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  1. Not sure that colour floor covering is totally practical for a workshop !?
  2. Bloody nice ! Personally I think this colour will suit the rest of the bike much better.
  3. Personally I think the frame colour takes away from the engineering that has taken place on this bike ! There's one thing for getting noticed but if its all because of rainbow colours then it may be for the wrong reasons ?? For those that know the engineering and build quality it will get all the notice it needs. And with good reason !!
  4. Had similar with sticking clutch plates. But you should know this as the bike will lurch forward as the rear wheel tries to turn ? If this is the case I've had succes with raising the revs, holding front brake on or putting front wheel against a wall , engaging first and drop the clutch ! Scary but its worked for me.
  5. If we're allowed out again !!
  6. And weight saving !!
  7. Hi @Bondymy Mag 4 has the same ailment with the side stand. Did you engineer a solution to yours ?? Lovely tribute build by the way, some great ideas that I may just nick when my own Mag 4 progresses.
  8. the frame colour is a bit bright but easy to tell what it is. Its the red engine parts that take the eye away. But the attention and class is more than evident !
  9. The more I look at this build the more you see the attention to detail !! Sometimes wish I had the same discipline , or is that OCD ? This breather hose has more thought than most of my bike !!
  10. I have a feeling that this project is going to need many many more solutions !
  11. Yeah, agreed. That looks much more motorcycle !!
  12. Its just the way the seat sits perched on its rails with no tank or side panels. Still looking forward to seeing the bike in the flesh sometime hopefully.
  13. That is looking good almost complete and ready to press the starter button !? Hope it looks better with the tank on but that seat looks like it came off one of your tractors in the background !!
  14. Wagola


    Don't really understand all the arguments ! Most bikes are a compromise. I would Fuckin love that bike in my garage !!! Wouldn't bother me which colour scheme. And as I understand it MARTEK are back in to building bike frames rather than rally cars.
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