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1994 Turbo RF build

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Hi guys, I know it's been a while...

About 3/4 done with my build. awaiting pistons & rings then I'll start the harness.

The build:

- 94 RF frame (1/2)

- 1290cc motor

- 30/27 valves + HD spring set @ 85 lbs

- Webcam .383 / .342

- Gen 1 Busa 46mm TB

- Custom fuel rail / -8 fuel line

- 400 l/hr fuel pump

- 1700cc injectors

- Garrett GTX3576R Gen 2 turbo on Ethanol

- MaxxEcu Sport

- 68-70" wheelbase

- Custom sub-frame

- Air to water intercooler running iced water

- Gen 2 Busa 3/4 bodywork for rider position / aerodynamics ( my RF bodywork was cracked and the riding position didn't permit me to hide behind the screen)

It's crazy the amount of fabrication on a turbo bike.  i like the challenge  / engineering part of it. Should be ready by spring. I got help from friends.






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Nice to see your project here too!

Regarding the idle control valve, I haven't used them on any of my EFI projects by this far. In my opinion it's more like luxury than essential thing. Basically you need it only if you want to keep the idle rpm exactly stable without any manual intervention. Especially for a race bike this isn't a big deal, IMO. 

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8 hours ago, 94RF1146 said:

Hi ,

Do you guys use Suzuki Idle Control Valve ?


Not sure how long a valve would last in a potentially boosted environment? The smart money usually uses ignition timing for idle control - a quick raise in timing just before stall zone, ups engine speed to the normal control area.

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Hi, Martin!
Your project is very interesting! I've been following him for many years!
1100w is not a bad engine, but with such power there will be constant problems with the stiffness of the cylinder block, so in my project I switched directly to the billet block. And also I think there will be problems with the transmission.
Nitro - from Germany has made some serious progress with this engine

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Hi , it's been a while....


I decided to simplify my setup and save some weight.

I didn't like the look of the plenum and my subframe.

got myself a Miller welding machine and having fun with it.

Made a new plenum and started on the subframe.

I want my bike running by the end of the month.






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