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  1. Most of the 1997 I checked were injected so must have overlapped
  2. Had a Bit of luck i have been looking on the webike website for a set of fcr downdraft keihin carbs but they are quite pricey and then added possible import tax gulp this is because I had almost given up hope of finding some used ones and the added problem is they only sold the gsxr srad 750 wt for one year with carbs before going injection route and i wanted to avoid buying some r1 yzf zxr etc and having to take them apart to adjust the spacing to my gsxr A notification popped up on a slingshot forum for some 39mm fcr carbs and the picture showed some downdrafts a deal was agreed a
  3. Not looking bad is it thats the silencer that nine w managed to weld the ti and oil catch tank and a friend made some braided hoses for me I think he tests them up to 100 bar so should be fine
  4. Few more pictures of the bike with its clothes on the upper fairing brace still needs to be made and some odd spacers for the brembo rear brake torque arm and add the top stripe to the fairing its paint not a sticker so unfortunately not part of the sticker kit and it would be a nightmare to fit The big race radiator first nicely inside the fairing and I won't bother with the fan I have fitted a cut away sprocket cover and some concentric swingarm bushes that allow adjustment the swingarm pivot position
  5. Had a bit more time to start getting the srad ready to race at first outing this season at donny and my sprayer managed to speed up a lot and sort my tank so following a bit of advice from dupersunc on how to stick it to the tank Now looks like something from blakes seven Carbs ultrasonically cleaned oil catch tank and electrics sorted tail unit down and stickers applied to the pearl white paintwork which was a pain to apply on the compound curves think I will get image works to do my spare bodywork
  6. that is that is the funky monk (Mark) billet one but only fits the gsxr 1100 g and h
  7. i will see if i can get a picture of my old gsxr 750 slabby race bike but basically you have to use the gsxr slabby 1100 bell crank link and machine a lip around the edge of the centre bearing (big) approx half way round it also as this jacks the back up the arc that the crank now sweeps through will probably req a little grinding back of the lower cross frame support to the back lower part of the engine its only a little bit nothing structural the other alternative is to cut off the fixed dog bones on the swingarm and remount to jack the back up the limit to this is if
  8. unfortunately you cannot use the funky monk billet linkage on the gsxr 750 only on the gsxr 1100 mark did talk about making a new one just for the 750 but hasnt yet there is a way of increasing the rear suspension height by approx 30-35 but you have to use a standard type shock ie 295mm long nothing longer as it wont fit or work properly
  9. slabby is fixed and welded to the swingarm cant adjust the dog bone
  10. Markz9

    OSS trackdays.

    Think I might have to although I do believe the ngrrc and formula prostock season will happen this year
  11. Markz9

    OSS trackdays.

    Hi Duncan just been notified that the cartagena pre season practice with No Limits in mid March has been cancelled have to see how the year pans out not racing at spa this year either
  12. Hi I believe the rad is from a gsxr 1000 Lo8 /9 so new model is also comes with a proper oil cooler the rad does require some mods
  13. Dirk did that swingarm as well its from 3 different bikes Although I think he is still trying to rebuild the yellow school bus
  14. Hi yes dave and i were looking at the calendar we should be able to get one of them at schleizer in 2021
  15. Had a chat with Sam Baker and sent a few badly drawn sketches fortunately he managed to understand and machine some parts for the race bike box arrived before Christmas so early prezzy Very posh lifter pin phospher bronze thanks sam
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