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  1. I'm using KZ1000 ones. Don't know what year if it matters.
  2. I never had to clearance 1127 cases to fit Carrillo rods with stock stroke crank. Also, if this bike is strictly drag race, buy a set of rods. A lot of people use Busa, water cooled, Bandit rods and made good numbers on the dyno, but they are street bikes that never see that horsepower number again and certainly not constantly so irrelevant what held up in their motors. If you are drag racing, mass produced stock rods out of any motor were never meant to see triple the power.
  3. Very clean build, I like the turbo placement and keeping it within the fairings.
  4. Hand clutch class is for drag racing, you can not use any type of lockup just super heavy springs so converting from 4 to 5 springs gives you that much more clamping force. Keeps it very competitive because you can never use all your power. There is a guy here with a nitrous 1100 that runs in the 7's - very impressive! only using a water-cooled diaphragm clutch with 3 springs (concave washers?) most of the nitrous hayabusas run 7's - 6 spring clutch. All by hand, no clutch release or delay boxes, no bars, no slicks, dot tire (always a Shinko) wheelbase can be whatever. True street bike class.
  5. Did this setup in my 1100 to compete in a hand clutch class. Uses 95-up inner basket and pressure plate, A real bitch to find as the parts are discontinued from Suzuki. 94 rf900 clutch is same as 1100w.
  6. True 1460. When we were using a s+s super b carb, 2-3 psi. When switching to hsr42, was able to realize 6-7 psi. Just messing around on the dyno with it, that's where the bike liked it best and worked very well at higher rpm's.
  7. When you sit on the bike (feet on pegs, so get a buddy to hold the bike up) you should have between a 1/2" to 1" of suspension sag on the rear. And for the love of God, Adjust that chain dude!
  8. I had to use the smallest one so it wouldn't overflow the carb. A must when using a fuel pump, even at something as low as 5 lbs of fuel pressure.
  9. Yes.,true for me. You can try ARP # 271-4701 studs for gen 1 Hayabusa. They are narrowed, similar to oem stuff.
  10. Or, Sixteen thousands first ring, seventeen thousands 2nd ring.
  11. Top ring .0050 x bore. 2nd ring .0055 x bore. (In inches).
  12. Thx Clivegto for all those drool worthy engine cover pics. I wish LMC still made that starter clutch cover, all they make now is standard covers minus the Suzuki logo, why bother? and the LHM pickup cover with I'm, guessing a scavenge pump? awesome! I would buy that.
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