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  1. Here's a reason why being so efficient...
  2. Gonna have to redesign this...
  3. Only thing in the catch can... Tire after dyno runs. Clutch was slipping...stack height went from 1.7800" to 1.700".
  4. No more tire slip. Just added a 4th washer on each arm. Changed the oil ( Lucas 20W50 with 3 squirt of ZDDP). Oil was milky, need to take some fuel off the table. Maybe 2-5 %. Plugs look good. That 38mm Tial wastegate doesn't do much, making 20 psi on a 10 lbs spring! I created a monster ! lol I think I got a bad wheel bearing on the brake caliper side in the back. I got the Brock Prostreet clutch mod for GSXR-1100. removed the convex washer and narrow fiber. Replaced by nrornal one. My stack height is 1.74" / air gap set at .110". Bike makes 2 lbs of boost @ 5000rpm.
  5. Hi all, Fresh Shinko Hookup Pro with 30 lbs installed on Pamela... I had 3 washers per arm on the lockup. We still have some slippage. Gearing in 4th is up to 160mph not 155.mph. We rev the bike to 11500 rpm. Dyno recorded 9755 rpm . 148 mph on 160 mph gearing is 7.5 % slippage . Coup\le minor issues like air fittings not holding air line, some ECU programing. I have to check the clutch, stack height, air gap & add a washer on each arm. It was a good day today, can't wait to see what it does at 30 lbs of boost. Big thank to Steve Abussini for his time. That's it for now . MM
  6. Arttu, the speed recorded by the dyno was 108 mph. My tire went flat, no air!. We'll put it back on the dyno once I get my tire installed. I was expecting to get it back yesterday but that didn't happened. My bike is geared for 189mph in 5th right now (16/40). I'll play a lil with the 10 lbs spring power then we'll set up the boost per gear , crank it up to 30 lbs and log it. It's gonna be an animal! MM
  7. I'm sure you had fun George. What you got on the lockup clutch arms ? MM
  8. Alright, we put a base map in "Pamela". Idle is moving, never had the throttle bodies synched. I had a slow leak in my Shinko that became a major leak on the dyno. 10 lbs spring in the wastegate (15 psi spike) no ram at the moment, need more time to configure. 260 hp - 168 ft/lbs but only 108mph on a 151 mph 4th gear gearing. That's putting only 71 % to the ground. I checked the clutch / lockup and the fibers are fine and the steels have no blue marks. I suspect the tire was slipping on the rim as the tire was going flat. Tight up header, hose clamps, ect. Waiting to get my tire install on the rim for "secret spot" fun. It was nice to finally hear this thing other than idle. To be continued....
  9. Custom stainless steel 30 mm intake / 27 mm exhaust valves.
  10. Bike's running, swapped outer basket with a decent one. Now it's fine tuning & configuration when my friend is available. MM
  11. A friend here locally has a outer basket in his spare motor. That will save my butt! Changing the o-rings on my injectors for thicker ones. Got a Viton o-ring kit coming. Everything is good. Went racing with my Busa this weekend. First time out. Lost in 3rd round, I was so close ... Finished in 3rd place in my class. MM
  12. Another setback. Starter clutch bearing is worn out. On the sideline for a month. Pretty pissed off. MM
  13. We got the bike started yesterday. Few things to correct / to do : - Fuel leak - Mark TDC on the trigger wheel - My 28 years old starter gave up. I have a second one - Running rich right now. - Refill 2 CO2 bottle. Awaiting ASA shut off valve. Love the whistle from the turbo ( GTX3576R Gen 2) MM
  14. I can also reuse the bodywork on my Busa when the RF goes boom. MM
  15. Yup, the whole thing started in 2009. MM
  16. I know Arttu. My RF fairing was damaged. The fins on the side were blocking the install, tank was too high, I couldn't tuck in properly. Only RF parts left are 1/2 the frame and the cylinder head. She had her good looking days (2013)....
  17. Little more done... Possibly startup tomorrow. MM
  18. My team of leprechauns made some progress on the bike... Only things left to do are the catch cans, ECU configuration, get some E85 and startup. I had to trim my dash plate twice. Also marked where to trim the bodywork for the BOV. Doing that sometime this week. We'll do configuration when my friend is available. Cheers, MM
  19. Little setback, fncked up my oil pan trying to weld it. Another one ordered from Eblag. I'm trying to get ready for Canadian Motorcycle Drag Racing Association event... MM
  20. It's starting to look pletty in the front... Bought a Samsung A7 Lite for dash. Waiting for the rubber case to arrive.
  21. Little bit more done today. Installed a bunch of 2 & 3 wires Deutsch connectors. Love those connectors ! All injectors connectors installed hooked up. To do: - Front & back wheel sensor install - Feeds from fuse box / relays connections to MaxxEcu - Programming & tuning - 16 / 40 gearing - The RCA 7" tablet is garbage. Will get a Samsung 8".
  22. Fabricated a dash and painted the subframe black. Working on the harness this week. Waiting for my oil pressure sensor. Studying the MaxxEcu software. pretty cool stuff! Found where to get E85 nearby with steady 86-88%.
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