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  1. Thanks for the welcome guys. The changes are absolutely minimal, because I felt like I hit a sweet spot with it last time and am a great believer in 'over-tinkering' being the cause of screw-ups! That said I will try to get some more nice pictures when out and about, but it is essentially more of the same. The refresh was getting rid of any corrosion where it hadn't been used for a while, Mikuni RS34s needed stripping, cleaning, and a rebuild kit. An electrical gremlin ironed out. New tyres, tiny paint chip repair. You know, 'odds and sods'.
  2. Here are some pics of my GSX1100 Katana, which I imported new from Japan back in 1998 - it's a 1997 Japanese home market Katana. I've had it ever since importing it over and during those last 20 plus years it has gone through various changes, with the help of some very clever friends and certain select spanner twirlers. These pics are a few years old now, but she's recently gone through a refresh and is looking (and riding) better than ever. Enjoy the pics.
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