested to see how it develops.
  12. Clutch working at the moment BUT if it sticks in the spring when it comes out of hibernation I will certainly post a picture on here.
  13. Good lads, looking good !
  14. Not sure the front tyre/wheel is gonna get a lot of use !!
  15. Gotta handle better after those stickers have been fitted !!
  16. Different cam chains used in the GSXR1100 and Bandit 1200 engines. So may need bandit cams or swap the cam wheels over ?
  17. Looking forward to this one. Hopefully give me a bit of inspiration for my Mag 4 build !
  18. I fuckin love that bike @clivegto the colour scheme is spot on now you've changed the frame colour. Just one comment if I may ?? The seat unit looks set a bit too high ? Might be some of the camera angles as it looks better in some angles. From the front and side on it looks ok. But from the rear angle the seat unit looks a bit big ? Just my opinion but what do I know ?
  19. Makes sense, do you run the coolers in tandem or is one a head cooler ? So glad you changed the frame colour. Really suits the bike now.
  20. Fuckin love that bike !!! The only slight criticism I have is the front oil cooler .......... an after market one would look better but thats only my opinion, and its not my bike. Unfortunately !!!!
  21. Nice bit of lateral thinking and no need to add any welding on to the frame. Good solution.
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