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  1. Is the sprocket turned the wrong way around?
  2. Surely .3 of a millimetre ain't that loose?
  3. Don't look right to me, maybe there is a reason you got it for free!
  4. The quality of any of the ones I used were top notch, people have their preferences and some therefore will not use anything else and some others will knock other brands apart from their favourites, dyna have been around for a very long time, that kind of says something too.
  5. denisd


    Howdy, what wheels are those?
  6. So what the HELL is with everyone trying to act like an arrogant SOB, Gatekeeping the community and berating others for getting straight to the point? I didn't try to act like an arrogant SOB (you said 'everyone')
  7. It looks like 4034 to me! Correct me if I'm wrong please. I stand corrected!
  8. denisd

    Dead EFE

    Nice addition to the fleet
  9. That map is about 20 years old, it's handy if you want your lawnmower serviced though
  10. There is no border, it's free travel, just like normal.
  11. denisd


    See this where I bow to superior knowledge, what language is that? Fair dues to all you turbo nerds.
  12. Yep so I get my stuff posted to a friend of mine over the border and I drive over to collect it, all perfectly legal and just shows how silly it is.
  13. It's not called smuggling anymore, it's free trading
  14. It's criminal being so greedy
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