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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, greetings from Italy. I'm refurbishing a GSX-R 1100 H engine I got for free years ago. The previous owner told me it was used for track days and tuned up a bit, but it looks completely stock to me. I have a doubt anyway: the head plain is very low around cylinder 4-intake side (at the same level of head cooling fin) while the other side is higher, about 1,5mm more. Is it normal or is it the result of a bad machining work? Low side, same level of fin Opposite side, much higher Thank you
  2. Hello, I have been wondering if my bike would benefit from switching to 10W50 full synthetic instead of 10W40 semi synthetic. Both castrol power 1, but racing for the full synthetic of course. My bike has 70k km (45k miles) on it, and some of my friends told me that the old bike would benefit from the thicker oil. What are your opinions. Best regards Morten
  3. Hello fellas. Noticing there are plenty of matrix charts out there and our forum itself lists a page which discuss' engine parts swaps including 6 speed gear boxes, cylinder heads and alike however is there a page on here which talks about starter motor swaps from one model range to another ? I only ask this considering many of the features in the GSXR 1127 and B12 1157 motors specifically, the part number are not the same but interchangeable. Understanding some are smaller, larger etc and location tabs may be in a different spot, does the 1st gen 1052 fit a category unto themselves here ? Just putting it out there for the betterment of all members...........Discuss..........
  4. I recently acquired an 81 gs450 and have cheap access to a 92 gsx600f motor. I get that it likely won't be straight plug and play, but if anyone has any info on this swap I'd much appreciate it. Thanks guys.
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