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  1. Where and how do I get and fit and top end rad
  2. It does feel like as if the more power I squeeze out of it the more the head will be pressed.. I see a A LOT of cams being sold on the bay that look as if the bearing surfaces have been cooked they are discoloured in caramel. Can't be right.
  3. That was the impression I got, without have even taken the top end apart. I'm building with a gas flowed head Kent cams flat slides aiming for North of 150 bhp, I'm getting the idea a bigger and better oil rad would be a good idea.
  4. Hi again everyone... Sorry for total Newbie Questions... These links between the ends of the cams, what is the purpose and do their achieve what they are supposed to?
  5. Been offered this combo is it worthy? Be nice if the head and Cams will give more power as is. But I also need donor cams for Kent regrind. I'd the head worth having? Is there any cam wheel compatibility issues will thee be any issues fitting it as is? Thanks as always I'm still learning how the power routes work out.
  6. Oil failure due to high oil temperature half the cams I've seen for sale second hand are ruined on the bearing surfaces.
  7. Looking at some doner cams a lot seemed to be cooked at the cam bearings / journals... Is this common? Thank again for all your help
  8. Thanks... All I neef now..... Is to be able to talk to someone who can do the gas flowing.
  9. Is it OK to get Mk2s for a regrind? I am also concerned about the journals maybe best to send mine at the appropriate time as the bead and Cams warn togetber, Opinions please... Thank you!
  10. The cams seem to be the issue. Plenty of slingshot cams no J K Cams some expensive cams. And a note that these engines have a tendency to burn up cams a tad? I guess I'm gonna have to go Kent of Sukuki Performance Spares. Trying to get hold of Grumpy see if they can do head. Pistons JE or MTC?? Or shall I just do some pistons split the cases do some H beam rods and bolt a turbo to it... Tbh... I'm less attracted to that as I like trad DOHC carb engines.
  11. I just found Grumpy 1260 feel like I've hit the motherload.
  12. This is diamond info chaps. JE / MTC 1216 J/K 750 cams Gas flowed B12 Head. 38 RS Hindle 421 Headers. Dynotek Ignition Dyno sesh... Anything else before I start buying this stuff. Lol.. I do think the 3rd party cams at 325 plus pandp seems like the biggest waste of dosh if I can find JK ones?... Am I making sense.?
  13. So any GSXR750 or 1100 oil cooled cams will give enough for 150 or so BHP in a bandit with high comp big bore standard bottom end 38 RS Flats advance wheel... I'm thinking Hindle 421 Headers. Its only the higher lift race cam profiles I need be weary of? If you could pic a Gsxr year for the cams what would it be? I'm guessing the GSXR7 and 11 cams are OK with the MTC pistons as they are designed to work together in engines with identical deck heights etc?... Thanks guys....
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