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  1. Ole

    GS 1000 pistons

    Thanks for the replays
  2. Ole

    New old GSX 1100E

    Thanks for the replays
  3. I got hold off an 83 Gsx 1100E from Germany. It have not run in at least 5 or 6 years, and the carbs was stuck and dirty. I took a set off BS34 from a GS 1000 , put in the main jets from the old carb, and put it on along with a set of pod filters. The engine started fine but would only rev to about 5k As far as i remember there was a hp limit i Germany back in the days and the main jet in the carbs where only 107,5 What size do they have in the unlimited version?
  4. Ole

    GS 1000 pistons

    I think you're right, Wiseco it is, must have measured it wrong. now i get 73mm. I have put a picture off another set i have, branded with the W, but this set have numbers on the top. By the way this is where i am with engine, see pic I have ordered new oilseals for crank and transmission and new bearings for the clutch. Anything else i should pay attention too?
  5. Can you folks help identify this piston. It is 73,5mm so i think a 1100 big bore kit off a kind. I might need new rings but i dont know where too look. I am about too start a project on a 79 GS 1000E. It is almost complete but in boxes, so long term job Mvh. Ole
  6. The RS 34`s goes with the inlets from 34cv carbs. Done that back in 88
  7. Ole

    GS 1000 parts id

    It make sense, i think i will go with the old head. I have a last question: the flywheel on one of my spare engines is machined down (see picture) and there is jusy a disk left, why?
  8. Ole

    GS 1000 parts id

    Thanks for the replays. I think i will try to use the parts and build a modified engine.I have a nice running GS 1000 so i have plenty off time too work on the second engine. I have a newer CV head. Is there any advantages off using that (bigger ports) and is it possible to get carb to head rubber that will fit with the 29 Mikunis? Is the Yoshi cams plug and play or do i have to make any conversion with valves/buckets?
  9. Hi folks I have recently bought three GS 1000 engenes, two in boxes and one assampled, mostly because it is always nice too have some spareparts on the shelf. When i took a closer look at the parts i found a pair off Camshafts markt "Pupy" Is this the Youshimura camshafts? I also found a set off Mikuni carbs which i think is the VM 29 Smootbores. There where also a set off pistons and a matching barrel. I roughly messured them at 73 or 73,5 mm Can anyone tell mee what make these pistons are. I`ll put some fotos here and i hope you folks here at OSS can help with some answers. I hope you can read my english. Best Regard Ole
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