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Racing Skoal Blandit


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  • 2 weeks later...

Well today it’s officially finished, all body work properly refitted, balanced the carbs and she’s running sweet with the new engine.After finding so many problems when I took her to bits I’m amazed she finished every race last season and still made 74bhp on the track dyno.

Bike is now all good,electrics sorted and fueling spot on,everything has been refreshed and is race ready.

Not sure if we will get a race this season but not too worried at this point, the Runts good to go :D





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  • 3 weeks later...

Rolled the runt out the shed today to sort out the pilot jet settings.Ended up with it revving cleaner from tick over it’ll do for now.

Fitted some new grips and lock-wired them, stuck on a few more stickers thanks @vizman:tu.

The ACU have given an update they are following government guidelines so racing could start in July but when you look at the details it all looks bloody impossible a few examples are no overnight camping,1 person per bike only, no spectators, no catering, electronic sign on and minimal grids so unless you live near the circuit and can leave at the end of each day looks too difficult.

Oh well role on 2021 (y)







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  • 1 month later...

Well racing is back on late August with a 3 round championship,not sure how well entered it will be as a fair few of us...me included are no longer employed so race funds are non existent.However still need to be ready so turned up at Cadwell on Monday to have a little test session thanks to No Limits.

Weather was showers and sunny spells so no need for wets, but the day brought some challenges thanks to social distancing and the runt blandit.

The runt didn’t even get round the sighting lap before I was pushing her across the grass followed by a long walk back to the pits,this was the first of 3 stoppages for the day....fuel starvation issues and finally knackered coils,managed 3 sessions without issues in between the breakdowns.

All told when it was running the fresh new engine ran perfectly with no issues from all the other rebuild work over the winter.

Think I had the oldest slowest bike as the rest of the track day johnnys were on litre sports bikes or race rep 600s but flew the flag for OSS racers by managing not to crash and ride round the outside of the everyone in each session and out braked all the race rep boys on my 600 commuter bike xD.

A few jobs still to do ready for Cadwell end of August as long as I can find a job by then or stick the race entry on plastic...onwards and upwards :tu




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14 minutes ago, Markz9 said:

are you booked in for following weekend with NGRRC at Cadwell i am up there but probably only on the big slabby

i seem to have dismantled the  srad already 

 Not sure yet, lost my job in March so can’t commit until I start working again...:(

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  • 2 weeks later...

Changed the oil and filter,lock wired up again.Changed the coils for a good set thanks to @Paulm. Replaced the knackered fuel hose and changed the routing from the non Suzuki tap seems to be a bit better flowing now only proof will be on track.Well she’s running again,after a slight adjust of the pilot screws and retighten the zorst which seems to have come loose at the headers O.o.Hopefully gather enough cash to enter Cadwell end of August which will probably be my only Bandit Challenge run out of the year, may also do a round at Darley Moor as I still need 3 signatures to get rid of my orange bib.





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4 minutes ago, fatblokeonbandit said:

Darley moor, What a shit hole.O.o:|


was sat on the bog having a pre race pooo, 2002,  and it rained, i got wet, no roof on the bogs..:D:tu

It’s not changed much,but the bogs have got a roof now xD and it’s local so a cheap day out 

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  • 3 weeks later...

Trip to Darley Moor today for an ACU test day, thought I’d sorted the runt and wanted to check her over before the first race of the season at Cadwell.

Blew 107 in noise testing with a baffle in so looks like a new end can is needed, this ones about knackered anyway, they must have felt sorry for me when they shook there heads and gave me a sticker :)

Well all was good first session then 2nd session started losing power until my foot slipped off the footrest, retired to the pits to find the head gasket  had blown.....fffff.....bugger.

Well that was the end of that day, the weather was bloody lovely so spent the day being pit bitch for my lad on his boat anchor and spectating in the sun.

Looks like I’ll be busy swapping engines next weekend....


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