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  1. Hi I believe the rad is from a gsxr 1000 Lo8 /9 so new model is also comes with a proper oil cooler the rad does require some mods
  2. Dirk did that swingarm as well its from 3 different bikes Although I think he is still trying to rebuild the yellow school bus
  3. Hi yes dave and i were looking at the calendar we should be able to get one of them at schleizer in 2021
  4. Had a chat with Sam Baker and sent a few badly drawn sketches fortunately he managed to understand and machine some parts for the race bike box arrived before Christmas so early prezzy Very posh lifter pin phospher bronze thanks sam
  5. Markz9


    that is a big lump of alloy probably a better option that your plastic ones !!
  6. I’ve just made a frame mounted version is it a racebike or road bike?
  7. The slabby 750 and 1100 swinging arms are different where the mount on the shock rocker arm the shock length and a few other bits and the position they mount in the frame top and bottom
  8. I can give more details if anyone is interested but the mtc cover needs machining down or you have to an extra long clutch centre puller the are ground finish and not cheap to buy
  9. Hello boys yes this conversion is possibly it works a lot better the the worm drive on the bandit 600 sprocket cover also allow the battery to mounted there instead
  10. It might be worth contacting ignitech direct and ask if the have efe program or similar to get you starting and tune from there
  11. Hi just to confirm its actually 1/2 inch lost since its the measurement from the centre of the wheel ie radius, obviously the big improvement is the tyre choice and rim width using a 17" wheels gives over old style 18" rim but also the profile of the tyre (this may also make the bike lower) The forks are more complicated they are shorter and this will steepen the front end because the rear is now higher which will usually result in quicker steering, but becomes more unstable in straight line also the offset and thus trail on yokes has tended to change with more modern bikes this will also
  12. I bought some to try in my race bike but the k8 1000 are not interchangeable with K8 750 have a look on evilbay its cresent Suzuki that are selling them for about £65.00 unfortunately I have already sold mine to chap in canada
  13. Jason at fibreman check the trader section I think we get a discount
  14. Hi no problem a lot of it is hidden under the tank was very solid around spa even out the back through la source I am at donington mid Aug formula pro stock and 1/2 sept castle Combe and will have both race bikes there if you want a look
  15. this works well now I have managed to get it out on the track and try, it also lifts the seat unit to just the right height so does two jobs
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