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  1. denisd

    More et mods

    Pictures are gone!
  2. Bet you're sorry you asked now! Welcome to the asylum lad.
  3. 350mm outside measurement
  4. Well Paddy, you can probably find what you want on the JT sprockets website, not sure about DID.
  5. They are great pictures of the vin and engine numbers!
  6. I must do some serious research into turbo stuff, I'm getting the itch. Nice work lad
  7. Howdy ferg, what part of the island are you in? I'm probably not far away from you, in Sligo.
  8. Great pics, I love that Skoal.
  9. New set of dentures required!
  10. Sorry but that wheel doesn't suit those forks imo.
  11. See what you mean
  12. Proper old school
  13. What about cutting off this piece?
  14. We've all been there at some point, I will be facing the same issue soon on the gs, I know there are automotive electricians that can make you a new loom but you will pay for it, I am going to try and make my own loom using the old one as a guide for lengths and the wiring diagram for info.
  15. Some proper looking bikes there
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