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  1. I Second that on the BMW S1000R. 2009-2014 Will fit straight in. stroke is a few mm short and so is the height eye to eye. But u will not notice the difference. stocks ones go for £150 Or so. And an Ohlins u might get for £800
  2. Kamikaze


    Great work Duncan, Luving this build, I'm sad u had to powder coat the frame thou, if i saw this post earlier i would of recommended you cerakote it clear. just had mine re-welded and modified.
  3. Im also changing sumps on the 750M to the bandit12 sump for the simple reason of the routing of the 4-1 exhaust.
  4. From memory i think the frame serial number designation starts with 1 or 2 depending on the country or region its been shipped to.
  5. This is all i could find....
  6. was about to ask the same thing....i searched the forum but couldn't find a comprehensive listing.
  7. HAHAHAAHA....at least u have a garage
  8. Kamikaze


    WOW.....awesome build. looking forward to the progress
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