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  1. Started using the expensive stuff because of the water problem and some rust in the tank. However I am 100 percent positive the engine is smoother. I've been riding bikes since I was, 14 built a fair few too.
  2. Won't be refuse entry to Suzuki parts... His son runs it now doesn't he? Long time since I been down there.
  3. Seems a fair endorsement for Barum as well
  4. OCS in Winchester wanted 90 Plus Vat per bore. Thanks V much, polish the windows so u can see me coming Barum in Devon.. 150 all in. Maybe somewhere else trustworthy closer by
  5. Got some fairly wild quotes for the bore for the 1216 MTC kit... What you expect to pay guys?
  6. Can see some largish coolers with standard fittings from different sellers.. Wondered if anyone made oil lines with more standard fitments at the cooler end.
  7. Flipping heck... Even the standadish B12 really loves the stuff... Less. Vibe more power. Nice.
  8. Yeah.... Thanks.... Thought so... Too big. Too my CR... Put my credit card away Thanks for putting me straight
  9. Anyone know, standard liners? Surely paper thin by then lol.. 12.5—1 Cr maybe too much on pump gas or are these racing only? Can't find anyone selling who will pick up the phone. Like the extra torque but at no extra practical cost if poss... Cheers lads
  10. It's being done by the most reputable and reliable blast refinishers that have done all my projects... RD Cox and Sons.... Highly recommended them.... All the others weren't painted however.... He knows his refinishing.
  11. Anyone in Surrey / Hants / Sussex ever done a big bore block? Recommendations great fully received lads
  12. 5am to 9pm....but... Its yer arse and legs not the engine. Add in 130mile fuel stops, food.. Toilets... Etc... And your moving
  13. Well, I do agree sort of. Having set out on long trips, and had to turn back on pretty amazing bikes.... However the best so far was 2014 Fireblade, GSXR1000R, ZX9R, the later one being insanely comfy, my record close to 1000miles in one day, due to marital breakdown and a last ditch and pointless trip to save it all... Doh...
  14. I was reading that engine coatings play a part in cooling on these engines. I'm gonna repaint or vapour blast my top end.... Any issues? I doubt it, but worth an ask.
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