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  1. Basic questions, What did you gap the plugs at? Is your fuel system dead head or do you have a return to the tank? Do you use a rising rate fuel pressure regulator?
  2. You definitely need to block the 2 holes in the underside of the valve cover otherwise you loose all pressure out those holes, ask me how I know. Street bike or race bike?
  3. If you are using Dyna 2000, it runs in wasted spark so using 2 gsxr 600/750 coils per leg = 2.4 ohms - perfect with the dyna.
  4. I use 2001 gsxr 600 coils ( 1.2 ohm's) Works great to clean up under fuel tank. 1.2 x2 coils like the diagram, works great with Dyna ignition or aftermarket ECU. Aftermarket ecu needs ign. booster. They do stick up out of the hole a bit though.
  5. That vents the float bowls so bike will never run or run right. just cut the tube in the middle or remove it all together.
  6. Like Rick said, solid other than 2nd gear going out.
  7. You have to be sure the dial is on one of the retard numbers, I think if you try to run one of the curves, it will function as a side stand/engine kill.
  8. Start by spraying carb cleaner or some other combustible in each dead cylinder to see if the rpm's go up or pops off. If not check pickups. Sounds more like clogged fuel tap/no vacuum to it.
  9. Forgot to add, this screws into your intake -1/8 npt I think.
  10. I have used this switch in the past with great success. from Devils own injection - alcohol-injection.com. different levels of boost groups (2-10 psi, 6-30, etc) easily adjustable. was using with Dyna 2000. $29.95
  11. That bike is really nice! Very rare, with the stock exhaust and airbox.
  12. Had the EXACT same problem on the same master, and I had to dissasemble the master cylinder and clean it. Found a sort of jelly around the piston from sitting also the fluid return hole is very small and that needs special attention. After that - problem gone! Great master to use for racing by the way, clutch action is like butter.
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