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  1. @clivegtoyeah, that may well be an option for me at a later date as I have a set of Harris adjustable yokes but I think these are for a Hondu or a Yumahaha as they are a different width between the fork legs. I have a near complete GSXR1000 front end and want to get this on the bike first to get it back on its wheels. At a later date I will play with the Harris yokes , with GSXR1000 forks, wheel and spacers to try and get it to fit.
  2. Hi @clivegtoas long as I keep to big GSX's and GSXR oil boilers it seems I should be ok with the stem ? Its only really the stem I want to go in to GSXR1000 or Harris yokes to suit my Mag 4.
  3. @clivegtothats great news, thanks
  4. @Brians 7/12Hi bud, did you get an answer on this ? I need a slingshot stem but there is a slabby yoke set on Eblag that may do ? cheers
  5. I am so glad someone asked that question. I kinda hoped it was beer pumps of some sort !
  6. That is looking good, not sure I'd want to be pillion though.
  7. And I take it the M16x1.5 to AN8 adaptor is available through Torques ?
  8. Hi @clivegto, what is the threads/tap size you put in to the clutch cover ? Looks like an option I could go with rather than welding fittings in.
  9. @Gixer1460not totally sure this fella is listening to what your trying to advise him to do.
  10. @dupersuncthats brilliant Dunc, thankyou. I need this info for my Harris Mag 4 as well. Got a set of Harris yokes but I think they are off a Fireplace so I need another stem. Pretty sure the Harris frame has the cups set up for a GSXR1100 front end.
  11. Hi All, Before any one jumps in I have tried to search for an answer to this as I am sure that it must be out there and I've asked the question on similar posts but no answers as of yet. Does any one have a dimensioned drawing of the steering stem for a GSXR1100L ? I'm only really after the two thread sizes on the stem but a full drawing would be helpful. I have measured the top thread and it is 22mm diameter and what appears to be a 1.0mm pitch. Any help/answers would be appreciated. Cheers
  12. @fatblokeonbanditwhy are things so obvious when explained properly and clearly ?
  13. Hi, does any one know what the thread size and pich/tpi is on the top thread on the steering stem ? Or a drawing of a GSXR110L steerring stem ? Would be perfect. cheers all
  14. @fatblokeonbanditHi fbb, just so that I'm 100% on this, I take it that this picture shows the old stem being pushed out ? And the new stem is pushed from the underside of the yoke ? cheers
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