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  1. if you're matching an existing colour, go to a spray shop which has a photospectrometer, and they will scan your original colour and mix up the colour to match it.
  2. Hi mate, yeah i wont recommend the paint to be honest, used the entire tin doing the cam cover, alternator and starter motor of my gsxr 1100M. it also spat out some moisture from the can along with the paint resulting in bubbles on the painted surface. it does a job, but im going to break out the compressor for this engine. oh yeah, and vapour blasting....remember and tell them to block off the oilways. i had assumed he would have, but checked before putting the cover back, just as well i did. this little lot which i got out of the oilways with a length of welding wire
  3. i dont own a mig, just a tig, and have no gas for it just now, so its with the machinists.
  4. Yeah, that's what i should have done, im sure itwill be another expensive mistake. I dug the old motor out today, its been stuck in the far corner of the garage for years. i had to lift it over my TL1000 to get it out. Not sure if i have found some more strength as i get older but it wasnt as heavy as i remembered. Anyway its at the garage door and will get a wash with thinners before getting some hycote engine enamel gloss black spray. i painted it before i put it away so its not seen any oil etc, but the paint i used the last time was utter shit (simoniz stuff) it literally c
  5. swinger off to the machinists to get remnants of hardened steel bearing shell machined out, somehow, hopefully. tried to remove the bearing with slide hammer/bearing puller, but just succeeded in pulling the centre of the bearing and needles out, leaving the outer shell, fuckity fuck. So tried outer bearing shell with slide hammer with blind bearing removal end, but because the shell is hard to the internal stop there was nothing for it to grip too. TRied loads of heat, tightening slide hammer attachment to F tight but nope it was sliding along the hardened steel inside surface. Ba
  6. vapour blasting dude just sent these pics. This guy is really good, his prices are really reasonable, and he is conscientious, unlike lots of chancing f*ckers in the bike industry who promise they can do a job and let you down, or take weeks to deliver. Jon Rix at vapour blast solutions in Aberdeen, get my seal of approval. Steel parts are away for primer (included in price) you want to have seen how scabby and manky these bits were on the "before" pics. i want a vapour blaster now...
  7. aye i know, but most of us just keep quiet about these things haha. echhttt, ive decided the swingarm needs to be black to match the frame so, after putting it all together not even a month agao, its in bits again. will drop it off at weekend.
  8. looks really good. Whats the front end off, and did you have to extend the forks at all?
  9. Yes do that, start a thread, plenty of interest. todays sage advice- dont put bearings in (the wrong side of the swingarm) after a heavy night on the glenlivit 18 year old and cider.....while continually wondering why its so tight, but hammering on regardless..................doh....result= 1 fuct bearing with the outer shell stuck fast in the swingarm recess....i should have my tools taken away from me really...........
  10. haha, aye you're right there, ive also got my efe/gsxrs'and a kat to finish/start. i started efe/gsxr about 15 year ago......did well, then it all ground to a halt. its had most of the work done too.... arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! stuff went off for vapour blasting. 1100m cam cover, 2 gsxr mudguard support brackets, set of footpegs and levers, 2 sets clip ons, pair of nissin 4 pot calipers and slabby fairing frame= 14 items, 90 quid, bargain, i would say... ive seen the lads work on fb, it looks mint. pickup next weekend.
  11. the rf 900 front end is really short, even compared to the bandit one
  12. right, well, as usual, progress has been about as fast as a semi retired tectonic plate... but ive not been a completely lazy bastard. i removed the old bearings in the swingarm, well, i removed the 2 normal bearings, the needle roller was stuck fast. the new set of punches just slid off the rollers, great work Hongay, with providing punch cut outs that arent deep enough to catch the edge of the bearing , yet another reason to hate Hondas. i got a set of these mofos off the bay of e. that got them out, well it didnt but it did when i heated the alloy to near melting point
  13. good luck with the sale, you shouldnt have any problem selling it -in the real world, .................... away from "pedantic central" here, where they really know how to encourage new members to post more often .......not.
  14. As an update, ive got the frame back from the engineering place,they where machined out the bearing housing, after it shrunk. bearing shell now fits, so i will be getting front end on it next week (have son for holidays this week, and hes been helping with my gsxr build. it is almost done, just the cam cover to paint, gsxr shock to fit and rearrange electrics to suit it. hes handy for reaching the awkward front cam cover bolt i was checking out the single sider for the harris and the bearings are as crusty as baldricks pants, so new ones needed. its a weird set up, with a needle r
  15. any progress with this one?
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