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  1. Ignitech unit they do different versions i have three now and would recommend them I would not recommend boyer not very reliable I believe the dyna s is now discontinued also has become unreliable so I have been told, this seemed to coincide with manufacturing being shifted to Mexico dyna 2000 fine but quite expensive for what you get
  2. thats more like it i wont tell anyone if you dont
  3. The shells look in really good condition Simon what version engine is it L or m
  4. Thanks trying to make some progress but its a bit slow
  5. Just collected my engine covers, cam cover etc from trestans in Southampton I think they look great even if my tuner hates that finish
  6. Noticed pro bolts had a sale on over Christmas 30% off at least the engine will be a bit lighter Even if I have had too much Christmas pudding
  7. A little while ago I managed to find a set of round slide cr keihin smoothbore carbs for se especially as they were 37mm and perfect for racing so these will be going on the rickman
  8. This head i had race prep as a spare for the yoshi gs1000 I already compete with although this has the v & h d collars fitted I will have to pull it apart again as kibblewhite titanium top collars need a different collet to the suzuki type i used and the head will need a surface skim as the compression is quite high on this engine build It will start on the button but I use a slave battery so I don't use too much battery power as no charging system is fitted
  9. Quick trip over to ray debben performance to drop off some parts for the gs1000 race engine quite a few trick parts Including the nova straight cut primary gears and the katana rods, kibblewhite shim under buckets with the usual new stuff like valves springs crank seals all the gearbox springs replaced etc Crank has been live balanced and aligned
  10. I did think it was a minor miracle
  11. Yes the crmc for superbike 1 wheels 18inch and max 38mm forks plus the efe forks are longer so the bike sits 35mm higher than standard gs1000 so not grinding out the engine cases so easily
  12. An engineering friend and sam baker helped with machining up spacers for the efe front yokes and the caps to remove the anti dive unit internals sam also made a new spindle I had been accumulating parts for the build and had a set of twin pot front calipers which will comply with most racing regs miraculously they fit the original efe brake mounts so thats my lucky brake everything else will need modifications to fit I'm sure
  13. Had a bit more time to mess about with the rickman getting the front and rear suspension in was a good starting point And the tray for the electrics inner rear mudguard and battery box so made up a few cardboard templates and cut up some half hard alloy sheet I already had
  14. Thought it would probably be easier to start a new thread for my rickman gs1000 race bike build, the plan is to make it eligible to race with more than one club and still be competitive in ngrrc crmc csbk Germany and Belgium classic race at chimay I Originally aquired the frame from Colin Chapman of tpe, he had had it a while but unfortunately some previous muppet had welded a gsx 750 engine in place in the frame This took me a while to realise that the engine couldn't be taken out until I cut off the badly welded and bodged engine mounts but I had always wanted a rickman and this hiccup wasn't going to stop me I am also fortunate to have wasp motorcycles located very me so after a couple of visits and chats they agreed to repair the frame and make a new braced swingarm and aligning the gsxr 18" rear wheel the engine has been tilted forward a little and the wheel base is about the same as a p&m so short as its a rickman the tubes are stuck together wit silica bronze brazing so had to be neat I had debated getting the frame nickel colour powder coated which is a good match but still not quite the same wasp can help but have warned me that polishing the frame prior to replating is horrendous unless I fancy giving a polisher a lot of money to do it for me I have been pulling together the engine and pull load some pictures separately
  15. Thats the right idea !! You might want some Nissan calipers although brakes are for girls
  16. Just about got the srad ready to play with so no pressure Simon
  17. Nice i think I may have made a mistake Keep us posted
  18. Markz9

    OSS trackdays.

    Good to hear everything working fine might be worth checking the caliper bolts are tight that hold the two half’s of the brake together there are 4 bolts wets are great aren’t they it’s my head that kept saying ooh this is risky bike didn’t move at all have fun
  19. Markz9

    OSS trackdays.

    Ahhh good to see you are having fun on baby Bertha how you doing I am Up at Oulton next weekend first time back since I had my little off last year
  20. Urrr actually I was thinking of Nickel colour powder coating the rickman frame Its quite impressive stuff
  21. Hi duncan I think they are called southern electro plating and they are near Salisbury
  22. Hi Simon good to catch up and chat at combe aiming should have my srad at cadwell see you there
  23. bit of an update on the srad race engine although getting the top rear engine bolt out was an utter pig to remove, but heat a windy gun and lots of plus gas managed to shift it i dont think it had ever been removed although some one had previously taken the head off so first check the cam timing not quite sure how it happened but miss timed by one tooth out unlikely that happened when i decided to launch it at the water tower on my grass experience at cadwell and the cam chain is completely knackered, i didnt know you could get a manual cam chain adjuster with that long a bolt installed, as predicted the head gasket had moved when i came off and since the engine is out it would be rude not the give the engine a bit of a refresh most off the valve have sunk into the head and have a huge lap and it has been skimmed, so a new cam chain, some valves seals etc new valve springs as i am a bit hard on engines and they are 25 years old and new set of rings which should be good to go luckily i have an an alternative to suzuki exhaust valves £88 each s a bit strong obviously not classics enough yet although yoshi could supply a race set for £2k gulp
  24. Have you checked yet to see if the head or barrels have been previously skimmed
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