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  1. Just needs a final polish and jobs a guddun !
  2. Have you seen the price of marine ply lately ??!!
  3. Great CAD work going on there ! Looks like your boots may be getting a little warm off the exhaust tho ?
  4. Stick an inline fuel filter on it ?
  5. Someone trying to add a bit of pre-load ?
  6. I do like the the bare steel and brazed joints look with a clear coat to protect it. I'd do the same on my Mag 4 and still might on the next rebuild.
  7. They sure do. Just got a couple of bits delivered from them and the quality is fantastic. Great sevice as well.
  8. hahahahaha +3 I think the big single headlight is brave but does suit it !! And 1 more for the white frame.
  9. Lets face it.............he may have every mould and jig in the world BUT most of us on here won't be able to afford to buy a kit of him !!
  10. Gotta agree with @dupersunchere as I think the seat unit suite the frame and build. Not sure about a fairing tho.
  11. Not too much white and blue number boards to match front muddie.
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