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  1. Never had a problem with standard switchgear and Renthals.
  2. Yeah, I missed the advert when they first came up for sale. I was going to try them on a Mag 4 frame. Still interested if they don't fit your Spondon frame.
  3. @clivegtoBASTARD !!!! Was hoping you was going to pass them over and I could then start my own turbo road trip. but not now !! Guess I'll keep looking.
  4. It is for sale here : https://eshop.econ-werkzeuge.de/Vergaserhalter-6676293 That link doen't seem to work but I would like to know how much they are charging for the carb stands.
  5. @clivegtothere's quite a bit of room with the engine in and standard CV carbs fitted. I was thinking of a set of RS carbs this rebuild time which look a bit less taller than CV's so think it may all fit in. Or raise the tank a bit for clearance.
  6. @clivegtoHi bud, to save me reading through the whole post again ! I think I've read it at least twice. Was hoping you could answer me a couple of questions. What head have you got fitted to the motor ? Is it a DOT head ? I have a Mag 4 that I'm thinking of fitting a DOT head on to but was wondering about any clearance issues that there may be because of the different angle of the carbs. Do you know if a DOT head fits with a Mag 4 frame and tank ? Cheers
  7. I'll definitely be along for this one. Great ride out for me to Cadwell , so might be over for both days !
  8. Wagola


    It does look thicker than 4mm which sounds a bit thin IMHO, so I'd think 6mm. But if you cut hole and 'swage' them you will add stiffness.
  9. Looks good but I think I prefer the 'stacked' look.
  10. You gotta use all 4 as per the photo ! Quad headlights never seen that before, you could be starting something here !!
  11. Love that word !! and I love pontificating! Although procrastinating is good too ? Nice to see the art of discussion is alive and well. Not that I really understand any of it. Just saying.
  12. Jeez, that's some forward thinking ! I struggle planning for next years MOT's !!!
  13. I get what you are saying here @imago keep thinking of the turbo approach myself but hanging back mainly due to not fully understanding the full 'science' of it all. Don't really want a bike that will need fettling every outing. Looks like a visit to Fast By Me in the near future.
  14. Wagola

    Stafford 2022

    @Wee Man @davecara @Havoc Any pics of the stand lads ? I should be visiting the show tomorrow so I'll bring biscuits ?
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