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  1. EBC do a dry clutch plate kit for the 86’ LTD for bout £250 or so. I will be installing one of my dry clutch kits later in the year on my track bike and testing the EBC plate kit to see if it’s up to the test....we shall soon see.
  2. Track bike, track bike, track bike...!!! Go on. U know u want to
  3. I think Spike is taking orders again, best check thou.
  4. Too early for me Duncan, still cant leave the country. Just reading trackday addicts group on bookface, First trackday at Cadwell today after lockdown and already red flag at 9:05am at gooseneck..... Panoniaring for me has been resheduled for June by organisers.....so looks like its 3rd May at Assen for the first day out for me
  5. yeah Spike does some good stuff....Its a awesome build, looking forward to this getting done
  6. Did u get the fairing problem sorted, i remember u having dramas with them
  7. Im praying they open the f*ckin borders so i can actually do a track day.....
  8. Hahaha...Whats the plan Stan Restoration or project build
  9. id use the HM from the CBR and see how u go. ur half way there.
  10. this is the most common model HM qikshifter. Comes in a few models. Then you have this for the recent modern bikes that incorporate shift rods on the actual shaft. http://hmquickshifter.com/quickshifter-plus/
  11. Mmmmmmmm not sure about stand alone shifters being able to cut ignition without changing the CDI box except for HM. Any qik shifter will work on the oilers, Dynojet, translogic even ignitech sell there own shifters. But i dont think anyone has built the tech built into the shifter for it to work except HM HM quickshifter plus range has a lcd display on the shifter rod to adjust kill time and change the shift pattern to race if required, and is plumbed into the existing connectors (for modern bikes) Its a strain gauge which means there is no moving rods or parts inside the qikshift
  12. Ahhhh good to see this build moving along.....looking forward to more progress pics
  13. It’s a great bit of kit to bring the old girls into the 21st century. In my opinion Dyna2000 is outdated now, and suffer problems from vibrations and old tech. For the same price you can install stick coils and have a fully functioning programmable box for all sorts of applications. All my bikes have been converted now. MBE is another very good system made in the UK. Jack frost (Holeshot Racing) uses this kit a lot with his drag bikes and customer turbo set ups. https://www.sbdmotorsport.co.uk/MBE9A4I-mbe9a4i-ecu--ignition-only-up-to-4-cylinders.html
  14. Mmmmm maybe. Who u going with...? Id have to drive down thou. It’s a bloody long way. My booked dates for this year in yellow. And potential dates I’m still considering
  15. Qik menu of ignitech....sorry ill do a more detailed video later. My mate did the video a few weeks back
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