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  1. well, since no one else is gonna say it- the seat units too high at the back, otherwise its looking feckin ace.
  2. the last one- its in bits anyway and you are starting with a clean canvas
  3. pops knew what he was doing, for sure. any more progress with this one Falatline
  4. no sorry, I don't normally sell bike stuff. ive sold too much of it in the past , only to think 2 weeks later, - I should have kept that.
  5. Thanks pal, ill go have a look for some..
  6. Hello, some muppet (not me, for a change) has drilled loads of holes all over my footrest hangers, gear lever, brake levers etc. Why? ………...gawd knows, my guess is they got a drill for their birthday, its not as if the 10 odd grams in weight saved is gonna improve the acceleration is it? I was wondering if any other model bike footpegs would fit a slingy, as in would bolt straight on, without having to make up adaptor plates. Anyone know? cheers
  7. yes, new engine bottom mounts required, swingarm spindle hole is also a bit weedy, and the 750 frame doesn't have the cross member in the front, by the exhaust headers, which I would definitely benefit from with an efe motor in it. bit of frame bracing always helps too.
  8. might have to add some of that anti fuel slosh foam stuff to it, but would be great to have a 200 odd mile range, and the indent is a waste of space because the std. airbox isn't gonna go back in...ever.
  9. ok thanks for the replies. I need to get some more gas for the tig, but the shop is not open, du to some virus thing that's going around, so it will have to wait.
  10. do you mean the side stands are prone to going up when you lean the bike off them? if this is what you are on about, the simple solution is to move the spring retaining "post" forward of the pivot point
  11. Anyone done it? what thickness and grade of steel did you use? im on about filling the big recess where the airbox normally goes in the underside for more fuel capacity. Some gibbon has also taken, im guessing a sledge, or a 2lb mash hammer to the underside to get dynas to fit. What a fukn mess. Anyone carried out repairs to thiers, any pics? these 2 are up for paint stripping next..
  12. or piano wire the block/head
  13. baldrick


    I have seen these drain pipes chromed or nickel plated before now. Obviously you would have to buy new ones and coat them like, but they looked stunning.
  14. That's quite a bit heavier than I thought it would be. Are you planning a new frame build no class? go on-do it...
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