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  1. probably because you did it all theway round and it wouldnt have heated in localised spots. oh well, proper engineer bloke reckons its fixable, thank fook. not really enough to bore it out to next size so the reamer is gonna ream. Might have to loctite the bearing shell in, depends on how much contact area is left, hes confident it will be about 80% contact area at least. Just got to wait till he can fit it in.
  2. hello, im back again for a rebuild of my harris magnum 2. i had it built up, er....quite .a few years ago, but wasnt really happy with it, so stripped it down. it started with an efe engine in it, and progressed to gsxr power (that should upset the purists, but not as much as it upset me selling the old efe engines for peanuts, to one Dave Beck, drag racer) it used the time to paint it in a lairy metalflake lowrider theme, and stuffed all the bits in the loft for a few years, as you do. Later i decided to get the frame re coated, but before i did i got a friend to modify
  3. update, dont weld it, i did and it ovalised the frame headstock fkin great. Tried to fit the cup and its not even starting to go in, measured it, its 0.8mm out, froze bearing in the vain hope and heated headstock, still no dice maybe mig would have had less heat but hey ho, its done now off to the machinist on Monday see what he suggests.
  4. Its taking shape nicely now, good stuff.
  5. ive got a marving exhaust on one of my efes, its black chrome with a gold can, looks ok and better for ground clearance
  6. the tubes are redundant unless you are running a standard airbox though,so they might have been removed and plugged, i dunno? theyneed the airbox,as it intake pressure at higher revs syphons some float boat fuel and dumps it in the intake, to put it as basically as possible, so without the negative pressure caused in the airbox at high revs, they wont work, not on k&N or ramair filters. the carbs will work fine without the airbox, so dont let that put you off if you can find a set, they are great carbs hope this makes sense.
  7. 750 m ones have a rubber tube from float bowl to intake at top of carb. the pic Clive posted, they dont look like they have the tube. these are the powerjet 38s im talking about here
  8. a lot of people have said a lot of stuff would never work, only to be proved wrong, and wheres the challenge in that?
  9. whats the plan for an airbox? air intakes? out of interest..
  10. its 3 stone lighter and 30 bhp more, what more reason do you need?
  11. well, since no one else is gonna say it- the seat units too high at the back, otherwise its looking feckin ace.
  12. the last one- its in bits anyway and you are starting with a clean canvas
  13. pops knew what he was doing, for sure. any more progress with this one Falatline
  14. no sorry, I don't normally sell bike stuff. ive sold too much of it in the past , only to think 2 weeks later, - I should have kept that.
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